Dastun and Angel?

A Clockwork Tomato 05-01-2004 08:36 PM
In the last few episodes of Season 2, Dastun seems to develop a crush on Angel, and she's impressed by him, too. Are they meant to be? Will love blossom? Can Angel let go of Roger Smith? Can Dastun let go of Sybil Rowan? Is the age difference too much? Is Dastun's homely face a serious disadvantage? Will Angel take Dastun on joyrides in Big Venus?

I submit these questions for your consideration.
Pygmalion 05-01-2004 08:49 PM
Angel needs a steadying influence, and Dan needs a reason to leave the office on time. They're perfect for each other!

Dude Love 05-02-2004 12:14 AM
Originally posted by Pygmalion
Angel needs a steadying influence, and Dan needs a reason to leave the office on time. They're perfect for each other!


I'd have to agree. It's a match made in Heaven for them.
Almasy 05-02-2004 10:28 AM
My vote goes to: "Ewwww!"

I think Angel and Roger make a much better couple, especially after witnessing all three parts to their date in "Stripes" (Act 20). Unfortunately, Angel had to leave their date early, upon hearing the Union's singing. It was clear that Roger intended to comfort Angel, since he had done (or not done, as the case seemed to be) something that upset her. Who knows what would have happened! ^__^

Besides, Dastun is way too old for Angel—whereas Roger is almost the exact same age as her! ^__^

darkangel 05-02-2004 11:19 AM
I think that roger & angel should go together cuz' she's a year older than him. angel:26 roger:25 that's the reason why they should go together.Smile
Lady Tesser 05-02-2004 11:21 AM

Angel would have a harder time trying to convince Dan to get himself killed/eaten/shot at, so she would actually respect someone who doesn't put up with her shenanigans. He's a mature man who isn't out to prove his manhood or put up a persona of flippant jerkwadness just to look cool. She couldn't play off him that way, which means he's safe.

Her relationship with Roger seems more like teenagers playing cat and mouse; nothing mature about that at all. Even with ep 20, she's still doing it. Dan wouldn't play games - once he falls, he does so for keeps.

Besides, she strikes me as the type who'd drop the whole femme fatale thing and be a doting housewife if given a chance. The pink leather catsuit will be for the bedroom. ^_^

(As an aside, as I got older I found age does not matter whatsoever. It solely depends upon the mental maturity of the person you're involved it.)
Tony Waynewrong 05-02-2004 11:50 AM
I think that Dastun and Angel would make a great a couple. They're so opposite, that one can easily fill in the missing pieces of the other, and vice-versa. Dastun needs to experience life away from his duties. Angel needs to learn that she can be honorable if she only gave herself.

Then again, I am a Dorothy+Roger advocate. So as long as Angel is with someone else, she can't try to damage their relationship. Besides, Dastun needs a little loving too.
YZEtc 05-02-2004 12:14 PM
Don't do it, Dan.
After the novelty wore off, it wouldn't take long before she started with the sly stories about why she didn't get home until 3 am.
Green_Bird 05-02-2004 12:15 PM
I have been on countless Cowboy bebop forums. And this Discussion pops up many times about Jet and Faye. So my anwser will be, What is with the younger woman and the older man topics?!?!?!?! I mean if it's not Jet and Faye it's Daustun and Angel! (No offence)

But anyway back to topic. I second "Ewwwwww!" I agree with Almasy, Roger and Angel make a better cupple.
BigPrime 05-02-2004 12:32 PM
Roger and Angel would make a great couple, if it weren't for a petite android redhead named R. Dorothy Wayneright. She's kinda taken Roger off the market, after all, and amazingly, Angel seems to have come to terms with that by the end. She didn't like it very much at first, but she seems to have accepted it quickly enough.

Dan and Angel would make a great couple. The seeds have already been sown in the last episodes of Season 2. Dan's infatuated with her and that infatuation could easily grow into love given the chance. And besides, we already know he likes French blondes. Wink

Angel, on the other hand is definitely in need of stability, but not boredom. Dastun could definitely give her stability. He's solid as a rock, after all. And thankfully enough, he's not boring either. Thirty-plus years as an officer in the MIlitary Police, involved in as many adventures as Roger if not more (just by being older and thus being around longer).

So all in all, if/when a third season is made, I hope the writers follow through with what they started in the last episodes of Season 2 and start a relationship between Col. Dastun and the woman known as Angel. Smile
Zola 05-02-2004 12:35 PM
Definitely. Angel would benefit from someone who she could rely on, and Dan would benefit from someone who wouldn't let him hide in his office all the time.

Besides, they look great together! Remember Falcon's drawing? Wink

Tifaria 05-02-2004 01:39 PM
I'll go with "Absolutely!" I'll admit, I really like the idea of Roger and Angel together, but it'll never happen. They may be closer in age, and yes, they look great together, but Roger's heart clearly belongs to Dorothy, and Angel seems to have grudgingly accepted that. She still carries a torch for Roger, I'm sure, but she needs someone who will help her move on. And while I don't think poor Dan is the most attractive guy around, he'll be good for her. Age isn't an issue to me; they're both old enough to handle it with maturity. Smile )

I've had the same internal debate about Cowboy Bebop; I like the idea of Spike/Faye, but it just won't work. Appearance-wise, they're a great couple, as are Roger/Angel, but Spike, like Roger, has given his heart to someone else. (waves Jet/Faye flag)
Mike 05-02-2004 01:59 PM
I agree with Tifaria.

I would like to see Roger and Angel together, but that's never going to happen.

So Godspeed, good Colonel.
Green_Bird 05-02-2004 02:17 PM
Originally posted by Tifaria
I've had the same internal debate about Cowboy Bebop; I like the idea of Spike/Faye, but it just won't work. Appearance-wise, they're a great couple, as are Roger/Angel, but Spike, like Roger, has given his heart to someone else. (waves Jet/Faye flag)

Sorry to get off topic here, if you remember...

spoiler (highlight to read):
In RFBII, Faye didn't want Spike to leave. She tried to confince him not to go, but he still went anyway. I always took that as being her real fealing about Spike showing though.

But In Big O, Angel and Roger had that moment (See Almasy post). But, She knew that he liked dorothy (She started to laugh) But in CB that was not the case! Faye didn't start laughting like angel did because she knew that Spike was still in love with Julia, She just broke down....She really didn't exsept the fact that Spike was still in love with Julia. Unlike angel who exsepted Roger+Dorothy to a point.

Feel free to corect me.....
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 05-02-2004 04:03 PM
Dastun and Angel those to are made for each other! Beside i believe those were propably were best friends or maybe had crushes on other when they were kids! remeber datsan found the kids that look like him and angel in movie theater! I forget what espoide that was so my guess those to were close when they were lil! that my 2 cents to the subject!
Dork 05-02-2004 04:15 PM
The children were suppose to be Dastun and Sybil Rowan.

If a third season of Big O is made Dastun and Angel have a 60-70 percent chance of getting together. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

A little unrequited love and unhappiness always add a nice element to any love story. For one thing, it gives the characters who actually got some something to feel guity over.

Angel has grudging accepted the fact that Roger does not like her like that, but she's still a little bitter over the whole thing.

While the facts are that Roger only briefly "considered" Angel as a girlfriend/lover/whatever in his attempt to run away from his feelings for Dorothy, to Angel it looks like she lost her soul mate (possibly. . .) to a snarky emotioness android. If the writers keep this up in season three it could provide for some excellent character tension down the road.

What would really rock from a plot point of view is if Angel got together with Dastun on the rebound while still holding a torch for Roger (and a grudge against Dorothy and/or Roger), the whole thing, of course, would blow up in someone's face making way for character agast aplenty. Or is that a cliché. . ?

It really is a shame Roger and Angel can't work out. They look incredible together.

On a purely aesthetic level Roger and Dorothy together will always be weird and little creepy, but they do love each other and they depend on one another. But if it turns out Dorothy's not going to age like Roscoe Roger's going to have a hell of a time explaining Dorothy to his influencial friends when he's 50.

I just don't like the idea of Dastun and Angel. It's not an age thing, or an appearance thing, but Dastun's just too down to earth for Angel. Poor Danny, you always go for the crazies, don't you? I'm still pathedically holding on to the vain hope of Dastun and Sybil ::crosses fingers til they turn blue::

Negotiator_Roger_Smith 05-02-2004 04:18 PM
ur right sorry! i forget about that woman ! forget what i said earlier!
A Clockwork Tomato 05-02-2004 04:29 PM
Originally posted by Dork
The children were supposed to be Dastun and Sybil Rowan.

I can't shake the feeling that Dastun and Sybil were made for each other, and that fate has played them a cruel trick. The same might be said about Angel and Roger; Roger is the man for her, but his heart belongs to another.

In a vague sort of way, Dan and Angel have been through the wringer in similar ways. They can understand each other.
YoruameBaroness 05-02-2004 04:58 PM
I don't think Dastun is too normal for Angel. Dastun's a very brave man who does most things the average officer wouldn't dream of doing.

As far as Dastun and Angel being together . . .

In the words of Aaliyah, "Age ain't nuthin' but a number". I do admit, Angel and Roger do make a cute couple, but so do Roger and Dorothy.

But for the most part, I can't really seem to decide if Angel and Dastun should be an item. I'll have plenty of time on my hands soon to give it some thought.

*reads above sentence*

I really have no life.
Dork 05-02-2004 05:57 PM
Opps. I meant to type 'too down to earth' not 'too normal'. Weather or not there's truely a difference between the two is entirely up to you Big Grin lol. Dastun is deffinatly not normal or boring by any stretch of the imagination.