3 word story

Jonny Axehandle 04-21-2004 05:41 PM
This could be interesting. Post to continue the story but only 3 words at a time.

1. Don't flood the topic. Every 100 posts or so compress it down and PM it to me. (Saves me some time. ~Pen1300)
2. The 3 Words rule is not strictly enforced. You can post 4 or 5 but don't go overboard.
3. It has to fit in. The story can be silly as hell but it has to fit together.

One day Roger sat down for a cup of tea, when Norman says where's my picklejar? Roger says S***! Dorothy says "Roger you're kinda purdy." Roger jumped up "Protect me now!" "No!" Screamed Vera in her underwear "Please! Just Once!" "ahhhhhh my eyes" Suddenly, there was a large megadeus Shaped like a large robot, suddenly the megadeus did the riverdance :Ha Cha Cha: but trips and breaks its pinky, it fell off and destroyed paradigm (Forums). "Roger," said Dorothy "Can I quickly Eat a pie off your sotmach". . . Tony was upset. . ."Why," he said. Dorothy, unnerved, retreated and jumped over a candlestick into Roger's arms. Tony waited outside the masion. He yelled like a girl "There's ice cream" Dorothy looked around and watched the Megadeus start to eat a pie with their feet Roger tried to avert their attention to the Bunny it said F-WORD and leaped at the chance to bite Dorothy Wainright! Roger kicked the bunny but it bit the piano, scarring the ivory keys. Roger, in raged aimed Big O's Cromebuster at Dorothy's head. As Roger was yelling "Dorothy, I'm not buying another piano." But, Dorothy didn't move and the bunny from the ZOO KILLED DOROTHY. Roger farted and ate a tomato. Waking suddenly, Roger held Dorothy closely. Angel snored gently while Beck watched the Playdroid Channel. Tony Also Loves a good meal, with the playdroid he saw a real playdroid at Central Dome, wearing Alex's spandex swimsuit. It didn't fit and caused the seams to split. "Roger. . ." said Dorothy "I need an oil and filter 10-30W, I love Pro wrestling. Can I be a Pro Wrestler too?" Surprised, Roger replied, "Sure you can" "Big O, too!" Later, Dorothy was sat on a toilet and the phone wrang, she jumped to answer "Burn in hell you marshmellow peep!" Furious, Roger responded "Up your nose and out your access port! I wanted to know what you're doing later on tonight? With me my Buddy Paul is really cool and is willing to eat a banana because POINTLESS said his medication needs more sleepy power and his girlfriend
P Perfnuch
O Okret
I Iomical
must become a pink dancing monkey and a matching yellow afro for Lice production and Who says a million monkeys on a million computers can't make a work of art? ...
pen1300 04-22-2004 02:38 PM
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Dork 04-24-2004 09:13 PM

Beck was high on some steroids and ACT's third season when he went to Hanyou's house for some bacon and CLAMP manga and chili fritos when suddenly a crazy lookin' megadeus said "Bite Me! and pass the Mustard." It then found some vodka and got hip.

The megadeus then busted a cap in rogers head which made Dorothy very very angry. Roger said ow and sat upon the thrown of Jesus H. Christ. Then Jesus said "Thou shalt not.... LIVE! MUAHAHAHAHAH!" .....then he choked on a bottle and a fishbone and it started raining somewhat attractive men and salty peanuts with a bit of tabasco sauce right next to a barbeque pit.

Drunk, Dorothy shouted; "Where's mah bitch!?"

Blushing, Roger responded, "Right here babe"

Roger, taking a chia-pet for a oompa heart wannabe and stuffed it down the front of his pants. Dorothy, disguised as Norman, pulled out a silver telephone tray.

Inattentive, Roger mistaken her for a Steven Blum fanboy and did Kung-Fu stir-fry electric moon dance. But Bill Cosby piloted his Megadeus thru the poop, into the fire, catching the winning jello pudding cup and threw it at Arnold Palmer who ate it.

Then Vera appeared and smacked Drunk-Dorothy into a keg with a Salmon redolent-with-the-residue-of-thirty-year-old-brandy, untilourfavoriteandroid, now-reeling-with-the-heady-fumes-and-the-concussion-that-still-vibrated-in-
her-positronic-brain, lurchedtoherfeetandsaid, "Is this German?"

"Maybe it's Norwegin"


DrunkfrombadgingeraleandstalenachosTonyansweredforhim, "Hesout. Leaveamessageonthesoundofthebeep."

Undaunted, Schwarzwald unrolled his Laura-of-beauty magic-doll intoaClayAikenconcertsposeredbyCLAMP whenallofsudden aredbullmonkeyappeared and ate everyone.

Rog was sad because Dorothy stole his pants and wore them. Smiling, she began to act crazy and danced a jig. She shot herself with a nerf-gun and had fun.

Alex appeared and yelled "Lover Alan?!"

Alan reponded with an exploding boquet of pink carnations.

Dorothy passed out amid the petals just before she was to dance the CHICKEN DANCE!

Meanwhile, little Tammy fell off a 2 ft stool and saw Jesus who was bleaching his raven locks blonde.

Meanwhile, a tactical nuclear missle was delivered to Beck as a birthday-present-from his ex-girlfriend, Mrs. Frazier. Surprisingly, the chocolate warhead melted because Dorothy gave Roger mouth-to-mouth and made out in big-O's palm with a broom (see pic ~Pen1300). Dorothy moaned and said to him, "Nevermind. . . you can't help having an enormous HUGE BIG...megadeus!"

I'm sorry I half-typed this up, so I might have accidentally got a letter or punctuation wrong here or there.

The ' !" ' after megadeus is my contribution.

There sure were a lot of developments in chapter 2. I'm quite surprised at how many appearances the son of god made though. . .


A Clockwork Tomato 04-28-2004 04:06 PM
[Must I remind you that you are going against scripture? Recall the following passage from the Book of Armaments:

Then did he raise on high the Three-Word Story of Nightengale, saying, "Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies' minds to tiny bits, in thy mercy."

And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree-sloths and fruit-bats and orangutans and breakfast cereals ...

Now did the Lord say, "First thou startest the Holy Reply. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of thy counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Reply to the Three-Word Story of Nightengale in the direction of thine audience, who, being silly in my sight, shall spray soda upon his monitor."]

A Word on the Three Word Story. (ACT, I had to leave this. :LOL: Pen1300)
Tony Waynewrong 04-29-2004 11:34 AM

Here is what the Dork and I assembled together.


Meanwhile, Mary Sue engulfed her shoe so she decided to sue the stupid SOB's at Adult Swim for-not-airing-ACT26 before the its sell-by date.

Angel appeared, drunk from Roger's wine, stumbled toward her shiny pink Cadillac and fell down a manhole and ate a sandwich! Cold and no-longer-hungry, she found a ladder. Looking up, she said: 'I like chesse'. Then promptly vomited and "Oh god dammit!" a-rope-appeared next-to-dorothy leading-out of-the-manhole. She pulled it and bricks fell on her obcessed fan, Tony.

Dorothy, now upset, shook her head and sobbed "Why?!" Tony replied "I'm still alive, but very badly burned and very hungry!" He then imploded leaving only a tint of love and an itchy sock that-shold-have-imploded-too-but-didn't-somehow.

Dorothy's heart was filled with large oil-regulating pumps and stray guitar strings but she still felt like stealing Roger's very gayly worn pants because she thought they looked better on her new pet, Mini-Me.

Frightened, Roger took Dorothy away from the asylum called-ParadigmCityForums and placed her in Tony-I-really-didn't-implode's arms.

Meanwhile, in Alan's bedroom Alex was waiting for Alan to arrive so that they could begin to play with their set of toy trains. Alan tied a Dorothy doll to the pink tutu Alex had bought for Vera and she squealed happily as she made Roger dance around the mulberry bush.

Meanwhile, Schwarzwald decided to have-a BBQ "Flame-broiled me!" he shouted as Dorothy leaped upon Roger and squeaked "BBQ sounds good"

Alex and Alan looked to eachother and made out of sand a Big Fau idol.

Then Dorothy decided to-dress Roger as afro Beck because Dori dressed Beck and Roger Smith. Delightful chaos ensued.

No one knew about Schwarzwald's grannie and her cabbit (disguised as Dastun) walked around the red brick road sipping Sherry. While, Bonnie Frazier drank nitro glycerin induced whiskey until he lit a cigarette and threw it at himself and exploded into a GIANT MEGADEUS!!!! made out of GUNDAEMIUM!

BigBonnie decided to kick afro-Beck Roger's big old 'fro. Surprise! Afro toupee!

Dorothy and Dori went shopping for a replacement Roger 'cause the other louse was fiddling. Suddenly, a monkey randomly typed these Shakspearin quotes that made people implode then wet themselfs in a special three-day extravaganza.

Norman, dressed in Angel's skintight jumpsuit, feeling rather sexy, called, "Hello, sailor!" Nervous, Alex walked over to him.

At that moment King Walla Walla, aka Jason Beck, spent money like twelve drunken sailors twelve drunken sailors crazy-android run pet shop disguised porno shop! "Big O action!" was the name of the android-run place Dorothy owned a box of their unusually sized knives which she kept in Roger's mattress right by his very sensitive long and strong lamp, that used Dorothy's lovely set of perky, yet firm buns as a power source.

Norman's missing eye was in Pero's mouth "Good Kitty! OWWWWW!" "so you're the one who took my thong from the ornate nightstand.” Under Roger's bed had begun to shake rapidly.

Meanwhile, BigBonnie was skipped through Paradigm and ate a knife from the crazy-android run pet shop disguised porno shop So BigBonnie ended up discovering a long sentence -- anomalous in an environment where the three-word limit was strictly enforced (or so he had been led to believe) -- and, looking left and right to see if anyone was watching, slipped it into his pocket and walked off as if nothing had happened, casually whistling a jaunty tune, if somewhat off-key.

Happy, Dori danced with Rog, But Norman interrupted them. Dorothy, now upset, pulled out a Vash-the-Stampede plushie and some sowing needles and fixed the maturing tomcat, Pero.

Meanwhile, Dastun and Angel decided that Dorothy shouldn't be allowed to neuter cats without a license. But, Dorothy protested she needs bozoka and wants to ..." Noting Dorothy's incoherence, very uncomfortable because she was pregnant. Suddenly, Dorothy awoke and shot Roger a nasty look.

Roger stared blankly at Dori's luscious strawberry cheesecake. "May I have a care for your wonderful looking cheesecake, it looks good." Dori thought about smearing the cake in Roger's hair. Smear she did and surpisingly Roger ate it anyway. "That was delicious"

Cross-dressed, Dastun leaped into Vera's arms. Vera emotionally commented "Chicken soup is good."

Disappointed, Dastun replied, "All your Base."

Meanwhile, the-Vash-plushie tapdanced, on Roger's grave for his hamster. Roger then began to get angry because he loved a quiet rest.

The next day, disguised as Dorothy, Beck planned to walk nonchalantly into Roger's heart.

Meanwhile, Dastun got b*tch-slapped by Alan in Angel's black underwear. Unfortunately for Angel, Alan returned-them soiled.

Later that day Dorothy went up against a board of inquiry for the whole neutering without a license thin, The Board said "You can't go-around... playing doctor without-a-license." Dorothy then replied
Tony Waynewrong 05-01-2004 02:57 PM

Here it is:

Dorothy then replied, "I sense you're sarcasm."

The judge replied, "I don't think."

Angry, Dorothy-shouted, "That's no way to talk to one-of Roger's dominatrix master!"

Shocked the judge asked for her-number and tried to place his hands on her breast of roast chicken that was right by her round-and-succulent orange that she was about to put between her her lovely lips.

Sensing her-flirtation, Roger quickly moved to 'Electric City', where he found a big old rusty part that looked like Lt. Data's head, Dorothy's oldest brother. Roger looked at Dorothy holding a-missle toe, puckering her-lips. He asked her "Dorothy, do you use a mouthwash?"

She replied, "Why Roger? Did I miss something? Surely, you are such a s***-headed pervert, but I-love-you. Come-here-you!" Dorothy quickly leaped out onto Roger straining his spine.

"Ouchies, that hurt" Said Roger. He gazed into a pain-filled future.
In her nurse's-outfit, R-D smiled secretly. She planned to minister to Roger's seven secret children. with an axe.

"Evil man runnnnnnnn" yelled the children.

R-D, with evil powers she took-flight and turned into a ham sandwich made of rhye with added Backstreet-Boys on the side.

Disturbed, Vera ran over Angel with an aging tank. Disheveled and affronted, Angel stood-up and unsheathed a guitar a special guitar with guns inside. Then Chuck D appeared.

Meanwhile Roger was thinking about how he should tell everyone about Dorothy's dark little secret about how she had feelings for a vacuum cleaner.

The next day R-D and a can of WD-40 had a small reunion with the TV and broom. As the reunion ended R-D had a screw loose, it fell to Roger's feet. "Do you want to..." he held the screw up.

At that moment Dorothy walked by and grabbed the louse by his chiny chin chin.Meanwhile, R-D's now-unattached leg fell down dorothy shot a puzzled glance towards and said, "Sister, you don't have a leg to stand on."

Roger held the screw between his teeth and said, "You are a liquid and I am your sponge."

Happy, Dorothy spantaneously combusted into several big pieces setting Schwarzwald afire.

"AHH AHH AHH!" he cried.

Unknown forces repaired Dorothy and made her the ultimate war machine! With her Bionic Discomboobulators! Dorothy decides to sleep with a monkey named Fred but instead she sleeps with Roger! Roger barely survives.

Angel resets reality "Wake up, Roger! Give me Gold!" Then Angel sleeps-with-Roger. Causeing WWIII w/Dorothy.
Outraged, Dorothy torched the whole town, yelling "Luke I AM your father!" Dorothy woke-up screaming.

"Where's my honey-buns!" screamed Mini-Me.

Dorothy looks around to see where to find a decent dry cleaner. But there wasn't even a laundromat, for washing clothes. The river looked
BabyGhia 05-06-2004 09:49 PM
Review Time!!!!

It's that time again, PCF people! It's time to revisit our little pretty precious, yet odd, 3 word story. Enjoy this wonderful trip through the past....


The river looked full of purple. Like an orange, it looks like a rotten tomato containing radioactive tomato juice (Surprise!) that smelled like....

Roger called up his lover, Laura for a blind date. Laura gladly consented and suggested RD use her lipstick to paint Norman red.

Suddenly, Big Fau jumped up and Performed an intricate-series-of-gymnastics-moves while reading the-holy-bible and drinking some-kool-aid through a hollow-chicken-bone -- poisoned grape kool-aid! Wolverine burst in on Roger and Laura kissing! Laura wasn't real. She was a blind! Roger stood gasping at his lover, "That was fun! What else ya got in there?" Schwarzwald burst in and the mansion caught fire. "AHH AHH AHH!" The mansion then-exploded.

Norman sighed. Oliver was kniting-in-the-meanwhile.... jerk... when he heard a strange sound. Dominmatrix Dorothy grabbed Oliver and whispered, "You are a terrible saxaphone player!" She beat him soundly with Roger's tie, his over-sized novelty-lead-tie with nail studs... gothed out Rog.

Schwarzwald laughs maincally, takes some gasoline, and pours it into-a sherry glass, and drinks it and lights a match. "Burn, baby burn! Burn!" And he does. Smoke-flavored Schwarzwald —Mmm-mmm, tastes like chicken in a hardy purea of fun.

Dorothy shook her lover, Instro couldn't help but stare at them. Mini-Me asked groggily, "Why does everyone use more than three words?!" Dorothy and Instro ignored Mini-Me and had an intense preventative maintenance session. When Roger walked in, tripped and fell on his face, sealing the vacuum canister full of dancing tomatoes. Shocked, Roger ran into a brick wall. And then Mario appeared, and jumped on Roger's head and then said, "Want a pizza?" Angry, Dorothy threw Luigi into oncoming traffic.

When suddenly... Bowser appeared naked! Roger proceded to act stereotypical while trying not to eat a squirrel Because that squirrel was a BADGER! The Badger, confused, put on-a blind-fold ate Roger's left shoe, while stepping to the left and sliding to Beck's love shack. Beck ate poop and vomited on Big Ear's newspaper. Big Ear capped Beck's private parts whilst Roger was commiting suicide by eating too many television sets. Meanwhile Dorothy ate a piano. Vera ate a rotten tomato that looked like Gordon.

Later Norman was in the kitchen, with the candlestick, unhappy because he lost his puppy when it chased after Pero and was hit by a bus. In-a pink-tutu, Alan went to Richard Simmons and-was-sucked into-an-interdimensional time-vortex-because of the tomato Vera ate. Alex was crying big crocodile tears with the knife Dorothy used in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which was not played in Paradigm cinemas. Unfortunently, a gigantic tract of land collapsed in on itself, inveloping all of paradigm city forums in sewer fumes. Then a giant pineapple began to plummet towards Dorothy's cat. Poor Pero got huge-eyed and clawed Roger's leg with his belly. Dorothy walked in and started to make Roger's sammich out of moldy bread and rotten meat. Norman pointed her towards the door by shooting it profusely with his boom-stick. She, then, proceded to glare at-Norman-rather-strangely and said, "Do you like muffins?" He answered with a fiendish smirk and a bottle of cheese. Norman then began plastic surgery on a duck. When he was-done the duck looked almost as if...
Pygmalion 05-17-2004 10:54 PM

When he was-done the duck looked almost as if it weighed the same as a witch. Unfortunately, the duck Puked on the front hall carpet. A gigantic spoon scoped up Dorothy and sproked her left eye powerfully

Rog yelled NO! at the losing ball team and he almost was defenestrated when he wet himself with a mop Roger called for-Norman and Stevie Nicks.

Stevie then sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?"

upon hearing this Norman started to dance around in the hangar, knocking on Big O and with a beer bottle in hand, he began shouting I'm king of-the-world! Once he was done he ate goat and watched TV,the disney channel, while holding his mom and a big bag of silly rabbit tricks.

His favorite show, "Silly Rabbit Tricks" wich would be about a pink rabbit named mr. fwuffykins wich was really cute because he is a drunk.
Norman's mom got mad because of the television's volume. She tore out the electical wireing of the video-player because Roger had been watching naughty PlayDroid flicks with Angel and a donkey named Alex Rosewater.

With a mini Fau action figure that fell off and Alan screamed wow i'm full

Just then, Roger danced around without his clothes on.

Norman was ironing Roger's underwear and found a big hole in the waistband that needed to be poked.

Alan stared at Roger dancing around naked then [Alan] kissed Angel

Dorothy went berserk and charged at Paradigm Main Dome where Ryo Ohki was looking for carrots.

Back at Smith Mansion something terrible was happening to Dorothy, Roger, and Big O. Norman caught them drinking fine wine without him. Norman revealed his eye-laser and pointed it at their gizzards and he said, "Death Comes for the Archbishop!"

Dorothy grabbed Roger and they did a little jig. All around the house not a creature was stirring, not even a carbon based lifeform.

A megadeus appeared from the lamp with a large...and violently vibrating Chromebuster. It was in love with Cathrine Zeta-Jones It looked around for Dorothy's round-and-succulent probe cable sockets. After finding them, he cried, "Metric?" The megadeus kvetched when he learned that her pillbox was empty because Dori had "borrowed" it for a bit because she had a "headache"

The megadeus decided go to the main dome and wreaked it. Angel's new car got crapped on by an unfortunate Micheal Jackson impersonator who didn't know her suitor, Alan, wanted to do it first.

Drunk, Dorothy shouted "WHY AM I DRUNK?"

"Your oil's spiked," cried Vera. Her evil plan in the potty! godzilla stomped on Paradigm-Show" ended and Dorothy staggered into the bedroom alone. Hoping for Roger to be asleep with Laura.

However... Beck was there instead. Happy, Dorothy told him to do A little jig just for her. Beck decided to-clap-his-feet-instead.

Dorothy looked towards Beck and said "Why must you do that sexy thing with your feet?

Because I like Turning you on
Tony Waynewrong 06-01-2004 10:52 AM
Review Time!

"Because I like Turning you on like the dimbulb that's about to burn out."

Dorothy cried, "Oh! you sweet thing!" and put her arms around his muscular manly, fragrant, heaving chest. She lay on the dining-room-table while Beck disassembled Big O while still tap-dancing for Dorothy.

Roger walked in and shouted "Why are you wearing my underwear, Beck?!?"
"Because I wanted to showoff my panties on the flagpole."

Roger looked puzzled. Everyone saluted and started singing the Beck National Anthem! Then Roger decided to kiss Laura. Laura, who never saw who she was kissing. He decided that it was time to show her what she'd been missing.

Feeling hot, Dorothy took off her hairband and threw her soft & lacey purse on the shirtless-back of Roger. Roger was happy to-see Dorothy's beautiful-and-luscious strawberry cake sitting on the counter. He asked her , "Do I look fat?"

"In That? No."

Roger embraced Dorothy and gave her his long & impressive-looking slender necktie to use to tie up her slender wrists to the back of a chair so that he could shoot resounding prophetic statements while doing a little dance around Dorothy's immobilized form. Then he went berserk with passion yelling for Norman to leave them more whipped cream and some chocolate sauce. "Sundae Time," he shouted into his watch. Roger pondered whether Big O had a cherry.

This nauseating pun made Dorothy and Angel laugh until the cows came home.

"Nothing like hot fudge sundaes and chocolate malt shakes with cayenne pepper!"

"They tickle my nose! And, make me very very very hot for your old-fashioned picante cooking."

All of a sudden, the bedroom doors swung open, revealing Dorothy and Roger engaged in kissing in place unspeakably strange that Dorothy almost wanted to call her very own.

Norman danced so oddly that Alan Gabriel cried. While Verra Slapped a hamburger patty on Roger's sundae. Gordon ate something fuzzy and green that was totally hot and cute and really handsome and wanted a-piece of steaming hot Giant Robot Action and a duck!

"You get down-from-a-duck," Angel hugged a-duck that had a pink feather on it's back and "he ruled the others with a quack quack quack." And Dorothy started calling him Darkwing , which made him smell really, really, like a steak dinner.

Quacked in fear the duck flew away! A shot rang out! Rang out? Inspired by rum-induced hallucinations, Norman started moonwalking until MJ pimpslapped him and then Dorothy started shaking her finger at Norman. With a terrible high-pitched sound from Roger's bedroom, Angel called, "Tea-is-ready! and my pants are soiled."

Dorothy jumped-off Smith Mansion and-landed-on/in a pile of laundry Norman was trying to fold. She was spindled.

Meanwhile Schwarlzwald ran-around in his underwear singing, "I'm too sexy..." and called out to Angel, "Hey
Zola 06-12-2004 11:41 AM
Review Time!

Meanwhile Schwarlzwald ran-around in his underwear singing, "I'm too sexy..." and called out to Angel, "Hey sexy mama! I'm hoping you will make me sweat and have me check your tires! Angel, intrigued, thought "what is that.... megadeus doing here in my hair?" Angel tried her hardest to get Roger to love her, but Dorothy got to him first... thankfully. Roger doesn't really care for an old smelly sock that Angel carries around. Dorothy kissed Roger on his heaving, manly, aroused, pink bunny slippers. They ate a cat shaped chocolate cake with whipped cream... and three cherries. They ate slowly. Meanwhile, Alan Gabriel was in-a pink boa, thinking about how he could become a better Nightclub dancer for "The Flying Boot", which is known as the hottest pavilion in Paradigm City. Surprisingly, the profit on refreshments was stolen, but the Barkeep knew where the stage outfits of monkeys were. Good thing he found a new... ribbon for Dorothy in the sewer. She loved the skillful way he placed his tongue in her mouth and it was the best thing since Dorothy was so good to Big O last night. They ate a long hard erect tower of piza filled with jalapeno peppers... and bloody skulls (former meat pinatas) and lotsa tiramisu. God summoned Alan to strip down a wind scar. Having done so, Big Duo exploded and was eaten by Schwarzwald's cousin, who looked liked Nebs the Conehead (who wasn't Volt). He tasted like chicken. Norman thought it would be very adorable if Dorothy hatched eggs in her forehead but Dorothy thought i need guns, big water guns, and chesse also. Norman was very upset, because his collecters-edition of MASH had been stolen. He was really In a tizzy. Roger had never Seen a tizzy because he was a VERY sheltered child Norman was outraged that he found.... porn in Roger's closet. Dorothy was not because she bought it at the local Toys R Us. but then a blackhole appeared and DESTROYED THE UNIVERSE!!!!! Angel reset the video game and other stuff happened, such as Norman buying the tetsuaiga and a new eye-patch from an old Crazy old man who looked like Tom Marvolo Riddle and so he Gave Norman lashes.

Whew! That was a long one!
Green_Bird 07-11-2004 12:49 AM
(Taken from after the last one, any word in parenthis are my contibution.)

"what kind of idiot do you think i eat?"
"The one's without clothing, of course."
yelled Tom Riddle. Ginny Weasley squealed in delight as the young Dark Lord kissed her. Roger shook his hand, and said "Who's that fine gal you've got?" "Dorothy" Riddle said "Who's Dorothy?!" Ginny shouted. "Roger's robotic lady" then rupert walked and then died. Fuming, Ginny slapped roger on the <insert bodypart here>.

"Thank you sir! may I have another?" Roger asked Ginny. if she's bisexual. so she slapped him. In pain, Roger hit the basilisk summoned by Riddle it ate him. With Roger gone, Dorothy began to self destruct crying in a box Under the stairs at the dursleys.

"dear lord no!" said a mouse. dorothy squashed mouce. with her eyes (She) looked at jack. Jack, who was blown up by Norman's machine gun.

Meanwhile, Roger's body was nowhere to a small city in france called Paris. He then ate some cheese which was swiss. He liked cheese. then (he) blew up into tiny pieces. (The) pieces hit someone right in the eye of the storm, the PERFECT storm of stormy stormitude.

Then, at random, The storm exploded and everyone died AT YOUR MOM'S HOUSE. But someone survived, Named Bentley Farnsworth, The Genius Professor of Cottage Cheese and everything neon. Then he died too.

(But) Everyone was resurected as mutated zombies from Deep Freeze. They all yelled in agonizing pain. The zombies started To dance Polka. And projectile vomit came out from behind a wall to eat brains and devour faces.

(And then) they give cake to miscrent hobos before eating them, they throw them into the well to cook until Their eyeballs ooze. That didn't happen. Then he came and then said "I want brains" His name was Mack the odd. He had a brother named Odd Odd, who was normal, but still odd. Just like mack who liked to dance with a wok!

Then they both happily exploded in A big flash of purple colored shoes (That) pwned them all. then they didn't find any neddles in their stockings because they weren't alive. Just then, they both said "Duh, We're Dead!" they then became giantic killer bunnies! made of wood-like paper mache and Potato Salad, the kind with eggs and lots of Potatos. Then someone stole his baby and ate it.
pen1300 08-17-2004 02:18 PM
The Baby was realy a bomb that hit Beck in the head but didn't explode all over his Under Gromitt collection. Insted it giggled haughtilly. Ahem. Then, it exploded into little bitty pieces but nobody saw Dorothy dance in BECKS HAIR OF gold. It was doing The Hustle with Stacy's Mom, Bebe McGee! Then talked to that big Blue Ape over there. and said "Hey...boy wanna party! I've got bread! And Water!" But where's our junk? In my pants....pocket. Although it was big, round, and messy, it didn't follow Dorothy around. Dorothy just walked onto a mine full of gold and giant slugs went to eat a death star with the money, she stole from her own pocet and had it lifted from off of cow's leg buut it wasen't Actual genuine cash. Roger had put the real money in a dingo. That ran into a meat chopper to see RogersGirl who wanted nothing more then to kiss him silly. True, then the ninja's attacked. All in black, singing a song of songie songituded. The sone was sung in dissonance and of abomination's most dire need. But when the Ninja started to dance to Disco the entire hall wanted to boogy but instead started to die. The little gerbils began to assemble a samurai army of big-boobied ninja. Then he came only to say "We love you" and then they took off their Maks of Maskitude and partied away! When, suddenly then The Happy Samarai got drunk on Root Beer! Then was about to fall down a flight of stairs where the party had begun to do the same Dance over and do the Hustle! That's when it started to get hot in here. So they got some drinks and chugged the glass. But Wait, The Pope had arrived to kick some disgustingly heretical android Butt. Then Maxwell arrived with booze and Fujiko decided to party all the time! w00tness! all over the world with Lupin But gasp! Lupin took his pants and ate them. Then he did a fancy jig "Do The Hustle!" END STORY ONE.
Avenir 12-10-2004 03:29 AM
Awoke at night....
BethMcBeth 12-10-2004 03:42 AM
by a sudden
Big Money 12-10-2004 05:18 PM
fangy vampire lawyer
Avenir 12-10-2004 05:49 PM
Carrying a summons....
Ace of Spades 12-10-2004 10:52 PM
warrant of arrest
ebie 12-10-2004 10:55 PM
becuz he was
Dingo 12-10-2004 11:20 PM
an angry monkey
ebie 12-11-2004 01:03 AM
that ate too