What would you post on a 666th post?

Schwarzwald 04-18-2004 09:44 PM
A meaningless poll?
A meaningFUL poll?
A meaningful post?
Something stupid?

My answer is here.
Surtur 04-18-2004 09:48 PM
I'd probably post this:

Mr. Fortnight 04-18-2004 09:48 PM
I'd probably try to get my post count away from that number as fast as possible. (Although when I hit the 222 make, I posted a joking post script saying "This is post 222, one third as evil.")

But yes, I'll probably scream past that number so fast I'll miss it. Better for me I guess.
Darkside 04-18-2004 09:49 PM
Trotsky 04-18-2004 09:50 PM
i'll post this
dominusofdeath 04-18-2004 09:52 PM
Originally posted by Surtur
I'd probably post this:

And I'd be happy!
Dingo 04-18-2004 10:00 PM
Something along the lines of

"the power of satan compells you" Along with a slightly deilish pic.
FittyYen 04-18-2004 10:23 PM
I'll probably not even notice its my 666 post.
Prons 04-18-2004 10:24 PM
Dang Strutur. Just DANG, Dang Dang Dang and Dang.

So I will respond with http://www.truemetal.org/metalwallpaper/...tterthanraw.jpg not sure if this site allows direct linking.
Ace of Spades 04-18-2004 10:56 PM
I would bless my computer with Holy Water and watch the Exorcist.
Silv3rKnigh1 04-18-2004 11:01 PM
Trotsky 04-18-2004 11:09 PM
Originally posted by knight123

one for da ladys

if only the devil on my sholder looked that good... O.O
F-14Tomcat 04-18-2004 11:34 PM
I'd probably tell everyone that i'm acually a......

......... Er, did I just say that outloud?
angelcakes 04-19-2004 01:38 PM
Randolph 04-19-2004 01:47 PM
I'd probably post something very scary and insightful hinting at my quiet, reserved and

Then I would change my avatar and siggy to celebrate.
Fu fu fu fu fu.
Bismarck 04-19-2004 02:16 PM
I would've posted something like this, although my post count is already far past this particular number. What was my 666th post, probably something totally random and irrelevant to the digits 666.

The big picture got blurred strangely enough...is it a sign?
-- -- -- -- --
R.Jesse 04-19-2004 02:22 PM
edit: a HUGE picture of vamont prime (vamont's best weapon) with a fork tail
BabyGhia 04-19-2004 02:40 PM
I'd like to think I'd post something distrubing but I'll probably just post something random.

Tickle Tickle 04-19-2004 03:34 PM
I never notice until after I made the post. Then I would go past RIGHT after that. Infact, I made a stupid double post at Toonzone when I got to '666'
Mr. Saturn 04-19-2004 03:37 PM
well, I'd probably just go about my normal post, then at the very bottom in very tiny red font id type "The Power of Hell compells you....this...is my 666 post Big Grin " and see if anyone notices