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Schwarzwald 04-20-2004 04:06 PM
"What? Another Megadeus? That is not the usual Big."

It must have been that memory holder. The red eyed man. This is horrible. That Megadeus... it isn't even doing anything, just watching. What is going on?

I wonder if Roger Smith will show with his Megadeus.

He usually would be here right now but, wait. Is that Roger Smith? In that Megadeus? What is going on in this city.

(wait is this the one with the mistake... right now I am refering to snakes megadeus. Eh. well... not sure... Unless you are refering to only big o or... well...*nods head* goes on with story I shall)
Texan Otaku 04-20-2004 11:54 PM
Dastun and two platoons head for west dome number 5. Their numbers include four missle launcher units and five tanks.

Dastun: "Status report. What is the situation at the dome?"

soldier over radio: "Sir, there is a giant robot, possibly a megadeus but
not one we've ever seen before."

Dastun: "Great. Just what I need, another megadeus to worry about.
I swear, first the black one, then Becks numerous toys, then
Schwartzwald, not to mention random monsters and psychos,
now I have this to deal with. I swear, if I had my way, I'd be
snakemarcato13 04-21-2004 08:01 AM
Snake becomes tired of waiting, and decides to attack. "LAZER BARAGE!!!" He says, and a number of lazers come down striking the megaduces, then a black-with-red-scars megaduce (identical to big-o, but the only color other than black lies in the scars and the eyes) appears, ready to fight. "LAZERPUNCH!" says Snake, and Big Soh punches the closest megaduce to him just below the chest and a huge lazerbeam is seen ripping through it.

"Where is the black megaduce? It has to be the brother unit..."

(OOC: think of the lazer barage like heavyarms custom using all weapons at once.)
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-21-2004 08:51 AM
" We've all indulged in idle speculation...but the fact remains that all that counts is the here and now. "

He stands up, and downs the last of his drink...

Just as he heads toward the door, however, a cacophany of sirens and flashing lights races past the window. Something had spooked the military police, and whatever it was was probably where those vehicles were headed...probably some extra backup, he presumed to himself.

He heads back to the car, gets in, and proceeds to initiate the communicator within his watch.

" Yes, Roger Smith? "

Dorothy was the one to answer the call.
Roger simply blew past the formalities...deciding it was better to get to the matter.

" Is Norman not back from the Ammmunition stockist yet? "

Dorothy simply shook her head. Roger knew that the Big was in need of replenishment at this particular time, and therefore was not yet combat ready...at least, with the guns and rockets.

" There's a disturbance nearby. I'm following the Military police to get a better idea, but I think the outcome is already determinable...have Norman reach me when he gets back with supplies. "

Roger ends the transmission, and keys the ignition...before driving away in a hurry to find out what this was all about.

~ TBC ~
The Big Finale 04-21-2004 12:27 PM
(Note to everyone: I'm sorry, I thought I made it clear, but... there's only one megadeus. So, could people who made that mistake please go back and correct it? Thanks, and sorry.)

As Big Soh made its appearence, deep within the second megadeus something that could almost be considered a thought took shape and surfaced:

This is not what I seek.

It let out a loud strange roar that echoed throughout the air. Just then, Big Soh fired an attack that sent dozens of lasers streaking its way. With an impossible agility, the megadeus leaped up into the sky, dodging all the beams completely. Flipping around in a twist, the megadeus lashed out with it's left hand. A claw-like extension extended outwards, gripping Big Soh around the right shoulder joint. The megadeus landed on top of Big Soh's head, balancing on it's hand and flipped off behind the scarred Big, jerking as hard as it could and pulling Snake's megadeus to the ground.

It was the Archetype, and yet, it was not. The majority of it's body was now covered by a slick, gleaming new black armor. There were several spots very obviously covering missle launchers and other such weapons. It's hands had been completely redone, giving it claws with razor-sharp serrated points that were, at the moment, still withdrawn but visible inside the ends on the fingers. It was the Archetype 2.

(Note: By the way, I think I'll add a short off-to-the-side recap of what's happened at what's going on so far if nobody minds.)
snakemarcato13 04-21-2004 12:39 PM
The impact shakes Snake, making him bleed from his mouth. "Damn," he says, "You will pay for that."

Big Soh gets up and runs towards the enemy Megaduce. It tries to get away, but Big Soh grabs the Megaduce by the leg and throws it into the ground. Hard. "Big Soh," says Snake, "LAZER BARAGE!"

Before the Megaduce can get up, it becomes bombarded with every lazer on Big Soh. Then Snake grabs the head of the Megaduce, "Surrender now, or I'll blow off your head. Move, and I'll blow off your head. You cannot escape intact, so don't try any agility moves (The fingers of Big Soh sink into the Megaduce's head, insuring that it won't move.) or your head will get ripped off. You're finished."

Texan Otaku 04-21-2004 01:38 PM
Dastun and the troops make it to west dome number 5. When they arrive they see two robots, possibly megaduces. One has the other on the ground with his hand actually going into the others head.

Dastun: "All right men, listen up! get into firing position but hold off
until I give the signal. If that one is trashed then we'll see
what the other does."

(if he takes out that other one, that'll just leave one for us to handle. Oterwise, we may have to deal with both at once. I don't know if we'll be able to handle two.)
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-21-2004 03:32 PM
" What the hell...? "

He can see the situation from a distance, but simply looks on aghast.

It takes only his communicator to break him out of his small state of bewilderment, however.

" Norman? "

The face of the butler appeared...

" Yes, Master Roger. The Big has been re-armed, as per instructed. HE's ready for use...and from what I believe, just in time too. "

the media had already arrived - Roger could see the cameras and news crews already peddling their stories and propeganda.

"Understood. Get him out here...pronto. "

Roger prepared...it was showtime, once again.

~To be continued.~

{ Big O, tomorrow. ^^ }
snakemarcato13 04-22-2004 07:54 AM
Snake looks up at what he heard. "Just the MPs." He said. When he looked up, his hand slipped, allowing the other Megaduce to escape. "Damn. Oh well, it's not a problem. I want that black megaduce to show."


(Battle extended)
Xel 04-22-2004 03:18 PM
Sorry it's been so long... ~.~


Alan paid no mind to the crashes and rumbling in the city outside. His eyes-- or rather his gaze, because he had no eyes to speak of-- were instead locked on the group in front of him. Sighting the demure-looking young woman almost hiding from view, he smiled cordially, removed his hat, and offered her a bow.

"Good afternoon, madam. Who might you be, to associate with the likes of this party?"

And then the door opened behind him, and the mere sound of the newcomer's footsteps rang familiar in his ears. He grinned perversely at Angel. "And Roger Smith as well."

He bided his time, stepping very deliberately between Angel and the yet-nameless woman beside her and ordering a straight shot of whiskey from the bartender, who seemed amusingly disconcerted by the commotion outside. He threw it back dispassionately and turned around. It was hardly spectacular-- there were things in this world far more wondrous than alcohol, he knew-- but it was really just to give his hands something to do... It would be rather unbecoming to make a lunge for Roger Smith in public, after all.

But when he looked to the corner of the bar, his smile faltered a tiny bit. Roger Smith was gone, and in his place was a somewhat unremarkable old man. He cocked his head at him thoughtfully, though, trying to process just what it was about him that rang false in his mind...
snakemarcato13 04-23-2004 08:03 AM
(Sorry, Big Finale. I'm making a move for you.)

When the enemy Megaduce escaped the grip of Snake, it jumped off of the back of Big Soh, sending it face-first into the ground. "Alright, now you are annoying me, enemy Megaduce." The blood from his mouth was flowing more. ("i'll have to find a way to cover that up. i hope they don't notice." He thought.)

Big Soh got back on his feet, biding his time, waiting for "the black Megaduce"-- the brother unit to Big Soh.
Schwarzwald 04-25-2004 04:47 PM
"What is going on in this city? That just can't be roger smith... His apperences are usually in and out... what is going on?"

Fredrick looks and listens for Big O or for that other enemy Megadeus to get up. Then he sees Dauston's platoon at the other end of the "battlefield."

"Well at least we may be able to try to damage it and keep the area controled."

Fredrick than got a message from an outside sorce in his head. It was from Paradigm-Co

We have a new assingment for you Fredrick... please report to us as soon as you can. For now see if you can determine the identity of the piolets of the Black and Red Megadeus.

It was quite obvious who a suspect was. But to be sure Fredrick had to stick around and wait to see if the piolet exited the Megadeus. And see if Roger Smith shows up.
snakemarcato13 04-26-2004 07:58 AM
"Hmmm. It is your move," Snake says to the enemy Megaduce, "but I am tired of waiting."

Just then, the enemy Megaduce (Snake does not know what it's name is) starts running at it. "CHEST BARAGE!!!" Snake says. The chest opens up to reveal many numbers of lazers. "FIRE!!!" Snake says once the chest cavity is opened. All of the lazers fire, knocking the enemy Megaduce on it's back.

"Have you had enough yet, or should I finish you off? I grow tired of biding my time. You have interrupted my conversations at the bar, and the sooner I return, the better. I just have to stop this blood and keep my sunglasses on to hide my left eye, which isn't opening all of the way. If the black megaduce doesn't show soon, I will finish you off myself so I may return to my conversation."

The enemy megaduce charges again after getting up. "What's this? You want more? Fine. LAZERPUNCH!!!!"

Big Soh brings it's arm back and a number of wrist lazers appear and start spinning (insert whirring noise). Snake's Megaduce throws its fist forward firing the lazers, knocking down the enemy Megaduce again as well as taking a piece of head and shoulder with it. "You must want to be destroyed. I was hoping the black megaduce would show, but I have become impatient."

The enemy Megaduce is approx. 700 yards from Big Soh, and Snake starts walking toward it. "I wanted the twin unit, Big-O I think it's called, to finish you off, but you bore me. If Big Soh's twin unit shows before I get to your head, then I won't finish you, Megaduce. He will. 600 yards to go, not much time."
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-26-2004 08:08 AM
Roger Smith kept an eye on the radar of the communicator, ever impatient to get this show on the road.

A small while later, The ground shook as the 'Big O' Megadeus emerged from an increasingly growing hole in the ground, caused as the massive robot crashed his way through the surface.

Roger spent no time in waiting - shooting up and using the grappeling hook projectile he always wore on his wrist, Roger made his way to the cockpit almost as quickly as the Big had arrived. Within an instant, Roger was at the helm...

Cast in the name of good...ye not guilty.

The display showed the now familiar phrase, as Roger strapped himself in and grabbed ahold of the controls.

" So...you guys wanna play, eh? " He muttered. " Then let's lay down a few ground rules first... "

Big O stomped it's way over to the location of the battle with speed.

The time for watching, it seemed, was over...

snakemarcato13 04-26-2004 09:52 AM
Snake stopped walking, "The brother unit." He said. Big-O looked exactly like Big Soh except for the color.

Snake wanted to talk to the unit, and its pilot: "You, Big-O and your pilot. I am your ally, not your enemy. I have no intention of attacking you, just stopping this Megaduce. I was just about to finish it off, but you showed up. Do you want to do it, should I, or should we do it together? I am glad to see you finally showed up."
Texan Otaku 04-26-2004 01:53 PM
Dastun is taken off balance upon a shimmer in the ground and then the black Megaduce rose from the ground and began to move to the action of the other robots.

Dastun: "Great, now three. I hope that this doesn't get any worse.
snakemarcato13 04-26-2004 02:20 PM
"Big-O," Snake said, "I am sorry if I ruin your fun, but I have something that I want to get back to. The time has come to end this."

Snake walks over to the nearly-destroyed Megaduce and once again grabs the head. "LAZERPUNCH!!!" He says, and the head of the enemy unit becomes engulfed in a lazer blast. "If there is anything left, it is for the brother unit. Time for me to leave and return to the bar."

A roaring sound erupts and Big Soh jumps and leaves the area.


Snake makes sure that no one is around before exiting the Megaduce. "Hmmmm. Back to the bar."

After while, Snake's Griffion pulls up in front of the Speakeasy, and Snake walks in. He sees 'Isalai' on some chairs and Angel next to her. "What happened to her, Angel?" He asks. He forgot about the blood that was coming out of his mouth, and he didn't care. He had more information on the brother unit, and he placed most of his memories together. If he met the pilot, Snake might even find out more.

Snake looked around and noticed that "Roger Smith" wasn't here. "could he be the pilot?" he thought...
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-27-2004 07:46 AM
Roger Smith, after finsihing up the 'business' left to him by the other mystery combatant, had disembarked from Big O...making sure to get it back to the underground transport tunnels before leaving the scene.

It had been a fair spectacle, and the fact that Roger had seen the look of concern on Dastuns face made him aware that the megadeuce situation was growing evermore dangerous.

After all, the sheer amount of collateral damage that any number of Big's produced during any battle was enough to fund several third-world charities for years.

Slipping the shades on, he figured on heading back to the car...but not before he had a brief chat to Norman over the communicator.

" Norman - did you get all that? " Roger said calmly.

" Ineed I did, sir...it appears as though you may have an ally... "

Roger frowned. " Or a rival in the making. Did you record the scene? "

" It's all ready and waiting for you, as is the Roast I told you I was to make yesterday but was unable to. Again I DO apologise for... "

Roger waved it off with a slight smile. " Never mind the roast...I'll eat it when I get in. "

He looks up from the watch, and looked over to the car briefly...

" I intend on going to the Speakeasy before I get back. I saw Miss Angel there earlier, but never got the chance to get anything from her. She has enough connections in Paradigm to have some idea of this second Big...I'm interested enough to want to find this pilot. There are some questions I'd like to ask of him. "

Norman nodded slightly. " I'll put the pork roast in the oven then. Try not to be too late back - Meat is such a difficult thing to get right when one does not know the time you get in ALL the time. Good luck, sir... "

The screen blanked out, and Roger took out his keys from the jacket pocket.

As he said - if Angel was still present, she might be of some use after all...

snakemarcato13 04-27-2004 08:07 AM
Snake waits for Roger, still bleeding slightly from his mouth. Seeing that Angel is okay and 'Isalai' will be okay seems to have improved his mood. "you always were a sucker for women..." He thought. After that, he went to get a drink. "Bartender, I need my usual drink. The one I was having earlier."
The bartender responds, "Here ya go. Do you need something to wipe that blood with?"
Snake: "No thanks. I'll be fine."

Snake hears the door open and sees Roger Smith walk in, apparently looking for someone. "maybe me." He thought.

Snake calls Roger over, "Excuse me. Roger Smith? Can we talk somewhere other than here?" Then more quietly, "It's about Big-O. Something tells me you are the pilot, and if that is the case, I have some interesting info about the twin unit, Big Soh. Your place perhaps? I noticed that you have a Griffion. You parked by mine earlier, the black one with the black interior. Anyone that owns a Griffion must have a nice place, except me, who is always on the move. That is, unless i can find a place here. And no, I don't work for anyone. My word is honest, you have the word of Snake Marcato..."
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-27-2004 08:44 AM
" Snake Marcoto? "

Roger looks over the man, and simply raises a small smile.

" Yes, indeed I am Roger Smith...and if your word means anything then I suppose that I can entrust you with mine. " He looks around, and spots Angel just behind Snake.

" I did come here to seek Angel, but I suppose my searching is over before it begins. " He comments. " My place it is - Would you rather come via my car, or do you prefer the sanctuary of your own vehicle? "

He lets the question hang in the air - still pondering over the intentions of this mystery pilot, Snake.

Roger had personally always believed that the only good 'snake' was a dead one...better that than having them crawl quietly in the grass and spy.

If this man *was* anything like his namesake, Roger would do his utmost to find out.
After all, in this town of secrets and lies - somebody was bound to try to make a fool out of you at some point.

So...Was this man really an honest ally, or a dishonest snake?

Roger thought it best to bite the bullet and try his luck...if only to find out more on this new Megadeus.