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~ Roger Smith ~ 04-17-2004 09:14 AM
Roger, who by now was up and dressed, was sat down at the dining table looking at the usual daily newspaper.

Sipping on the cooling cup of coffee that had been reliably made and delivered by Norman, as has been the case for as long as he can remember, He kept his eye open for something that might prove to be of interest for an expert negotiator such as himself.

Of course, it wasn't his ONLY source...but it made do for a first port of call.

He was days fresh off of his last case - a simple case that had taken only a few days to sort out.
For only 56 hours recorded work, it had paid well...but he considedred it more a lucky break than anything.

Usually, his cases would come to him - and he had a strange feeling deep in his gut that today would prove to be just such an example...

Tifaria 04-17-2004 02:48 PM
"My, you've certainly become quite the attraction today, haven't you?" Angel said, glancing at Snake. "Your insistence on knowing about Megadeus activity probably isn't helping any. So, I'll answer you frankly: Yes, of course there are Megadeuses here in Paradigm City. If you had simply read the newspaper, you would have known that." Angel tapped the abandoned newspaper again, running her finger along the headling that read "Black Megadeus victorious again in downtown Paradigm" and the subheading "Military Police upset at property damage, investigating incident".

She smirked. "But instead of investigating on your own, you've begun asking questions to anyone who will listen. That is why you're attracting so much attention." She paused and looked him up and down thoughtfully. "Those sunglasses and your eye color don't help, but they can be overlooked." She took a dainty sip from her drink. "So, I think it's time we started over. We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, so to speak." She extended her hand again. "I'm Angel, and this is Jason Beck. He's not all as bad as he seems. Mostly just gaudy." She ignored Beck's scowl, spoke in Emilia's direction now, "And you, I don't know what your problem is, but acting withdrawn and shy like that isn't going to help you either. In a place like this, you need to be assertive. You're only attracting attention by being nervous. All of underground Paradigm might know that you're here right now."

Angel brushed her hair back over her shoulder. "And with that said, I think we ought to help each other out. You two are here for your own purposes, maybe even from somewhere outside Paradigm, I don't know. Whatever it is, Jason and I help you find what you want, and you--" she pointed to Snake "-- tell us what you know about Megadeuses, and you--" she pointed to Emilia "tell us who you're running from and why."

Snake and Emilia seemed to be thinking this proposal over, uncertain as to whether they could really trust Angel and Beck. Angel didn't blame them. As they considered in silence, Angel turned to gaze at the patrons of the Speakeasy-- and found herself face to face with Alan Gabriel.

"Well, isn't this a surprise?" He chuckled a little in his throat, venturing to saunter a little closer. "Not just one canary here, but two!"

Angel growled in the back of her throat, slammed her drink onto the counter. "Alan...!" Her eyes narrowed as she regained her composure. "Master let his puppy off the leash for a while, I see." She gestured around the Speakeasy. "This place is quickly becoming quite the party, I see." She prayed inwardly that Roger Smith and his android wouldn't show up.

"Well that's a switch. Someone shows up not looking for me." Snake said, amused. Angel narrowed her eyes in Snake's direction as well. The whole situation was going downhill fast, and for once she wasn't sure what to do. She turned to look at Beck.

"Well, now what? This is all your fault for being late, you know."
Big Money 04-17-2004 03:28 PM
Beck, Jason, alias Beck Gold whispered the earpiece. Big Ear looked up, and recorded the conversation.

Then something unexpected happened.

Gabriel, Alan spoke his earpiece. Big Ear was alarmed (as much as an android can be) at the entrance of this man, and the apparant trouble that was brewing. He knew of Alan's delight in Android destruction, and did not know if he had been discovered by Paradigm... so he waited. A descrete cable retracted from Big Ears back, a cable that allowed him to communicate with his "sources." His joints tensed, ready to act at a moments notice...
Christina Perry 04-17-2004 04:12 PM
Dorothy walked into the bedroom and opened the door. "Roger," said Dorothy as she stared at Roger. He replyed,"Yeah." "I know you're into something?," Dorothy told to Roger. Roger sat down right beside her and talk about it. Dorothy said when he give Roger one earring, "Roger, this earring will give you a good luck." "A Good Luck, huh" he replyed as he put it on. "Norman will be so pleased."

Gummibear 04-17-2004 05:02 PM
Emilia braced she didn't know how the woman knew she was running. Had she made it too obivious? " Why no, don't be silly. I have nothing to run from, I'm just a normal girl looking for a job." She smiled nervously knowing that she did have a very big connection with the Paradigm Corporation, she was the daughter of one of the board of directors. She knew that this Angel person and Beck were most likely seaching for memories."I'm Isalai." Emilia was scared that Angel might have heard of Emilia Townsend's dissapearance, she knew that she was a target of people Paradigm refered to as memory seekers.
Schwarzwald 04-18-2004 07:34 AM
Walking closer to the speakeasy there were a few new characters that walked passed in a bit of fear. I wonder what could be the matter.

Although this matter was quickly solved as I turned the corner only to see Alan Gabrial. He had a record in the Paradigm Military Police, but it was quickly erased at order of Alex Rosewater. Now the records show... he shouldn't even exist.

We don't know why... and we don't know what he has done all this time, but whenever he is dressed up in red outside in Paradigm... there is really no good thing to see.


We have limited sorces. But many stories have gone around about him. This one... seems to be the most reasonable and likly.

He used to be a droid engineer, a normal man outside the domes. Although we don't know if he had a family or even if he had any close friends. Paradigm Co does not keep a firm cencus outside of the domes.

Yet Dauston still insists on protecting it. I fear one day that Alex may just break apart the military police. Not much happens inside the domes other than certain criminal cases. But there are enough specialists to handle those jobs.

Well... one day Alan... just snapped. We hear that one coustomer asked and asked agian for a certain droid to be fixed. But it couldn't Alan knew it was unrepairable but the coustomer wouldn't accept that. Apperently before he had no busness. No one was coming to his place for repairs. His work was slightly dodgy yet cheaper, but people more and more either lost thier droids to fate or just when they broke didn't bother for repairs. Probably saw it as a sign of his fate and how his life... might have not been what he dreamed...

Although that seems to be the fate of everyone outside the domes is it not? I have even seen androids... mad with regret. It... it is sad. I am just begining to understand these emotions. I just hope... I am not driven to that point.

Alan went on a spree. He destroied all the droids in his shop and went on a rampage to others. The military Police didn't take a long time to catch him. We found him hanging over a window cill with a droid squeezing one of his arms. Although only a month after in prison his was ordered to be taken in chains to a certain Paradigm Co. Weapons facility. And... here he is. I wonder what really happens behind the Military Police, inside Paradigm Co.

I decided to go inside. I pushed forward my hat coving my face a bit more and walked inside the doors to see... so many people all in one place.

Patricia Lovejoy... Jason Beck which now I a bit regret he was this easy to find... Alen Gabrial we already knew... the red eyed memory threat... and... one character that I have seen once before. Another worker for paradigm...Emilia Townshend ... 19...


Paradigm is all over this Forgetten city aren't they.

She...used to be an employee of paradigm... but... just suddenly left. Strange. Quite like that Micheal Seebach.

Micheal Seebach.

We don't need another ghost in this city.

I sit down near the back 2 tables away from Big Ear... watching. It be best not to interfear with so many IPs at once. All I can do is make a report.
Gummibear 04-18-2004 02:08 PM
"Alan Gabriel." Emilia felt a sharp spike stab itself through her. She didn't know how she had known that name. Paradigm? She knew he was trouble. It was like those dreams she got at night. She wasn't quite sure why but at night she kept seeing odd things, ever since her father had made her intern at Paradigm, odd dreams kept flooding back. She sipped her soda nonchalantly, trying to keep her cover. She was sure by the expression on Angel's face that her and Alan Gabriel knew eachother. Emilia didn't understand what sort of relation she could have with the people sitting at this bar. Why had she come on this day? At this moment? She only knew that she wasn't Emilia and that she was now a brunette named Isalai. She didn't know what she saw at Paradigm that made her run away but she knew it must have been awful.
snakemarcato13 04-19-2004 08:08 AM
Snake, started off looking at Angel, putting his sunglasses back on, and calming down, "I wouldn't say that we started off on the wrong foot, I just figured you out somewhat. Yes, I guess I did gather attention by my way of research, but it seems to get me somewhere. If nothing else, it causes me to meet people. The Megaduce info...." Snake thought about Big Soh, his Megaduce, "...most of it lies in my clouded memories. But there was the war, and I remember seeing them when I was still a Merc of Hell. I even...piloted one before it was destroyed." In fact, that Megaduce he piloted was Big Soh, which he still had. Luckily, Snake had learned to cover up his voice quite well, and he was undetectable to most humans.

Snake turned to 'Isalai' and whispered, "See? You're already getting better at this. Your voice was more steady on that intro." After that, Snake took another drink.
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-19-2004 11:27 AM
Roger grabs the keys to the car, and makes his way to the stairs...

" Dorothy - Stay here and tell Norman that I've gone to the Speakeasy when he gets back. " He says to the android. " Things have gotten so quiet around here that I'm feeling uneasy just sitting down and not doing anything. "

He knew that she probably wouldn't understand the reason, specifically...but he did know that she knew enough to let him get on with whatever he chose.

" I'll be back in an hour or so...but contact me if you need to. "

With that, he heads downstairs to the car...

It was time to get pro-active.

snakemarcato13 04-19-2004 12:44 PM
Snake sees the man with the newspaper constantly looking his way, and turns to Angel, "Angel, who is the man behind the newspaper? There's something I don't like about him. I can't put my finger on it yet, but I still don't like him." Snake looks at the man behind the newspaper, and lowers his sunglasses to make sure this man knows Snake sees him watching, "I watch too. You have just been busted." Snake mouths to the man. Then, Snake slides his sunglasses back over his red eyes.
Big Money 04-19-2004 03:24 PM
Big Ear doesn't flinch or even look away, for it isn't snake he's watching, its Alan...
The Big Finale 04-19-2004 06:51 PM
Alex finished his call, but before he could even drop the phone to the reciever, yet another idea struck him. He dialed again.


"What's the progress on 'it'."

"Oh, Mr. Rosewater! Um, well, the systems are ready, but--"

"Then activate it."

"Sir, the restraint programming and core memory overrides aren't installed yet..."

"I don't recall," Alex muttered, his voice frozen over with contempt, "giving you permission to question my authority." The man on the other side audibly gulped.

"V-very well, sir."


A gigantic explosion reverberated throughout the entire city from an area near West Dome Number Five, as an off-limits Paradigm research facility was decimated by a large group of missles. The shadowy figure of a megadeus pulled itself out of the smoke and flames, walking on a path only it knew.


Alex smiled as he watched the mysterious but familiar form of the giant robot, tracking it only by the trail of destruction it was leaving.

"Let's see you deal with that, Mr. Roger Smith."
Gummibear 04-19-2004 08:41 PM
"AGH!"Emilia shreked in pain. She felt her whole body vibrate violent as the windows of the Speakeasy cracked. She felt like she went deaf for a moment as she recieved visions in her head. "A swarm of them." She recited to herself over and over in her head. Everyone in the Speakeasy was alarmed. " West Dome number five." Emilia mummered as if she knew it was going to occur ahead of time." It's coming from west dome number five!" This time loud enough for all to hear. She didn't know what was happening but she was sure it had something to do with her memories." a big." she uttered before collasping all the while thinking " How do I know this?".
Schwarzwald 04-20-2004 05:40 AM
I heard a shaking outside... that mad the window patter
and I ran outside to see what was the matter

((Why it was dear ol' St. Nick on the roof top hohoho))

I have complied many phrases Superior Dauston might say in a situation like this... and I choose my favorite.

"Megadeuses.... why do keep coming?!"

In West Dome Number 5 there was a report of this anamoly. Yet another Megadeus. Why...why DID they keep coming? How many of them are there? This is mad. And the only thing we can do is wait for that Negociator. He seems to solve most of our problems although causes major amounts of contruction to ruin in 4 minutes. I had to get over there.

Just once... there has to me something we can do about these Megadeese without Roger Smith's Big O getting in the way and being just as bad as the opposing Megadeus.

I can admit there were some situations where it was better... but if only that blasted Paradigm Co. Would fund us more. We need proper weapons to handle these things. We have cannons on our tanks... but what else are we to use them for if they can't handle a Meagdeus.
snakemarcato13 04-20-2004 07:56 AM
"Megaduces..." Snake murmurs to himself. He quickly finishes his drink and says to everyone, "Please excuse me, I must be leaving for the time being."

Snake leaves the bar in his Griffion--the black-exterior-and black-interior-to-match one-- to an area away from everyone.

Snake takes off his sunglasses and speaks to his ring in a cool and calm voice, "Big Soh, time to play."

A black Megaduce with red scars falls from the sky and Snake boards it. "Pain lasts forever, and so will you. Live on, Mercenary of Hell" Shows up on the screen. The last part, 'Live on, Mercenary of Hell', stays on the screen and burns away. Once functional, Big Soh moves on top of West Dome Number Five and waits...
~ Roger Smith ~ 04-20-2004 09:57 AM
Roger stood by the door of his car, and slammed it shut.

He'd arrived at the Speakease, a forum for those whose minds could only be quitened by the hard kick of liquor to the back of the throat.
The atmosphere usually stank of rogues, thieves, and varmints - but for Roger, the place was a place of opportunity and intrigue.
Some of his best cases had come from this place, and also had some of the finest drinks to be found in all of Paradigm, although whether one could consider that a hard task, he wasn't sure...

Straight away, after he had entered the joint, Roger took the usual bottle held back for him...and made his way to the usual table.

His contact, as usual, there as always.

Not making any direct eye contact, Roger sat down, and simply spoke aloud.

" You got anything for me...? "

With that, he places the bottle on the table, and sighed...
He was gonna pay for missing a decent breakfast, and he knew it.

Tifaria 04-20-2004 11:24 AM
Angel sneered at the man behind the newspaper. "Big Ear," she muttered. "Informant for much of underground Paradigm, but mostly to Roger Smith." She felt a little lump in her stomach at the mention of Roger's name.

Big Ear seemed to be watching Alan, actually, now that she noticed. Alan's back was to him, though.

There was an unexpected thud outside, and Isalai suddenly cried out in pain before yelling, "It's coming from West Dome number five!" Then she collapsed to the floor.

"This is getting ridiculous!" Angel said, kneeling next to Isalai. She had just fainted, luckily. Snake was making his way out the door, hurriedly saying something about needing to leave for the time being. Angel's head was spinning. What was she going to do? She needed to follow Snake, but she couldn't very well leave Isalai on the floor of the Speakeasy. The girl had looked terrified when Alan showed up, and Angel didn't think Beck would take very good care of her. So she stayed put, to her own dismay.

She went to a table in the corner, pushed three chairs together, and laid Isalai across them. She didn't know where the girl had come from, and didn't know where to take her to.

Alan seemed to be watching her with amusement, but he said nothing. Neither did Beck, who looked a little dazed. Too many drinks, maybe.

And then, to Angel's horror, Roger Smith entered the Speakeasy. She felt simultaneously delighted and frightened. Roger didn't trust her as it was, and seeing her with the likes of Alan and Beck certainly wouldn't help.

She backed her chair as far into the corner as it would go, hoping the shadows would keep her concealed while she watched Roger and Big Ear's interaction.
snakemarcato13 04-20-2004 12:46 PM
Snake waits in his Megaduce watching carefully, learning their patterns. He had no idea if they were piloted or not, but by the looks of it, they weren't. Snake waits to see if the black Megaduce will show up, he wants to see it. "I need to see if it is the brother Megaduce." He says to himself. "Until then, I'll let those do what they want, and fully analyze them."
Texan Otaku 04-20-2004 01:49 PM
Colonel Dastun sits at his desk going over paperwork regarding recent incidents in Paradigm; damage reports from the last megadeus incident, the disappearence of Emilia Townsend, and the ever annoying decisions of Paradigm's head office. They only seem to care about the domes and never worry about what's outside the domes. Suddenly a private runs into the room

"Colonel Dastun!! There's a report of a huge robot in west dome number 5!!"


(who am I kidding? that black megadeus will probably show up, trash it and the area and run off again. Now half my men want to quit and Paradigm is probably thinking of dissolving us. Well to hell with them all. I will protect this city until the last man.)

Big Money 04-20-2004 02:35 PM
Roger sits next to Big Ear, apparantly unaware of the commotion in the dome...

" You got anything for me...? " He asks.

" There are rumors circulating of a man from outside Paradigm who entered the city not long ago.... A mercenary of Hell, whatever that means. It appears he may also have a connection with the megadeuses, although one can never be too sure. There are also reports of Paradigm Corporation recieving several suspicious items from the wastelands... Who was it, may I ask, who came to the conclusion that there is no one outside of paradigm city, Mr. Negotiator? "