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The Big Finale 04-06-2004 10:07 PM
Okay, to (hopefully) get the RPG going, I'm just doing a character introduction. Can't get started without something to build on.

(Pen, I'm really REALLY sorry if you'd rather I hadn't created a new thread, but I didn't think the Planning and Discussion thread should be used for the actual role-play)

Alex smirked as he stared out across Paradigm City, his city. The sunrise generated by the dome's technology was a real feat of engineering, he noted, although he'd noted it several times before. Even so, he remained amazed at the sheer brilliant flawlessness of the articial light as it gently played across the buildings below.

His phone rang, saving him from a debate with himself on whether or not it actually was flawless. Alex picked up, held it to his ear long enough to figure out who it was, and promptly hung back up.

"I'm not in the mood." he said to no one. "My megadeus is all that I care for." He began pacing back and forth, his brow wrinkling.
Alex's eyes narrowed, and he furiously slammed down a fist on his desk, a throbbing vein almost becoming visible on his forehead. He spun around, turning to face the only door in or out of the room.

~ Roger Smith ~ 04-07-2004 11:39 AM
In this city of amnesia, I find myself lost in a maze of restless thoughts and dreams...

No, not dreams - Nightmares. These supposed 'memories' that haunt me in my sleep and during the day are more like terrifying visions of...god knows what from whatever it was, forty years ago.

In that respect, I admit that it is mostly my work, and some other aspects that I needn't go into, that keeps me sane. The drive to wake up every morning and try to do what is right for the city, and myself in the process...

Roger is currently asleep in his bed, curtains drawn despite it's the early hours of the morning.

...Perhaps 8, or 8:30Am...

It is obvious from the tossing and turning that his mind is throwing mental visions of an unknown, yet apparently troubling, nature at him.

Sometime later, faint piano music can be heard drifting through his door - the music is that of the 'Moonlight Sonata'.

Roger stirs, opening one eye hesitantly...the music not loud enough to bother him as such, but moreso to trigger something in his mind. A brief sensation of calm...something that Roger was not overly familiar with having the last few days.

Norman would be here shortly, with the usual cup of Hot Coffee and Newspaper.
In the meantime, however, Roger sat up and listened to the music...allowing himself to relax, breifly, until the butler finally arrived...

snakemarcato13 04-07-2004 12:45 PM
The world is riddled with chaos, and the only remaining city is the city of amnesia, as far as the merc is concerned.

Snake Marcato travels long distances only to find himself in Paradigm City. "I've traveled too long, I don't even know how long I've been on this world. I do remember one thing: long ago I was once called the Mercenary of Hell, and everyone feared me." He says to himself. "Now I am just a wanderer with my megaduce: Big Soh. I wonder if I can find any work here."

This....entity....ghost even....takes a look around, and the "half-demon" dressed in black drives on down the road, only looking for somewhere to stay, and someone to trust.
The Big Finale 04-07-2004 12:46 PM
(Um, please post that you want to join and your character's bio in the Discussion and Planning thread halfway down the page, please.)
Xel 04-12-2004 02:48 PM
Sorry I didn't notice this before now. x.x I guess it got swallowed in all the confusion over the past couple days.


Alex's eyes narrowed, and he furiously slammed down a fist on his desk, a throbbing vein almost becoming visible on his forehead. He spun around, turning to face the only door in or out of the room.


But the answering voice came not from the door, but rather from the open balcony at the side of the room. He smiled a little, looking forward to whatever sense of surprise the act might evoke in the President's gut. It was the little things that got him through the day...

He offered a sweeping bow by way of apology and then approached the desk, metal hand poking out from behind his back to idly straighten a disheveled stack of papers before withdrawing and rejoining its twin. His tone was open, receptive, and obedient. In other words, Alan was good at suppressing his impulses, if the situation demanded it.

"Yes, sir?"

Really, he wanted nothing more than to go on a nice little alleyway hunt...
snakemarcato13 04-13-2004 08:11 AM
(We do have a roger, right? And a speakeasy?)

Snake sees a black car parked outside a bar called "Speakeasy" that isn't like the others. It is more....fancy, similar to his own car in that aspect. He parks behind the car and enters the bar.

Snake walks up to the bartender, "Can I get a drink?" He asks. As he waits, he looks around and sees the man that must own that black car. He is a man in a black suit, with black sunglasses. "I like the glasses, but I'm not too fond of suits." He says to himself. He gets his drink, and drinks, keeping an eye on that man in black, while at the same time feeling like that man in black is watching him.
The Big Finale 04-13-2004 10:57 AM
(We do have a Roger, yes, but one that is currently still at home. Read ~Roger Smith~'s post.)
snakemarcato13 04-13-2004 12:36 PM
(I need to read more. Luckily I never specified. Just implied. Wake up Roger!!)
snakemarcato13 04-14-2004 07:59 AM
Snake sits at the bar watching the people that watch him back. "Do they know me?" He asks himself. He doesn't know how far his name got spread, in fact, he doesn't even know much about himself at all.

After realizing his drink is empty, he looks at the bartender: "I have two questions. One, how much is this gonna cost? Two, can I get another?"
Tifaria 04-14-2004 01:00 PM
From her perch on a barstool, Angel carefully surveyed the patrons of the Speakeasy. The buffoon in yellow wasn't there yet, and her patience was running low waiting for him. In the meantime, however, a strange character talking to the bartender caught her eye. She noticed him watching everyone at the bar with a questioning, almost suspicious look. Really, she had been observing him since he entered the bar, but in a most discreet manner, so that he did not see her eyes follow him around the room.

Brushing her hair back over her shoulder, Angel slid off her barstool gracefully and approached the odd man. If Beck showed up, well, he'd just have to wait until she was finished. This odd man looked lonely, and like he knew something. A very alluring combination to Angel.

She stepped toward him gracefully and held out her hand. "Patricia Lovejoy. Pleasure to meet you."
snakemarcato13 04-14-2004 02:14 PM
Snake shakes her and with a reply: "Snake Marcato. Nice to meet you."

Though he was polite in his greeting, Snake never removed his sunglasses. He thought the red in his eyes might give away who he once was.

He speaks to the woman again: "What has happened to this place? They seem completely lost." He nods to the people around. "I fit in perfectly. I only know a few things about my past. Other than that, I'm lost too. I don't even know my age..." With that, Snake becomes silent, embarrassed at how pathetic he thinks he looks.
Schwarzwald 04-14-2004 07:51 PM
I was sent here to investigate a murder. Some say its a conpericy. But many of those rumors are wandering around in times like these. Often involving Paradigm Co. These murders have happened a few times before.

One with pets turning on thier masters.

One with people who have claimed there memories had revived were assinated.

And one with a false senetor who had memories stored in his data banks.

The body here was... different though. And a true motive found. We don't have any suspects. This was of a high class female citizen living inside the domes. Perhaps someone got jelious of thier wealth. But that has rarly happened. Especially with the security of the mansions in these domes.

This... if it is a person. Would have to have been quick. Or clever. Not just an average citizen. Although cases like this are common in other areas. Just the place where it happened is a bit rare... as well as... how the body has ended up.

The body... was in terrible shape. It was left douwned at the bottom of a fountain. Went we took it out everything seemed as if it was still living. There is a pulse. But a very slow one. And its mind is almost completely inactive.

There are no dreams, no thoughts going through it. Nothing but its bodily functions. It will soon eat itself from hunger. We have done as many tests as we could in the body but nothing has come up.

The scene is empty. There are a few broken articles. It shows the sign of some kind of stuggle.

The body was very beat up. But the fact its mind was inactive in such a way... is almost disturbing. Its like the essence of one... a soul has been taken out of it... if I recall correctly from Surperior Adams. There were marks on the throught, black bruses all over, and a blood scar on the waist.

The husband seems shocked by this. And claims to have seen nothing.

There was a daughter invovled too. Although... she has been missing for quite a while. These cases may be linked. Maybe this family is hiding more than we can see. Or maybe the person that 'murdered' the mother has the child.

Or the child is dead as well.

This is a strange case. Although it does seem to have its links. And it could be less than we thought.

The human mind has been studied to a lesser degree. As has such a thing as a soul. It could just be two families with a grundge. They could have created an android with such capable abilities as did the Memory assination case.

Paranormal cases are very rare from the memories we have uncovered and what has happened in these times. And this may not be one of them. Even the Eugene Case was quickly organized by Paradigm-Co.

Lets hope this is just a grundge attack. Many of the officers in the military police are thinking of quiting thier jobs. We don't want any more megadeese or maniacs terroizing out city... or people with regained memories.

I'm Detective R. Frederick ("Freddy") O'Reilly. Here in assistance for the Military Police of Paradigm.
snakemarcato13 04-15-2004 08:05 AM
"This woman who introduced herself as Patricia Lovejoy seems quite nice." Snake thinks. "She's growing on me." In fact, that was the case. He thought this woman was quite pretty, and the fact that she even spoke to him impressed him. Of course, most women that are pretty and nice grow on Snake. He knows that he should be cautious to trust anyone, but he ignores this and takes off his sunglasses. What is revealed are the things that people associated him with long ago: Where people usually had blue, green, or brown in their eyes, Snake had red. Also, there was a scar running downward on his face through his right eye that started one centimeter above and ended one centimeter below. It was a famous scar, he remembered, and he was lucky enough that he was not blinded in that eye.

He looks at "Patricia" again, "Ms. Lovejoy, are the rumors I heard about Megaduce activity in this city true?" Then in a quieter tone, "I didn't think there were that many left."
The Big Finale 04-15-2004 12:11 PM
"Ahh, Alan." Alex replied, completely nonplussed by the skinny cyborg's appearence. He distractedly ran a hand across his hair, as if to attempt to draw Alan's attention away from the fact that he'd lost his temper only seconds before.

"Alan, even though it's not your job to do as such... please, inform me of the progress towards the restoration of my megadeus." Alex turned his back, gazing once more above the city of Paradigm thoughtfully.

Even though the stick-like man hadn't noticed, the other had; Alan was fidgeting, if only but a impercivable amount. Alex had only noticed because he'd found it came in useful to figure out when people would rather be doing something else. Half the time, the "something else" they wanted to do was off him. He made a decision.

"And after that," he said, before Alan could even begin speaking, "feel free to have a day to do whatever you want." A smirk spread across Alex's face. "Anything at all."
Gummibear 04-15-2004 02:58 PM
Hey all! I introduced my character at the planning thread. I don't know if I'm supposed to post yet since I haven't been added to the character list so don't be mad k.
Emilia pushed the swinging doors of the Speak-Easy open holding a newspaper in her hand she was well equipt to apply for her first job. She was wearing a tan trenchcoat and a delicate lily hued dress with tan heels. She was a bit wet from the rain. Her floppy brown hair stick to her face as she appoached the bar. She'd never really been to an actual bar before the only acohol she had been exposed to was at her fathers parties were she was allowed to sip champagne. " ugh, what a dive." she thought as she slid onto a barstool.
Big Money 04-15-2004 04:37 PM
Big Ear sat in his usual place, near the back of the Speakeasy. He looked up from his newspaper, and glanced at the bar. There was a peculiar man speaking to someone he knew...

Marcato, Snake whispered his earpiece...

Snake's Face was recorded, and a file was placed in his memory.

This was strange... New files were recorded only when a new person entered the city. Typically, this happened at a birth, but only occasionally was an adult added.

Foreigner was added to the file.

A young woman entered the bar...

Townshend, Emilia, alias Isalai Tsai whispered his earpiece...

Snake's eyes glanced from Angel over to Big Ear, his red eyes gleaming... Big Ear looked back down at his newspaper.
Xel 04-15-2004 06:12 PM
He was initially a little disappointed at Alex's lack of response to his appearance, but then if at all possible, Alan's grin widened. But the trained eye could recognize its subtle change to a genuine-- if a little perverted-- expression of good humor.

"Big Fau," he cocked his head a little to the side, as if mulling the name over in his mind, "still needs more time. The technicians seemed to be having a bit of trouble reconfiguring the system...

"I don't see why they don't simply take a shortcut or two," he added, a small undercurrent of inexplicable glee in his voice.

He couldn't care less about this concept of "Dominus", honestly. Being the "rightful operator" of a megadeus... that was hardly predestination. That was only arrogance. If you wanted something, best to be honest with yourself and take it, wasn't it? It wasn't as though it mattered in the long run. All in good fun... right? And speaking of good fun...

"Why, thank you, sir." He really couldn't say the word with a straight face, no matter how he tried sometimes. There was a reason why he didn't opt to do it very often. But he was grateful-- he really was-- so he thought it was worth a try. Even though he probably would have gone and had some fun on his own anyhow, but that was beside the point. "If only the citizens of Paradigm City knew what luxuries the President affords his employees.

"If that's all, then...?"

Alan thought he might check out a bar or two... least of all for the alcohol.
Tifaria 04-15-2004 06:39 PM
Angel tried to mask her surpise when Snake's eyes were revealed, but she couldn't help raising her eyebrows. They were an abnormal shade of red, something she'd never seen in the eyes of anyone in Paradigm City. An odd person, certainly. His comments about his missing past and Megadeus activity had her intrigued.

Angel slid onto a barstool, legs crossed, and ordered a drink. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a brown-haired girl slide onto a barstool close to her and Snake. She made a note to keep a close eye on her, just in case. The girl didn't look like trouble. Yet.

Snake's eyes glanced across the room. Angel discreetly looked at what he saw, noting the older man in glasses, newspaper masking much of his face. She scowled. If Big Ear overheard their conversation, it would mean all of underground Paradigm would be in on her info.

Better hurry and get what she could out of Snake. Angel turned on her charm, her voice low and gentle as she spoke.

"Tell me, what did you mean by, 'They seem completely lost'? And what do you know of Megadeus activity?" Angel's chest thumped. This man must have memories, or know something about them, and he seemed eager to talk to someone. Angel relaxed a little. She might not even need to resort to the usual tactics in order to get him to tell her what he knew. Her mouth twitched, the hint of a smile showing at its corners. This Snake seemed like a nice enough guy. She almost felt bad that she was simply using him for his information. Almost.
snakemarcato13 04-15-2004 07:42 PM
Upon hearing these questions, Snake was hesitant to answer. He already figured that this woman was not who she said she was, and was not surprized when she eagerly asked these questions. He knew that she wanted something out of him, perhaps the vague memories he has, perhaps his Megaduce, Big Soh. He didn't know the details of what she was after, but one thing was certian, he was not going to tell her about his Megaduce, the black-with-red-scars Megaduce that noone had yet seen. The Megaduce that he used long ago as the Mercenary of Hell. He had to say something in response to these questions.

"About the people, look at them. They wander aimlessly. They carry on not knowing anything, not caring about what is happening. They don't even see the chaos in this world, the chaos..." He paused, "....that made my eyes like this. The ignorance makes me sick. As for the Megaduce, I have seen broken ones, pieced-up ones, and pictures of them while I was traveling..." Another pause, "...That's all."

Of course, that wasn't all, but this woman didn't know that. She may have grown on Snake, but he hasn't fully trusted anyone in...years. "How many years has it been?" He thinks to himself, then looks in a mirror, "I know I am older than that mirror shows, but how old am I?"

After this thought, Snake realizes his glass is again empty. He doesn't know if he should get another drink or not. He does know that even though this woman is lying to him, it's nice to have company-- especially after being alone for so long.
Gummibear 04-15-2004 08:41 PM
Before I start; Love your avvy Tifaria!^^

Emilia couldn't help peeking to her left she wanted to see the type of people she would be serving for a living. She was pleasantly surprised. They weren't the usaul bar-swine she had imagined. In one stool was a beautiful, tall, blonde woman. Dressed in the finest clothes and simply dripping with elegance. Emilia hoped nobody noticed it was really her. Ever since she ran away from home her parents have been posting rewards for her retrival. Emilia feared they'd hire Roger Smith. He was the best in the business. Hopefully her change in appearance would lead them off. They was a rather stout red-eyed man. To be honest his eyes scared her, she tried not to stare but his eyes gleamed. Emilia loved mysterious men but there was something about him she couldn't place. " What will it be?" a gruff bartender bartered. " Umm well do you have a menu or something?" a few people chuckled. " Little lady are you some kind of ditz?" The bartender picked on her a bit. " Don't you know who I am?!" Emilia slipped out of her guise. " Who?" "Um no one...hehe...I didn't come here to order a drink. Rather I saw in the paper you're looking for a waitress?"The bartender noticed her fine hands. "Any experiance?"
"Do you have to have experiance?" Emilia tried to convince him.
" Fine what's your name?"
"Isalai. Isalai is my name." Emilia smiled at her lie. It felt so good to be someone else instead of Emilia. However she felt so bad. She realized what a spoiled little brat she had been. She was glad she left.