Cowboy Bebop

Bismarck 03-28-2004 07:34 PM
Cowboy Bebop

Note: I got this from IGN, more specifically their PS2 section.

March 26, 2004 - Cowboy Bebop is one of the most renowned anime series around, especially in the United States. Its popularity is partly due to its airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, but its powerful story and endearing characters should receive the most credit. Set in 2071, Cowboy Bebop revolves around the lives of "cowboy" bounty hunters Spike and Jet. The two pursue outlaws, like drug dealers, hackers, and terrorists, across the solar system. In their travels the two fall in with a female bounty hunter Faye and hacker Ed. While most stories take place in the present, there are always underlying threads that tie to the two leads' shady pasts. The more you watch, the more you care about the characters -- right up to the climatic ending. The experience is tied together with superb art direction and musical score.

Since the series has so much going for it, it's no wonder that fans have been clamoring for a good Cowboy Bebop game. Hopefully, Bandai will answer their prayers with a PlayStation 2 title simply named Cowboy Bebop. Quietly announced at last year's Comic-Con, virtually nothing is known about the title. However, in a recent discussion with Bandai about its E3 2004 lineup, IGN learned a few things.
Cowboy Bebop is an action adventure title that will allow you to control Spike, Jet, or Faye. Players who use Spike will be privy to his full arsenal of Jeet Kune Do, while those playing as Jet will have access to his bull-dog fighting style. Whether Faye will have any special abilities is still unknown. Additional characters and gameplay modes can be unlocked, theoretically by capturing certain bounties. Yoko Kanno's jazz music is also featured.

It's unclear whether the game will follow the storyline of the anime or if the Cowboy Bebop game uses an original side story. Regardless, Bandai claims that the game will unravel mysteries in the Bebop storyline.

More details will have to wait until this year's E3, but anyone who is a fan of Cowboy Bebop should be excited for this game. With a lot to live up to, fans can only hope Bandai will deliver. Excited? Check out the first Cowboy Bebop trailer in our media pages.

So what do you guys think about this? I'm pretty excited but I hope that they don't tarnish the franchise with a crappy video game. Well, I've got my fingers crossed on this one.

Edit: Lol thanks for correcting me, damn I'm tired...
Wingnut 03-28-2004 07:38 PM
Well at least the music tracks will be good if nothing else. Also you might want to change the spelling error on the topic title. It's Bebop not Bepop.
Manji 03-28-2004 07:41 PM

I've heard this before, in fact its been talked about already in the Anime News Thread.

Have you watched the trailor yet?

How many times have I edited this post? Big Grin
The Big Ian 03-28-2004 08:49 PM
ME WANT! ME WANT! Drooling

As long as one of the unlockables is the ability to play as Ed + Ein, I'll be happy as a clam tied to a penguin.
Stampede 03-28-2004 09:14 PM
Hate to dampen everyone's expectations, but one of Bandai's in-house developers, the same ones who made the god-awful Lupin III game, are apparently taking part in making this game.

Not that I don't hope it will rock. But I'm not letting my hopes get too far up. I'm sure it won't be the worst game I've ever played. We video gamers have spent $50 on E.T. or Quest 64 or Deadly Towers or hundreds of other games so bad they made us fear electricity.
R.Smith 03-28-2004 10:25 PM
Watched the trailer, looks good. Now, all i hope for is that they do this anime justice Big Grin
AndroidZeroX 03-30-2004 07:01 AM
Lupin III game wasnt that bad, i was pretty bad, but tolerable. I heard that the Bebop gam is gonna be an RPG, and kind of like the final fantasys with the airships.
Sephiroth 03-31-2004 08:27 AM
I want that game so much! It and the new gundam game! I hope you can play as ed! That would rock!.....and roll!.....all night long!
Travis Bickle 03-31-2004 08:30 AM

I ask you all this"

Sephiroth 03-31-2004 08:31 AM
Sometime this year. Thats all i know.
AndroidZeroX 03-31-2004 10:13 AM
Yeah, it is supposed to be an RPG. I was hoping that it would be made by Square, but it wont, it will be made by some other. Company, i dont think that it will be that bad a game, I am think like a 7 out of 10 game.
Xeon Negotiator 06-23-2004 04:39 PM
Anyone want some screenshots? Go here ->Cowboy Bebop Screenshots.
R.Smith 06-23-2004 08:18 PM
Originally posted by Xeon Negotiator
Anyone want some screenshots? Go here ->Cowboy Bebop Screenshots.

Hm is it just me or can you see straight through Ed's shirt?

Anyways, game looks....alright. Frown
AndroidZeroX 09-17-2004 01:47 PM
Im quite disapointed. i was hoping for an rog, but instead i got some stupid fighting game. hopefully they will elarn form there mistakes.
JAYCZero 09-18-2004 11:03 AM
Originally posted by R.Smith
Originally posted by Xeon Negotiator
Anyone want some screenshots? Go here ->Cowboy Bebop Screenshots.

Hm is it just me or can you see straight through Ed's shirt?

Anyways, game looks....alright. Frown

LMAO!!!OH Man ! LOL You Bad R.Smith ! You Bad !Laughing
Man and from the Picture she either look like she got stoned
with Shaggy and Scooby doo or she had a terrible hangover.

But yeah it seems to be a nice game , It's Cell Shaded
but it could've atleast use a little more detailing on the
environment and Characters like for example Jet Set Radio Future.
Sharpshooter005 09-20-2004 12:03 AM
Hm is it just me or can you see straight through Ed's shirt?

Thats horrifying.

Then again, I..never really could stand the Ed character. Theres funny random, and theres "random because we can market it".

Game looks interesting, but I'm reserving judgement. For all we know, this could die out, or never make it here. (And I'm not the type to open up a playstation 2 and mod it, knowing me I'd somehow fry it)
Big Kill 10-05-2004 08:45 AM
haven't played it, but I've heard good things and i'd like to
AndroidZeroX 10-06-2004 06:21 AM
its a stench fighting game, cowboy bebop is one if my favorite animes of all time, but the game is still a waste because it is just a crappy fighting game. If u want a good fighting game, go for Dead or Alive Ulitimate if u have xbox.
I would wait about a year or so for a quality rpg of cowboy bebop to come out.
StevieV019 10-06-2004 09:41 AM
I heard that it wasnt a fighting game...

I heard there were fighting elements (like Streets of Rage or The Bouncer) in a side scrolling action fighter...but that it wasnt like Dead or Alive (one on one fighting matches). Mind you, I havent seen Dead or Alive I could be mistaken about the dynamics of the game...
AndroidZeroX 10-11-2004 09:26 AM
no i checked gamespot and in one of the recnet issues of EGM, it stated that it was strictly a fighting game, i hope im wrong and ur right, but thats what i read that it was gonna be something like dragonball Z budokai with like a story mode that u just go form fight to fight, but i doubt it will be like streets of rage or the bouncer.