Cowboy Bebop

Document Oosha 10-11-2004 11:49 AM
What with the screenshots showing guns, multiple enemies, and destructible scenery, I'd say it looks more like Oni or something than a simple fighting game. The environments don't look particularly confined.

The anime had reasonable amounts of blood when people got shot/slashed/stabbed. On the other hand, they might have to exaggerate it to be visible from a video-game perspective. Hopefully they'll come up with something that doesn't look stupid.
StevieV019 10-12-2004 04:06 PM
sounds that way to me too...
Green_Bird 06-23-2005 03:16 PM
The Japanese site appears to be updated... it also lists some new, game only, characters. There are also two more character pages that haven't been released yet, so theres probably more characters to come.

In other news American site hasn't been updated in a while though it still says "coming in '05." Although ANN has it's release in the states sometime in October.

But anyway the screen shots on the Japanese sites look like its going to be an action game....not just fighting. the unleleashed/VG music is on Tank! The! Best! They're good songs really. Also, Tank! The! Best! will most likely be released in the states sometime in July (I found a listing for it on Barns & Noble) it will also be the first Bebop soundtrack released here...But don't take my word for it because they had a listing for WR OST 2 last year and that was quicly taken off Oh Well ....

I just wanted to give some updates....because I thought some of you might be interested....

(And you think that you can see through Ed's shirt there, does anyone remember the first manga series, A.K.A Shooting Star, her shirt was compleatly see through....and I think she was a boy in that one....or they just never found out she was a girl or something or it was translated wrong....)
R.Smith 03-11-2006 11:43 PM
US version is dropped
From: Prospecture | Posted: 2/2/2006 9:32:27 PM | Message Detail
I emailed namco customer service and got this reply:
Thank you for contacting Namco Bandai's Customer Support Department.

We currently do not have any information regarding the release date of Cowboy Bebop. Please visit our website,, for any future updates.

Please feel free to contact us again in the future as the need arises.

Brian E.
Customer Support Representative
Phone Number 408-235-2222
Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
4555 Great America Parkway, Suite 201
Santa Clara, CA, 95054

Also, has dropped it from it's website. So, I think it is safe to say that the US version has been dropped. Anybody have to contradict this? Please?

Not to mention it's gone from the the Bandai website.

I've heard that even with a year to rework it, the Japanese one wasn't that great though. :/

If it's any consolation the PS2 SamCha game should be out next month.
Sharpshooter005 03-12-2006 12:05 AM

Or as I like to call it "ghost in the shell: the game (but really not)"

I mean...tell me this isn't basically a ripoff of the major.

Hell I'm pretty sure she was partially cybernetic even.

Speaking of was the actual ghost in the shell ps2 game? any good?
Travis Bickle 03-12-2006 12:16 AM
I have never played a decent game based on an anime title (unless you count Pokemon or something, back in the day). All recent Ghost in the Shell titles and the Cowboy Bebop game included.