Haunting pictures of Chernobyl

Pygmalion 03-27-2004 10:29 PM
The ambient radiation level around Chernobyl has gone down enough since 1986 that one can visit the nearby ghost cities. Don't forget your radiation meter and a full tank of gas; you don't want to stay too long. Here's the website of a woman who has travelled through there on her motorcycle.

BigPrime 03-27-2004 10:33 PM
I saw that site posted on another messageboard I frequent not all that long ago. Haunting is indeed the right word.
Zopwx2 03-27-2004 10:42 PM

interesting indeed. I heard children are still being born today with deformites caused by chernobyl radiation.
Kittie heavenly6 03-27-2004 11:04 PM
Crazy man... I don't care how long it's been, you'll never catch me there.
Zola 03-27-2004 11:13 PM
unbelievable. That is just... 600-900 years before the really bad stuff is gone, eh? I wonder if any of those buildings will be left?
evanASF27 03-27-2004 11:14 PM
Originally posted by GK Version 1
Crazy man... I don't care how long it's been, you'll never catch me there.

Trotsky 03-27-2004 11:15 PM
hear's a question for the sience nutz, if the half life is so long, then wouldent the soin underneeth become infected, then the soil under that, then the soil under that?

i dont know the answer, help me sience people!
Patsai 03-27-2004 11:37 PM
Man, if it was bad enough with those pictures, imagine what it'd be like after nightfall! *shivers*
re-animate 03-28-2004 01:00 AM
ive alwasys wanted to check that place out.....

"Roan! turn off the lights!"

"they are off....."
Prons 03-28-2004 02:17 AM
Wasnt that in Ukraine or something when a atomic plant exploded and thousands of people were radiated to death? Man Radiation is odd, most things seem like they were just left there.
pen1300 03-28-2004 08:15 AM
Wow...these are very...haunting.

I find them VERY interesting to look at. I don't know the whole story behind the plant, just that it was an accident that made people question nuclear power.

All I can say is wow. (I find weird stuff like this cool.) I'd like to check out the abandoned places, but I would be too worried about the raditation.

Thanks for sharing!

Wingnut 03-28-2004 08:33 AM
Not really all that disturbing, interesting in fact Pleased , until she got to the kindergarten rooms. Shocked Crying
Lynnet 03-28-2004 08:34 AM
Originally posted by Prons
Wasnt that in Ukraine or something when a atomic plant exploded and thousands of people were radiated to death? Man Radiation is odd, most things seem like they were just left there.


Some idiots at the plant removed every single safety system during a routine repair...and then ran the plant to see what would happen. (exactly who the idiot was is still argued...no one wants to say it was from their department.) They happened to use a self-fueling reaction...so it got hotter and hotter when left on its own. (American plants naturally eat themselves to death, so they cool down when left on their own. It's less efficient, but worth it when you look at the worst case?

It did explode, but thousands weren't killed. An entire town was evacuated really really fast, which is why it looks like a ghost town. Most of the people that did die were Russian soldiers who threw chemicals on the fire to try and stop it. They knew it was probably going to kill them, and did it anyway to try and save the town.

Likewise no deformed babies. The biggest problem afterward is thyroid disorders/cancer. And like a lot of toxins, younger and older people are more easily affected. What does suck is that ash from the explosion swept across Europe afterward, so that people had to dump crop/livestock even though they were miles from the explosion.

Fun fact, though...this plant was one of six on that site. They kept the others running afterward. They had to shuttle people in because no one would live in the town, but they did find people that would work there.
YZEtc 03-28-2004 09:47 AM
That's a brave, adventurous, Kawasaki ZX-11C-mounted young lady, there.

Everything looks so c-c-cold.
Redd 03-28-2004 06:26 PM

Like something out of a movie.
Tony Waynewrong 03-28-2004 06:30 PM
I remember seeing the whole Chernobyl incident unfold when I was a child. These pieces of photographic evidence should serve as a reminder of why we should develop and maintain strict safety regulations concerning health and operations. Oh well, we'll see what history has to say about this.
BabyGhia 03-29-2004 03:15 PM
Funny how my mom emailed this exact site to me this weekend. She saw it on her digital camera forum.

What can't be said about this? It's scary and interesting at the same time. I'm glad she is sharing her pictures of the area with people.

I think I'm out of words....

Sharpshooter005 03-29-2004 06:53 PM

Not that, but close.

Yeah, some friends and I were looking at this site in school before. Interesting stuff.
Piano Black 03-29-2004 07:14 PM
These pictures were very interesting and addicting to look at.
Darth Nat 03-29-2004 07:36 PM
Very haunting pictures. I don't think I would have enough courage to venture close to Chernobyl. Plus, I would be scared to death riding around abandoned places like that.