Screen Capture/Manga Image Requests

Almasy 03-22-2004 08:24 PM
Here is the place to request (or post in reply of a request) screen captures from Big O Season I & II!

You can also request images from the Big O manga in this thread; it is not restricted simply to screen capture requests.

--The Fallen Phoenix
Dork 03-22-2004 08:36 PM
Here's one of, uh, the archetype that R. Jesse requested. . .
Dork 03-22-2004 08:37 PM
And two. . .

again, this was a pretty good idea for a topic. I hope people don't feel bad about requesting. I love showing off my caps. . . Sweatdrop
Tickle Tickle 03-22-2004 09:18 PM
This is a strange request, but can someone take a screen cap of any Eugene scene from Adult Swim?

Like take a screen of him with the '[adult swim]' logo at the bottom?

I don't care what scene it is, Although I'd prefer the 'Where's my Kitty' scene. If anyone can take this screen, I'd love ya forever! Wink
Green_Bird 03-22-2004 11:38 PM
How about the picture from act 15 where they are walking through the Wayneright Mansion and they show a broken picture of the real dorothy(it is dorothy right?).....I know it just a background thing....but could you....Because I really didn't get a good look at it.
Dork 03-23-2004 12:13 AM
Here you go, Big Venus...

Hmm, at least I hope this is the right one.

Alright, let's try agian. . .
YoruameBaroness 03-23-2004 11:48 AM
If it's not too much trouble, could I request a shot of where Roger picked up Dorothy and you see their entire bodies, not just their faces?

Danke Sie.

Edit: I think it was Act 20.
Dork 03-23-2004 04:22 PM
I thought it was really weird that I couldn't find that one on any site, YoruameBaroness. Give me a sec. There's like three different good shots of that one so I'm going to have to go into my account on hp to upload them.

Cudailike, do you want any words on the avatar? Like your name or the name of the megadeus or something?


Alright got 'em

Roger talking to Dastun

At an interesting angle

And dorothy with Roger's watch

lalalala. . .

when I get the DVD I'll post some clearer pics Big Grin

Almasy 03-23-2004 04:27 PM
NOTE: Cudailike, if you want to request avatars, this thread is not the place to do so. Cudailike and Dork, please direct all your avatar requests/replies to this thread, and discontinue your conversation about avatars here. Thanks.
Jane 03-23-2004 04:38 PM
How about a screen of Dorothy walking past the Nightengale in the Wainwright mansion?
Piano Black 03-23-2004 04:44 PM
Dork 03-23-2004 04:50 PM
That's odd. . . the nighingale's key it in it's cage. I thought Roger gave that back to Dr. Wayneright. Interesting. . .
Piano Black 03-23-2004 05:15 PM
Originally posted by Dork
That's odd. . . the nighingale's key it in it's cage. I thought Roger gave that back to Dr. Wayneright. Interesting. . .

Maybe there was more than one?
TrueDominus 03-23-2004 09:36 PM
I'm looking for the pic of Alex in Big Fau when he has his arms crossed and you can see the cross where the core memories are. I just think that's cool looking
Zaster 03-23-2004 09:41 PM
Anyone have a screen cap of Dorothy plugged into Big 'O' at the end of episode 26?
Doesn't seem to be in the image archive, and it was very cool.
TrueDominus 03-23-2004 10:02 PM
not the best quality BUT here you go

Dork 03-23-2004 10:02 PM
I never took one of Alex like that, I thought about it. If someone else doesn't show up with it by tommorrow afternoon I'll take it myself.

I'm sorry, Almasy, if I keep uploading these pics to my account I'm going to run out of space. I'm doing everything I can to push down the file size without screwing up the quality too much but I still feel bad about posting so much. Should I delete these after a day or so?

Sometime's I don't know which pose people want, so I kinda have to wing it. If everyone could be as specific as possible it would help some.

Dork 03-23-2004 10:03 PM
I got a somewhat crappy recording of this episode so the quality not as good as it usually is. . .

Dork 03-23-2004 10:04 PM
Zaster 03-24-2004 12:26 AM
Just want to say thanks guys. That shot with Dorothy seated behind Roger is classic. He looks absolutely thunder-struck, and she's completely unperturbed.

Dork -- I have some webspace that I'm not using. If I can help ease the burden of hosting these, please let me know.