[Question] Moderators

cqb101 06-19-2003 09:22 PM
Are you guys ever gonna need some moderators? If you need some I'm up to the job.
Krang 06-19-2003 10:05 PM
Right now, it's probably not necessary to add any moderators, but if the forums remain active and people start posting regularly, we might add some (and we'll keep you in mind).
cqb101 06-19-2003 10:14 PM
Ok, thanks.
Kittie heavenly6 06-19-2003 10:52 PM
Yeah, put me down too if ya ever need someone!

/me likes modding it's fun
cqb101 06-20-2003 07:58 AM
Yes, modding is fun...Especially on a forum that has over 1,000 members...There's always something to do!
opsnafu 06-20-2003 02:51 PM
Yeah same here. If you need another moderator give me a Whistle.
Kairi 07-30-2003 03:13 PM
Well, I think some Moderators would be useful about now. We have a lot more people since last this was discussed, and I'm starting to notice more spam and threads about the same topic over and over. Maybe just three Super Moderators, or one regular mod for each of the major discussion areas. Something like that.

Uh, I wouldn't mind helping.. you know me.. a little. And uh.. nevermind. Heh.
Manji 07-30-2003 03:16 PM
I don't know, there still may not be as much of a need for moderaters, but if they keep piling up, in a week or so we may need more Big Grin
Kairi 07-30-2003 03:19 PM
Well, if Krang and Shredder aren't on half of the day, that means half of the time nobody is monitoring the forums. I figure it'd be good to have some people who can durng the time they can't. That's all.
Manji 07-30-2003 03:21 PM
Yes, now I see your point, I guess I didn't relize that part Big Grin
Blue Crow 07-30-2003 03:42 PM
I suppose I could help if you needed my help.It probably wouldn't be much work.I have only seen a few multiple threads.Then again,this place is pretty small.Maybe Krang and Shredder are all we need as of now. Confused
pen1300 07-30-2003 09:16 PM
Hey, I'd like to be a moderator too, and so would about the majority of the members on this board.

Seriously, I'd like to try my hand at moderating, though.
Krang 07-30-2003 10:46 PM
Now that the forums are getting more members and posts, it might be a good idea to add some moderators. We're looking for people who visit the forums regularly, follow the rules, and are knowledgeable about the subject of the forum that they'll be moderating. If anyone meets these qualifications and is interested in being a moderator, post here and Shredder and I will decide who to add as moderators.
Aculeatus 07-30-2003 11:35 PM
I'm interested in becoming a moderator for the Big O section. I don't have too many posts yet, but I do check the forums a few times a day.
Blue Crow 07-30-2003 11:48 PM
If you wanna talk about being here often,talk to Manji.Crimony,that guy practically never leaves. Big Grin I'm here more often now,too.And I'd like to imagine my posts aren't spam (well,not counting the Lupin movie thread Big Grin ) So a moderator would be a cool thing.They don't need any more at the other forum I'm on,so let's do it. Smile I couldn't do the fan works section,though.I'm not big on those. Frown
Manji 07-31-2003 12:02 AM
If you wanna talk about being here often,talk to Manji.Crimony,that guy practically never leaves. I'm here more often now,too.And I'd like to imagine my posts aren't spam

Big Grin Becuase of who you are I'm not going to resent that Big Grin

And I'd like to imagine that my posts aren't spam as well Big Grin Exculding the Lupin thread, and a couple of posts at the bar, and those posts with the code inside Big Grin
Blue Crow 07-31-2003 12:11 AM
It wasn't meant to be insulting. Big Grin You are the highest ranking member of the forums,after all.At least you have something to show for your lack of a life Tongue (you know how much I like to kid,right? Big Grin ).And yes the Lupin thread was a huge spam-a-thon.And the Speakeasy,too.But isn't what the S.E. is all about? Big Grin
Manji 07-31-2003 12:18 AM
I have alot of time on my hands when schools out, I still go out and do stuff, but when I eat, work out, watch T.V. ,play video games, search the web, ect... I alwys have my laptop on the floor or table next to me Big Grin Its the highlight of owning a portable computer , and I have a network card for my house so anywere in or near my house I can acess the internet Big Grin Big Grin Anyway, I can't help but plead that theres a difference between spamming and talking mindlessly, the code posts were pure spam. But things like the Lupin thread and the bar, are just peeps having fun! Big Grin Those who get those confused are very wrong Big Grin
Blue Crow 07-31-2003 12:24 AM
I know.We all have hobbies,and some of ours are spending time on the computer.It was a joke,man! Big Grin I just wanted to see what you'd say if I said you were a loser. Big Grin I'm a kidder.Sorry if you took it the wrong way. Smile
Manji 07-31-2003 12:25 AM
You said I was a loser.............I'm shocked Big Grin I'm cracking up I didn't take it personally Big Grin