[Fan Art] one of the many faces of haruhara (non big o obviously)

re-animate 03-15-2004 12:23 AM
i have been working on a project called

'the many faces of haruhara haruku'

just shows how infactuated i am with this 'person' and the show FLCL

ill try to keep this updated

their mainly screen shots.

warning: i DO NOT sit their and copy line for line, i have a photographic memory so the show come out in my work. i hate people accusing me of sitting their with the paper under my drawing. the reason why they are not so scuffed up is because i redo the drawing 3 to 4 times. i like then neat and clean.

edit: er.....this is only big o fan stuff huh? well poo, if their is a more appropriate place for it....... if not, trash it. sorry everyone.

[Edit: No, this forum is not just for Big O fan works. Fan works for all anime are fine to post here, so this thread is in the right place. --Krang]

edit: ok, thanks krang
Manji 03-15-2004 12:47 AM
That's very good Roan, nice job, the picture looks very good! Keep it up!

Roan, can I contribute to your collection? I drew this the other night, I think I told a member or two about it. It matches the avatar I was using at the time.


Photocabin won't let me post it as a pic, so I had to make a link.
re-animate 03-15-2004 12:31 PM
wow, thats good manji!

i should take lessons from you man.....

well when i get back from my journy to the bowels of hell...... i mean phoenix.... ill post some more, i sould have a few more done.
Manji 03-15-2004 05:11 PM
Heh, thanks, I didn't know you were such an artist yourself Big Grin

Keep up the good work, and post anything new that youve done when you get back!
Pygmalion 03-15-2004 08:25 PM
Roan, I don't think you need lessons from anyone. That eye is wonderfully detailed, and Haruhana is very nicely done.

Manji, I must say that pose you drew Haruko in is quite suggestive. Entirely appropriate to the show!

Nice work, the two of you.

re-animate 03-29-2004 06:19 PM

i have finaly found toime to work on my project again!

i should be updating more regularly
Tifaria 03-30-2004 08:56 AM
Wow, you've captured her perfectly. Smile ) You even put the little 'speed lines' going across her hand in there! Very nice work.
Pygmalion 03-30-2004 09:38 AM
Originally posted by re-animate

i have finaly found time to work on my project again!

i should be updating more regularly

Nice picture, Roan. I like how you drew her covering the clutch lever (or is that a brake?) with two fingers. A nice attention to detail.

Tony Waynewrong 03-30-2004 09:42 AM
Cool! Good stuff.

Kudos. Smile
re-animate 03-30-2004 07:57 PM
Pygmalion it is indeed the clutch. she drives a vespa, and the clutch is on the left.
Manji 04-03-2004 12:20 PM
Nice one Roan, the wind effect turned out great!

I drew another one I figured someone might add to thier collection.

It's less... provocative than the last one... its also hard to even tell that its Haruko Big Grin


Keep up the good drawings Roan!
re-animate 04-12-2004 01:35 PM
wow, thats good manji!

i like how th eyes were captured.

looks like shes picking her nose in ep. 5

re-animate 04-27-2004 12:41 AM
well, ive kinda been working on it, so here are a few. [spread over multiple posts]

ive set a goal for 50 drawings. keep myself busy euh??
re-animate 04-27-2004 12:43 AM
Posting multiple posts within 30 seconds is not allow.

you forgot the 'ed'

re-animate 04-27-2004 12:43 AM
sorry krang!
re-animate 04-27-2004 12:44 AM
only one more
re-animate 04-27-2004 12:45 AM
ok, this is it

sorry again
Pygmalion 04-27-2004 01:18 AM
Wow, Roan! Five pictures posted in one night. You really have a handle on showing Haruko's personality. I think my two favorite ones are the one where she's aiming her guitar like a rifle and the one where she is sitting on the ground; the perspective of her boot coming straight toward the viewer is really neat. I also like the layout of the picture with one eye showing.

Thanks for sharing these pictures.

A Clockwork Tomato 04-27-2004 01:31 AM
Yowsa, Roan! Those are great.
R.Smith 04-27-2004 06:37 AM
Wow Roan, you've got a real nack for drawing Haruhara! If I had just found these on an image search, I'd think they were the real thing!