Animé timeline...

Green_Bird 03-01-2004 10:57 PM
Okay I got this idea from another board awhile back, I hope this wasn't posted here before. If so sorry, I did a search and nothing showed.

This is where you list your first animé that you ever saw, then the next one and the episode you saw, ETC. But try and keep them in order from first to now. here is mine....

1. Salior Moon

What I liked it when I was like 7....only saw a few episodes so I forgot which ones I did see. I didn't even know it was an animé then. What I thought Animé was like what my dad wached on Sci-fi which I think was like Ghost in the Shell or Akira something, some futureistic one. (they were on every saterday back like 95 or maybe you could tell me what they were.) well anyway my dad kept telling me that they were "Adult cartoons" and I wasn't alowed to wach them, that's why I never thought Sailor moon was an animé because I always thought that they were like only for adults not kids too.

2. Pokémon, Kangaskan Kid

After a long no animé thing I discovered pokémon when that got too kiddie for me I went to.....

3. Tenchi Muyo!, The Resurrection of Ryoko!

Yeah, I watched it when I was 10, and then again when I was 11 on adult swim and then they took it off! WHY!!!!! I also wached Tenchi Universe and Tyoko. I didn't like Tenchi In Tokyo's animation that much, but the story was good. but then While still waching Tenchi, I discovered.....

4. Outlaw Star, When the Hot Ice Melts

Well it was on after tenchi, so I wached it and fell in love with it.

5. Cowboy Bebop, Jaming with Edward, then Heavy Metal Queen, then a long bout of not waching it, then Astroid blues.

Yeah okay The first time I saw it I saw Jamming with Edward, that time I loved it! I wanted to see more! but then I saw Jupiter Jazz, pt 1, then I swore off it because it was too, well not Jamming with Edward...Come on I was 11! Then on the second run, I cought some of Heavy Mettal Queen, Loved the music played in the background, fell in love with the show again, then I saw Sympathy for the Devil, that was not my style, so I stopped waching it again. after along bout of not waching it, I was older now so I saw it from the beguining, then I fell in love with it, and now I liked it ever since.

6. Inuyasha, The Girl that overcame time and the boy who was just over come.

Yes I saw it when it debuted on AS. I liked it and then started waching it....that simple.

7. Trigun, The $$60,000,000,000 Dollar Man

Yeah....I like I mean I wached it fell in love with it and started waching it....come on this was like when I was like 13....So I didn't have a love hate thing going on....I liked that kind of animé now. And besides I think it was Kuroneko (That cat) that got me hooked....or maybe it was Vash looking like my friend....I don't know....

7. Ranma 1/2, Here's Ranma

I got the first box set for my 14th birthday, I read vol. 20 of the manga before I got it so my mom got it for me because she knew I liked it.

8. FLCL, Furi-Kuri

It was so demented I liked it!

9. The Animatrix
I liked it because it was a nice mix of animé styles with alternet stories of the Matrix, what more could you ask for? It also Made me want to see Ninja Scroll, which I still have yet to see!

10. Big O, Roger the Negotiator

I never really liked Mecha animé, because personaly all they were were copies of gundam. I still don't like them, But do you think I would be here if I didn't Like Big O? I liked it because it was diffrent and not a gundam clone!

11. Serial Experiments Lain, Weird

I got word that it was good, so I went and got the first DVD for only 20 bucks. I like it it's I was hooked.

12. Witch Hunter Robin, Replacement

I catch it now and again on AS, I just haven been waching it lattly because I have seen most of the episodes of the other animé that they play, so I keep forgeting that it is on!
re-animate 03-01-2004 11:06 PM
i was weird

08th ms team - gunadm/ i discoverd adult swim, the old people in the pool one....

pokemon!- yeah i was that 16 year old dude that played pokemon.....

a bunch of other gundam series - i dont remember most

neon genisis - classic......

big o - its debuet on adult swim

FLCL - adult swim premire

love hina - a friend bought me the dvd, it was great

witch hunter - swim......

yu yu yakasho (sp horrible, sorry) - thanks to a dude at my work, he was reading the magna, so i got the show

Kare Kano - sally told me about this one, the only anime she likes.

FLCL again - got the entire dvd set, and the magna is on the way!

FLCL is my favorite anime of all time, right befor big o, im sorry.

cowboy bebop, trigun, lupin etc. are scatterd all throught their.
Manji 03-01-2004 11:41 PM
My life of anime is long and disturbing so, get comfortable, this'll be a while...

-Ghost in the Shell, it was my first glimse at what anime was and could be, I think I was 7 at the time.
-Aeon Flux, my brother and I used to watch this show on MTV after Beavis and Butthead of course Big Grin
-Dragon Ball Z, when toonami's late night was brand spankin new, and the super late night saturdays still existed, they played Voltron and Stuff, that rocked!
-Gundam Wing, when it began airing on Toonami.
-Reboot was also quite popular at the time if you count that as anime.
-Blue Submarine 6, this is when I got my first look at one of my favorite animes, while it played as a friday movie on toonami for the first time.
-Tenchi Muyo, it used to play on both toonami, and the weekend version, the Rising Sun.
-Ronin Warriors, this show also played on toonami for a while, then it got stuck on the rising sun block.
-Outlaw Star began playing on Toonami's Midnight Run as they began calling it now.
-Sailor Moon started playing on toonami, either before or after Ronin Warriors or Outlaw Star
-Around this time, Big O started playing on toonami.
-Soon after, MS Gundam started airing on toonami.
-After that came Gundam 08th MS Team
-Zoids/ZERO started playing beside that.
-Then Adult Swim came into existance Big Grin
-It played 08th MS team, Gundam 0080, Yu-Yu-Hakusho, and pilot candidate...
-Inuyasha started playing
-So did Trigun
-And Bebop came too Big Grin
-I started watching the action channel, it played stuff like Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Vampire Hunter D, Queen Emeraldes, and Hellsing.
-I also found out that the Speed Channel, plays speed racer. Big Grin
-AS also started playing the newer shows, like Big O season 2, FLCL (one of my top 3 favs!), Reign, Blue Gender, Kikaider, Witch Hunter Robin, and Lupin III.
-I also really got into alot of Initial D and Boogiepop Phantom.
-Then I found a bunch of anime on Tech TV, but the only ones I really watched were Dual and Lain.

I think thats pretty up-to-date...
FittyYen 03-01-2004 11:59 PM
1- Dragon Ball, It was a long time ago and I forgot what episode it was. Also addin voltron! This has to be when i was 8.

2- DBZ, Watched it when it was on Fox at noon on Saturday. was 8

3- Sailor Moon, I think it was on UPN or something like that. Saw this Around the time i was 8.

4- Iria: Zeiram the Animation, My all time favorite anime. It was the anime to get me into anime. Caught it on Sci-Fi when they would show Anime for a week between 7-9 PM CST. That was when i first heard of Anime. This is when i was 9. During the summer.

5- Fatal Fury, It was on the next day after Iria. I thought it was the greatest week ever. age 9

6- Ren, the Green Legend? Forgot the title but it was bout some apacolyptic world with no water and alien beings acting like god. This was on Friday of that week. (if you havent noticed, that week was an important milestone in my life) age 9

7-Dominion Tank Police. Coolest anime i ever saw bout tanks. age 10
8- Project A-KO. I musta saw bout 3 different Project A-KOs. age 10
9-Vampire Hunter D. It was very cool but very edited age 10
10-The Venus Wars- I thought this was awesome when i saw it . age 10

11-Armitage III - age 10
12-Galaxy Expressway 999 - Very fond memories of this one.age11
13-Tenchi The Movie. I didnt know what it was when i first saw it, until my friend let me borrow his bro's Tecnhi tapes 3 years later! age 11

14-Robot Hunter....Something forgot the ending name of it was about some guy who took his dad's cyborg suit before the robots took over the world. age 11

15-Record of the Lodoss Wars- This has got to be the coolest D&D styled anime ever!!!@ !@!age 11

16-Akira- I didn't get most of it cuz i was bout 11 when i saw this.
17-Demon City- I think that was the name, i remember they would show scenes of it when they would show Saturday Anime during commercial breaks and then you would see a monster creep through a broken subway train. age 11

18- There are about 2 animes i forgot about but im putting in the same category becuase they were both in space and involved a crew and their spaceship. age 11

19- Pokemon!! Finally showed up to the US and i got addicted lol. THIS WAS WHEN THEY STOPPED SHOWING SATURDAY ANIME ON SCI-FI!! NOOOOOOO Age 12

20-Gundams, the next anime craze around my time appeared on Cartoon networks Toonami. age 13

21- Outlaw star! I remember they show this after gundam. One of the coolest animes. age 14

22-Cowboy Bebop! My friend introduced me to this one, loved it. age 14

23- Rurouni Kenshin! Same Friend introduced me to this one too. age

24- Yu Gi Oh! watched it for a bit to see what the craze was, also should add cardcaptor too, with digimon, fads that left me as quick as it came out of nowhere. age 14.

25- Trigun!! Very cool. age 15- Actually i first heard of Trigun in my EGM magazines.

26- Fushigi Yugi- This was actually when i was 13 , i remember watching some of my sis old tapes of it and actually was moved by it!! later i bought em on dvd when im now 15

27 Inuyasha- Bought the imported anime same time i bought Fushigi Yugi, This was the same time that Inuyasha started showing up on Adult Swim. age 15


29 BIG O- Didn't seem to catch on to it. Thoguht it looked stupid. But then i saw an episode and then got hook and here i am! age 15

30 WHR- Seems pretty good to me. Age 15

thats my history of anime experiences in a nutshell LOL


Forgot to put these in but Big Ups to Yu Yu Hakusho and Robotech!
Silv3rKnigh1 03-02-2004 12:31 AM
lol the question is what havent I watched over the years lol

Theres almost none i dont like
Khyron_Prime 03-02-2004 01:56 AM
I think that it would be pointless to list all of the anime serieses that I have seen, but when I look back in history, I recall my anime fandom in distinct sections of Megafandom and developments:

1) Robotech (1985)
This was the first anime series that I ever saw. It is also the best series from the eighties that is worth recalling as to why anime is so popular today. When this was on, 'anime' wasn't really a word in too many people's vocabulary.

2) Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z (1993)
This was my first modern discovery of anime. The vibrant colors, the fierce battles, the dramatic characters! Every Sunday morning, at a way-too-early-to-wake-up time, I would rush to the television to watch these shows in syndication.

3) Toonami (1996)
When I first saw Toonami, I was blown out of my mind; I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. "You mean I can watch Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z EVERY DAY!!!!!????"

4) The DVD Revolution (2000)
My first DVD ever was "Tenchi Muyo! In Love"--I bought it before I even had a DVD player. However, the fact that this movie was so good, and that I could hear both Japanese and English language tracks, made me long for more. Much, much more. Since then, too much money has been invested in anime DVDs. Crying

With those steps through history, a lifelong fan was born. Those small roots of seeing Robotech and not viewing it any differently; the early mornings to see a "different type of cartoon"; and then, when I could see it everyday on Cartoon Network; and then, when I could see anime any time that I wanted...The wonders of life, born and growing.

Negotiator Prime
StevieV019 03-02-2004 07:38 AM
Wow...this'll be a trip down memory we go:

If you consider Voltron anime, then that starts it all off for goes:

1. Voltron- Dont remember which episode, but saw it sometime when I was in 1st grade or something....

2. Akira - Saw this freaky movie (at the time) when I was younger...

3. Ghost in a Shell - Saw this movie a couple of years later...

3a. EDIT: Speed Racer - Saw this in high school when it was shown on MTV....had no clue it was considered anime at the time....

4. Vampire Hunter D - Saw this movie a little after that...

5. Gundam Wing - Saw this on Toonami, cannot tell you which episode it was that I saw...but the intro caught my eye and I started watching it...

6. The Big O - Electric City was the episode...thats what pulled me into Big O. Saw Legacy of Amadeus shortly after...and then never saw it again for a very long time...I was always trying to remember and figure out which anime it was...for the LONGEST time...til I saw it again, and then ran out and bought the dvds....

7. Outlaw Star - Actually saw this before Cowboy Bebop and thought it ruled...

8. Cowboy Bebop - Initially, I liked Outlaw Star 10 times better than Bebop...and after seeing an episode or two of Bebop, whenever I saw the intro and the white letters on black background saying "Cowboy Bebop" I would get disgusted and change the channel. The first episode I can remember seeing was "Heavy Metal Queen", saw that twice before seeing a new episode...which was "Waltz for Venus".Soon after, it grew on me, and I got turned off by Outlaw Star....til later...when I learned to appreciate both....

9. Dragonball Z - seen it from time to time, but a friend from college turned me onto it...and the rest...well, is history....

The timeline pretty much ends here, at this point, Im into it enough to have an interest to some extent....I watch whatever I want to watch now...whether its new, old, or looks cool...
Schwarzwald 03-02-2004 08:03 AM
Well... lets see if I can remember these correctly.

Dragon Ball Z I beleive was my first... either that or pokemon... at the time I wasn't even aware of anime.

Pokemon. ahh the memories that lasted for a while...of course I was still into Dragon Ball Z...
'Fun fact' Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are made in japan! W00t! I'm an o-tak-u!

Gundam Wing... This was probably one of the few Gundam Series that I really like...

Than along walked Digimon... I'd have to say the better of pokemon... and I watched that for quite a while until well... the concept of the 'everything is real'....

Actually this might have been before digimon...I'm not sure... but I first saw big o on toonami... oh how I loved it so. I liked the look of the city and the actual slow powerful movements of the megadeese.
I was stuck on that road for a while... seeing other anime but not really paying much attention.

I can't remember... I think around here I first saw Tenchi... and the many variations.. over time I became fed up with all of these versions... WHy can't they just pick one and go with it?!

Was it around this time the masterful Blue Sub 6 came about?

Than walked into bout Outlaw Star... it was ok... but as the series whent on it got much better... and I had a thing for Harry...even though I hated his name... and by thing I mean I liked the character itself Red Face ...

There were other things inbetween these mixes like Voltron(Both the 3D like version and the origonal)

Gah...quite a bit of time passed seeing reruns over and over agian...

Than I got to witness the early days of Adult swim...
Cowboy Bebop running in my head. Inuyasha sort of annoying... Gah... I still haven't seen the blasted first episode... Inuyasha is ok... nothing really agienst it... but quite a few of the episodes just seem boring to me...

Also YuYuhakusho I really liked. I found a great fighting rom of it and still like it to date...

I loved Mushroom Samba Pleased

And Lupin the 3rd was something to watch.

For while later those got tiresome because of nothing new...

Than came TechTV I beleive... I saw much of Crest of the stars.

Oh Crest of the Stars is those faded out anime that have great potencial but are never really noticed. Lafieal... the ahb... Jinto..... great characters..... banner of the stars only improves... and each giving you a funky feeling of saddness... great...

Serial Experiments lain
very interesting... nothing more needs to be said there...

More adult swim stuffs.... ehhh this point is pretty blank I guess...

ehh while later...I guess... I came across Betterman... that was interesting... funky... good though... but if you ever read the betterman thread you can see why its funky and interesting...

OH YEAH! Around this time I got my hands on Kazaa! I downloaded quite a bit of anime...previewing ranma... Lupin the 3rd movies...
but alas all of that time gone... damn you limited space... I deleted them... no use having them if you aren't going to watch them anymore.

Yeah alot of previewing... stuff like berserker...

Uhhh than I think more shows came to Adult swim.... I stopped watching it for a LONG time because of school... and well... I was surprised over the summer to see it had a new text look...

FLCL... friken crazy.

Yay Big O making a return....


hardly able to keep track of it all.... I should stop here before I take up too much space... no one would REALLY read this far anyway....or just skip to the bottom...
Randolph 03-02-2004 08:10 AM
Started when I was very small...

- Dragon Ball
Watched and liked it. Didn't know why, I just did. Then, as I grew a little older, and more desperate,

- Sailor Moon
I didn't even know the word Anime yet, in fact, I didn't learn that word until I was 13!! @#$% me, man.
Anyway, when I first saw sailor moon the animation was so unique that I became hooked. And I couldn't help but fall in love with Serena's idiotic pseudo-valley girl dialect. All them pretty anime girls.... Drooling

Started watching it on saturdays a few years later. Got into it, really inspired my artistic talents, and thusly began drawing @$$loads of worthless crap being blowed up, and blowed up REAL GOOD!!

Then there was time when there was no anime in my life, because most of what I watched was unavailable on TV and not knowing what any of this angelic art was I knew not where to look for more....

- Pokemon
Rejoice and celebrate! The latest anime entered my life. Yeah it seems so monster stupid now, but I enjoyed to pleasant family atmosphere, and I laughed my head off at James/Kojiro's girly accent.

And once again anime became inactive as I slowly but surely melted back into my old routine of waking up and spending 90% of my time drawing in MS Paint... no joke. And then came the next...

- Yu Gi Oh
After extreme boredom from three years of nothing, I switched on the TV at some odd afternoon hour and what shoild I catch but the very beginning of the very first Yu Gi Oh episode. Having heard much about this illustirious undertaking, I became hooked once more. For about a year I watched, and then fell once again out of the anime, for no more was to be had, what with the TV's 40-year-old antenna rusting into oblivion. And then, we got cable TV, and then came-- wait for it--

- Inuyasha
The first time I saw this I had the friggin breath kicked out of me by the sheer beauty of it. One of the early eps, Yura of the Hair. I saw a white-haired boy and a schoolgirl in a red kimono emerging from a well in the thick of the night, with strands of shining black hair entangled in the trees. I fell over and began palpitating like a drug addict.
Having had my first taste of Non-Kiddie anime, I quickly began watching the show every night it played, sometimes twice on their second running the same night.
Not knowing if I should trust what else was on AS, I was quite hesitant to look around, but then I found

- Blue Gender
Another Non-Kiddie anime that strangled me to death, also discovered on the same night as Inuyasha. My heart melted into pulpy goop watching this beautiful example of Japanese mastery, weak as it already was from Inuyasha. No, it wasn't that great, I just had never seen the 80%-uncut that everyone else was watching at that time....
After being enthralled with Blue Gender I began searching for more. I soon came across

- Big O
The first act I ever saw was Act 12, starting a few minutes into the show. Not knowing what Big O was at that time, I sat enthralled yet again, abosrbing the weirdness and genius of the classical noir gearworks-robot anime style. Soon I was obsessed yet again. Then, after Blue Gender that night, I stumbled across

- Reign
Amazed me with it's unique What If story style, fascinating art and music to die for. Of course, by that time I had begun getting ever-so-slightly choosy of my shows, having been inundated with so many new animes at once I became connesieur-ish overnight.
And after some time, Blue Gender dissappeared, and I was introduced to the

- Cowboy Bebop
Which I have loved ever since I first saw it. Somethin' 'bout that cool I-won't-pick-on-you-if-you-don't-pick-on-me quiet calmness that Spike presented that got me interested. I had heard of the Bebop before from some ad in a magazine concerning Adult Swim, and thusly got evern further involved. And soon enough, the people tired of Reign's skinny Greek men with huge lips and bare thighs, and who should steal the crown from Alexander other than

- Lupin III
I was dissappointed at first by the shows immensely oldschool and low-res art style, but I ultimately grew to like it just for the fact that it was so funny. But alas, Lupin could not hold out for long, as it was sacrificed once more, as the lineup was jumped forward by half an hour for all shows to make room for

- Witch Hunter Robin
Which I am currently watching and enjoying. A lot.
Shinng! I love that chimey sound that Robin makes with her fire magic!

Well, so far that's it, unless you count a brief bout with Yu Yu Hakusho and a short stint with DragonBall GT.
There ya go, my anime evolution in a nutshell.
C.R Foxhound 03-02-2004 09:40 AM


Early 90's-
1)Speed Racer

Of course, it would mmany years later before i realized that they were anime, i just thought they were cheaply animated series, how ignorant was I


1)Toonami(early years)
2(Adult swim)
3-Saumari X

Thats kinda it in a nutshell, i really hope when i get a job i can buy as much anime as i want
Hanyou 03-02-2004 10:00 AM
Oh man...I have such a short anime history.

1998: Pokemon obsession. I didn't even know what anime was, I didn't even like Pokemon, but everyone else was into it so I figured what the hell. I did love the game, so that kept me watching the show. Eventually, after about two months of watching the show, someone told me a little about anime.

Sept. 1999: My pal invited me to his house with another one of my pals. It was, I believe, a Friday. At twelve we watched Gundam Wing uncut and DBZ. I hated DBZ, but I loved Gundam Wing. I watched it on Toonami for awhile, but I still didn't get anime.

2003: My anime breaking point. First came The Animatrix, and I loved it. I got a wealth of information from their little documentary on anime.

Summer 2003: Rented Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis. Watched it five times in a five-day period. Became obsessed. Then I saw a picture of a Japanese schoolgirl riding a bike with a half-demon. I recognized it as anime but thought nothing of it. I watched Spirited Away in that same summer.

November 2003: Decided to record Inuyasha and Big O. I had caught them both two days earlier and didn't think too much of either one (in fact, I laughed like hell at the Big O theme song: "Big O...Bigobigobig O!!!" with its spinning Gryphons and Rogers.) I stuck with them for a few days though I hated the Inuyasha Noh mask episode and Daemonseed. But I stuck it out and started to like both of them.
Mike 03-02-2004 10:38 AM
early 90s: Transformers.

middle, later 90s: Sci-Fi used to play anime movies a lot on Sundays and in the summer. I remember seeing Zeiram, which was cool, Galaxy Express 999, which was really confusing, so was Akira, and Armitage III, which pwned.

I used to watch DBZ in syndication on Sunday mornings, too. They only played up to the Freiza saga, I think.

2000-ish: Yay! I get Cartoon Network now! I immediately started watching Toonami and Midnight Run.

Outlaw Star: Badass.
DBZ: I liked it for a while, then it got dumb after the Cell Saga.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Took a while to get used to the old animation, but now I really wish they would replay it.
Gundam Wing: Never was able to get into it...
Gundam: 08th MS Team: Yeah, this show rocks. Hard.
Big O: "Cast in the Name of Good...Ye Not Guilty" O_o

Adult Swim:

Gundam 0080 and 0083 both rule, although 0083 sort of falls apart at the end.
Kikaider: Sorta boring...
Bebop: Yeah, this is one of the best animes ever.
Trigun: Another great anime, but they played it to death.
FLCL: Just flat-out awesome.
Witch Hunter Robin: I really like this show, but I usually end up falling asleep before it starts.Frown

There's probably a whole lot more, but that's what I recall now.
Zola 03-02-2004 11:18 AM

Too many to list all of them, so you will have to be content with a list of TV shows I watched as a kid. Most of the 90's stuff I watched with my own kids Wink

Speed Racer
Voltron: Defender of the Universe
TranZor Z
Dragon Warrior
Ronin Warriors
Sailor Moon
Samurai Pizza Cats
Dragon Ball Z
Madrona 03-02-2004 12:24 PM
I remember watching some Speed Racer with my dad when I was a kid (in the 70's) Shocked

Then in the mid '80's my friends and I would run home after band practice to watch Robotech. One my friends understood Japanese, actually she read it too, and would explain what was going on from the manga she had. Confused

Jump forward to my life now....

My kid had left the tuner on Cartoon Network and I saw Big O and Cowboy Bebop. I was hooked. The first Big O was "Underground Terror" I don't know what the title of the Bebop I first saw. But it is the first one with Ein.
Hanyou 03-02-2004 12:28 PM
Originally posted by GAT-X105
early 90s: Transformers.

Oh damn. Forgot that one. Yeah I used to be crazy about that show, and the toys...wasted tons of money on them within the first month of watching the show.

If power rangers counts I was obsessed with that for a straight two years. But that would be a cheap attempt at live-action anime for four-year-olds.
robotnik 03-02-2004 01:30 PM
Just those I remember off the top of my head:

Mazinger Z/Tranzor Z - don't make me rocket-punch you! Probably *the* original giant robot piloted by a teenager. Fondly remembered. Maybe I'll break down and watch the recent Mazinkaiser OVA...
Voltes V (one of those "team of 5" combiner mech shows with a catchy theme song)
Space Cruiser Yamato/Star Blazers - the first movie I ever watched in the theater, and I think I watched the series through the Comet Empire saga
Galaxy Express 999
Battle of the Planets
Misc girly animes my older sister watched

On TV:
Voltron - one year in Junior High my biggest goal was to save up enough for the freaking toys!
Thunderbirds 2086

If Transformers counts, my younger brother and I saw all the episodes. In fact I took him to see the movie, and he was one of the legion of 8-year-olds crying at the death of Optimus Prime.

At my high school Japanimation Club
the Macross movie - I actually liked this condensed/remixed version of the over-long original Macross epic
Megazone 23 - transforming motorcycles and fanservice!
Megazone 23 Part II
Gundam (the original) - "Mobilu Sutu Gundamu" undubbed and unsubbed - eventually we just started ffwding to the mecha fights Big Grin
Akira - very cool at the time, but I can't stand to watch it again today
Bubblegum Crisis

Dragonball - the original; very different from the sequels
Appleseed - disappointed since I am a big fan of the manga - the new CG version looks awesome!
Dominion Tank Police
Record of Lodoss War - ugh. I was glad when it finally ended
Roujin Z (on SciFi)

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Cowboy Bebop - I owe Bebop big-time for making me want to watch anime again
Big O - and giant robots are cool again!
Inu Yasha - my wife and I are bigger fans than we care to admit
Blue Gender - ugh. Watched out of desperation, or becasue it was on before Bebop
FLCL - as above; funny but I didn't care
Witch Hunter Robin - very cool in that "first season X-Files" way
Heat Guy J - if only MTV would stop changing the schedule!

And because I have a 6-year-old kid I get to watch Pokemon (which is actually OK) and Yugioh (which is like watching people play Magic: the Gathering - and I hate that game!)

Needless to say my recent viewing owes much to CN/AS...
evanASF27 03-02-2004 02:33 PM
gotta be:

Pokemon (5th grade)
Pokemon/first taste of Yugioh (6th grade...didn't care for Yugioh)
Pokemon + 3 episodes of BigO (7th Liked big o a bitTongue Pokemon...I loved it)
Pokemon + other tiny fanart sites, DBZ+DB (searching for pokemon stuff online) ((spanned 7th-9th))
End of pokemon ;.; , DBZ, LUPINIII! (very end of 9th grade and summer to 10th)
LupinIII, Trigun, and Big O (refound my like of big O)
LupinIII...waiting for reairing of Trigun...a tiny bit of Cowboy Bebop, Big o (end of fall to present)

Prons 03-02-2004 06:27 PM
Well I have finished over 35 anime series and movies (This is from a list I compiled last year, I have finished more sense then) and its hard to list them all in order when I watched them.

I started with speed racer, then there was pokemon dbz triugn cowboy bebop, evangelion (I hate evangelion, I dont think its a classic) then I moved onto mobile suit gundam (Hated wing at first, Love it now) and now im into mroe niche stuff.

Prince of tennis forever.
Asirt 04-03-2006 12:04 AM
[NOTE - Only a selected few will have descriptions for now. If I have more time, I may add more later. Also, this is by no means complete. There are some series or movies missing that I cannot recall at the moment.]

1990-2000 [First Anime Experiences]

Speed Racer - When I was a young lad, I recall watching this everyday when it was on Cartoon Network. It was a fun series to watch, but I didn't know that it was an animated series from Japan; just knew that it was a show I would continue watching. I lost interest a year later.

Sailor Moon - Again, it was on Cartoon Network (Before CN, it was on another channel. However, I cannot recall the name at the moment), and I sort of liked it. It was mostly regarded as a girl's series, which was something I wasn't really ready to accept back then. The last time I saw this show was when Toonami showed the "Lost Episodes" one day. I never continued the series after that.


Card Captor Sakura [Cardcaptors]

Digimon Adventure [Digimon: Digital Monsters]

Digimon Adventure 02 [Digimon Season Two]

Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Universe

Tenchi in Tokyo

The Big O

Gundam Wing

Outlaw Star

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie -
I still have this OVA series on VHS, and I remember receiving it for Christmas. I still watch it from time to time, and I still enjoy it, despite the not so good English dub. Sonic was still very big for me when I was young, so I was happy to have this movie.

2001-2006 [Final Anime Experiences ...for now]

Dragon Ball Z

Yu Yu Hakusho

Rurouni Kenshin


Blue Gender

Cowboy Bebop

Lupin The Third

Witch Hunter Robin

Megazone 23

Crest of the Stars

Last Exile

Azumanga Daioh

Fullmetal Alchemist

His and Her Circumstances

Super GALS!

Perfect Blue




New Cutey Honey


Alien 9

Ghost in the Shell

Vampire Hunter D

Black Jack

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The World of Narue


Silent Mobius

Tales of Phantasia: The ANIMATION

BASToF Syndrome

Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart

Sister Princess

Read or Die OVA

Sister Pricess Re Pure

Record of Lodoss War

Blood: The Last Vampire

Kikaider OVA



Fist of the North Star

New Fist of the North Star

Samurai Champloo

The "climax" anime series that I would watch. I saw this series on November during my three month break from the Paradigm City Forums. A wonderful series, but I also felt that it would be my last. Once you've seen the best anime you could ever see (in your opinion, I mean), there's not much left to watch. The only other series I'm interested in is Monster, which I've yet to see.

Shinigami no Ballad -
This is what I'm currently watching at the moment. Only six episodes long, each one a standalone story. It's an interesting series with pretty good characters. it's almost over, so after this it's possibly Monster, and then that's it.

It's been a fun ride, and I'm glad that I got to see many different anime series.
M.S. Feather 04-03-2006 01:27 AM

Transformers: The Movie
My very first taste of anime. I was spending the night over at my cousins house when I was much younger and my uncle happened to put this on. Still one of my favorites.

Speed Racer
I used to watch it regularly when it came on. This was also when I was still pretty young.

Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon
These were the shows that introduced me to the term anime, until this point I had no idea that the earlier ones I'd seen were Japanese animation.

Green Legend Ran
Monster Rancher
Ronin Warriors
Tenchi Muyo!
The Big O
Blue Sub No.6
Outlaw Star
Card Captor Sakura
Cowboy Bebop
Blue Gender
Princess Mononoke
Vampire Hunter D
Serial Experiments Lain
Boogiepop Phantom
Ghost in the Shell

2000 and Beyond

Lupin III
Knights of the Zodiac
The Animatrix
Baki the Grappler
Astro Boy
Infinite Ryvius
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolfs Rain
Oruchuban Ebichu
Super Milk Chan
Read or Die
Fullmetal Alchemist
One Piece
Paranoia Agent
Viewtiful Joe
Samurai Champloo
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Street Fighter II
Cromartie High School
Neon Genesis Evangeleon
Spirited Away
Castle in the Sky

Uh...I guess that's about it.
I tried my best to list them in order. One or two may be off slightly but other than that I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

NOTE: I didn't bother listing different versions of a series, be it film or show because it would take forever and make my list ridiculously long.