Season 2 Intro, New Wallpaper, New Fan Art, Voice Cast

Krang 08-08-2003 04:12 AM
Thanks to Megadeus from our forums, we now have a video clip of the second season's intro, which should start airing beginning with episode 15 of Big O this Sunday. Be sure to check it out on our Video Clips page in the Multimedia section!

Also, we have 3 new wallpapers! Check out these great wallpapers of Dorothy, the Bigs attacking, and the Winter Night Phantom on our Wallpaper page, also in the Multimedia section. Thanks to nem-x, NeoBelhelmel, and Philip C. for sending them in!

We also put up a great new piece of fan art by Dante of Big O smashing through a building. Check it out on our Fan Art page under Fan Works.

Also, I added Norman's new voice actor and the season 2 names for the English voice actors to the Voice Cast page. This should clear up any confusion for people who thought that there's an entirely new voice cast for season 2. Check out the update using the link above.
Kairi 08-08-2003 02:56 PM
The season two intro, it sure makes me think of Mission Impossible. The two themes are pretty similiar, though the Big O's version sounds a little bit hokier. Heh, I guess I'm just more of a fan for the original opening, both the look and sound. I also think it's interesting how neither the original or new intro seems to truly reflect the Big O's, uh, persona. I would never guess that the story was as deep or dark, not just from the openings. Oh, well. Doesn't change my opinion on the show one bit. It's all good.
Zopwx2 08-08-2003 03:44 PM
Though the new intro has more clips from the show than the last intro, I still like the phychedellic BIG-O intro, If they could some how keep that song but show more clips from the show it would be better.