[Question] Fanfics, Forums, and the Main Site

Khyron_Prime 02-28-2004 12:00 AM
Y'know, I was just wondering as to the real differences that separate the fanfics which are posted here, on the message boards, as opposed to those which are posted for all to read on the Paradigm City website's main site. How does something like this operate?--Do fanfics submitted to the site have any difference from those posted here?

More likely than not, Shredder and Krang, you guys don't put every fanfic submitted to your site up to view Tongue Its totally understandable, because a lot of fanfic writers sometimes aren't worth reading Frown But as for the fanfics on the message boards...well, what's the difference?--Do you often pick out the best ones from the message boards and ask if the author would like to have it enshrined on the main site?

...Just a query. I just want to know.
Shredder 02-28-2004 12:12 AM
Good question. Actually, there's no difference between what we put on the site and what writers post in the Nightingale, other than the ones we put up have been submitted to us to become a permanent part of Paradigm City. Some people post fanfics in progress in the forums that they want feedback on before they submit them to the site. You're right in that we don't put up everything submitted if it has too many grammatical errors or otherwise doesn't follow the general submission guidelines. I'll sometimes offer some corrections and send a poorly grammatically written fic back to the writer for revision. Because of time limits more than anything else, I don't usually get a chance to read everything posted in the Nightingale, so I don't often request a writer submit a particular fic.