Roger's Monos, Two New Fanfics, Contest Reminder

Shredder 02-27-2004 03:42 AM
A small update is better than none, right? Wink

Today, we put up the deciphered "Roger's Monos" (as seen in the official Big O art book) in our Articles section! A very big thanks to Pygmalion for submitting them! Also, we have two great new short stories just added to the Fanfics section:

-"You're the One" By, Mr. Peabody. How does Roger explain his identity-crisis experience in Act 14 to Dorothy? Could it change their relationship?

-"Promises" By, Zola. How will Dorothy cope with her grief and guilt when Roger meets his untimely end? Highly recommended to horror fans!

Enjoy! Big Grin

Also, a reminder to anyone interested in entering Paradigm-City's anniversary contest, you have only one more week to submit your entries! Be sure to finish your entry and get it in before it's too late! At the deadline, we'll evaluate what we've received so far and decide whether an extension of the deadline or other changes to the contest will be necessary.
Zola 02-27-2004 09:17 AM
Very nice, Mr. Peabody. I enjoyed it Smile
Wingnut 02-27-2004 09:40 AM
I remember reading that one in the Nightengale forum. Very nice little insertion there.
Zola, what is Norman going to do? And what will Big O do about finding a new Dominus?
Tony Waynewrong 02-27-2004 02:51 PM
Zola, "Promises" is one of your best micro-fanfics I have ever read. I felt exceptionally touched by Dorothy's undying dedication to Roger. It's morbid, but after re-reading my stuff, I must say yours rocked the house.

I would love to read more of these type of stories. They are always masterfully done.

Kudos! Smile
Hienrich Ele 02-28-2004 02:05 AM
I really liked Promises. Though I shouldnt have considering it dealt with death, but who cares. One of the best stories on the internet I have ever seen.

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