[Comment] this for website guy

Negotiator_Roger_Smith 02-19-2004 11:29 AM
the links to download the videoclips at http://www.paradigm-city.com/vidclips.php ! dont work! try to download a few clips today and they will not do nothing! all it say N/A! i am not sure what is wrong maybe u know what is wrong!
Dude Love 02-19-2004 12:41 PM
Are you sure you have the DivX codec for the ones that are comressed utilizing that. It is necessary to play them.

The links are working fine for me. It may just be a problem on your end.
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 02-19-2004 12:58 PM
i have divx codes downloaded and they work! just for some reason the clips on site will not download! i have download stuff from other sites! but this site i from some weird reason it will not download
Krang 02-20-2004 02:36 AM
Sorry about that, we're still linking to SmooveNET's FTP server for our downloads (until I can get our own download system set up and tested), and that server is down pretty often. It's working for me right now, so if it doesn't work for you, wait a while and try again.
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 02-20-2004 10:01 AM
thank u for ur reply i was wondering what happenend to it! good luck i hope ur able to fix it