Post Your Funny Big O Pictures!

Patsai 08-06-2003 06:56 PM
Here is a couple of pics I found on the net that might make you laugh. Post any funny pictures of Big O if you find more or have an art yourself to share...

Big O vs. Robo


yes...that's a very Big O taste...

Don't worry. "BiShonen" is Japanese for pretty boy, not "bisexual". Anyhow, gotta date 'em all!

Don't worry. "BiShoujo" is Japanese for pretty girl, not "bisexual".
Anyhow, gotta date 'em all!

Oh my god, its them!!!

Well, that's all I found (so far). Enjoy!
Duo 08-06-2003 07:01 PM
well thats definatly not how I pictured roger and dorothy in real life...what a shocker
Lady Tesser 08-06-2003 07:48 PM
If I can ever find the cable to my smegging digital, I'm going to post up a Roger cosplayer from AFO4. Not funny, but he was so cool. ^_^

BTW - love the neko-Dorothy!
The Fallen Phoenix 08-06-2003 08:25 PM
This topic just isn't complete without...


"Cast in the name of dinner is served."
    Lady Tesser 08-06-2003 09:17 PM
    WOO-HOO!!! Way to go, Fallen Phoenix!!! That is be-atchin'!!!

    I think we may have a board mascot!
    The Fallen Phoenix 08-06-2003 09:18 PM
    I'd put him in my sig, but I don't have a link to him since he isn't posted on a site yet...Laughing

    Honestly, I don't know where to stick him (site-wise, that is) Big Grin

    I would think there would be more funny Big O pictures though...surely someone has some more good pics?

    That cat Dorothy was pretty funny...but a few of the other pictures didn't seem to work. Frown
    Krang 08-07-2003 02:27 AM
    Dancin' Roger:
    Brutakas 08-07-2003 02:31 AM
    That is great. I haven't laughed that hard since the MST3K short "Hired".
    Schwarzwald 08-07-2003 02:34 AM
    okok...i made this one..but it still is acommon mistake...oh and its avatar firendly
    ...ok...yea its....meh.....but in statistics...someone has to like it....even if i did use MS paint...
    The Big Omega 08-07-2003 08:33 AM
    Those are pretty good. But who's that other giant robot and kid that Roger is fighting? The cat Dorothy is actually kinda cute, as in a cute drawing. The Big O martini is great, damn I'd kill for one of those right now. My stupid computer wouldn't download the bishonen or bishoujo so I can't say anything on 'em but I think that I've seen something like that with the characters from Inu-Yasha, gotta date 'em all, hah that funny. As for those two cosplayers well here the comment: ...(awkward pause)
    TubamanRH 08-07-2003 10:45 AM
    All hail MS Paint!
    Lady Tesser 08-07-2003 06:12 PM
    Hey, I thought this was Big O funny pics ... ^_^;

    The dancing Roger is a hoot.
    Mike 08-07-2003 06:15 PM
    Getting back on topic...yeah, dancin' Roger is funny. So was the Domo Arigato one. Heh, dancin' Victory Deluxe.
    Blue Crow 08-07-2003 06:28 PM
    Made this one myself. Wink
    is cool 08-07-2003 06:32 PM
    thats a good one, Blue Crow.
    TubamanRH 08-07-2003 07:46 PM
    I've got another one in the works but here's this one:

    A public service announcement from Schwarzwald:
    MaiAnaras 08-08-2003 07:36 PM
    >bump< Ha ha! These are too fun... I'll see if I can come up with anything..
    Byranx 08-08-2003 07:57 PM
    Originally posted by Blue Crow
    Made this one myself. Wink

    LoL! Nice one Smile )
    TubamanRH 08-08-2003 08:15 PM
    Yay! THis thread hasn't died so I can put up the 'one i was working on.' If you know of Shel Silverstein the poet is you know where i got the book cover i chopped up
    Blue Crow 08-08-2003 08:50 PM
    Made this one,too.Slightly offensive to women.The really sensitive ones. Wink