[Question] signatures/icons

R.SnD.Wforever 02-13-2004 07:08 PM
how can i get signatures or icons to put under my username?
Crystalline 02-13-2004 07:17 PM
This belongs in the JFK Mark but I'll answer, then they will move it....

Avatar/icon: go to you're profile (the first button at the top under the logo) and go to "Avatar". There, you can choose one already made, or go to the bottom and click browse to browse your computer for one you already made. It must be 100px by 100px in size or smaller, and under 25kb. Pick the one you'd like, then push "SUBMIT". ^^

Signature: In the profile, go to "Edit Signature". If you want a picture in there, you have to link to it by typing:


Without the * and with the location of the image in the address.

I hope this helped! Take a look in the Hudson River Pier for the Orientation thread to check out what goes where for future reference. Good stuff in tehre! ^_^
R.SnD.Wforever 02-13-2004 07:27 PM
thanks, i got it! and i'm sorry for putting it in the wrong section