Mystic Meaning of your Signature

Manji 02-18-2004 07:50 PM
Originally posted by A Clockwork Tomato
I'm sure my signature has a mystic meaning, but I haven't figured it out yet.


Don't ask questions... just enjoy Big Grin

FittyYen 02-18-2004 10:51 PM
My sig quote is the song in "Romeo and Juliet" 1968 version by Franco Zeffirelli. Tis a good movie Pleased
Crystalline 02-20-2004 08:25 PM
Keeping with my original theme of having the lyrics to "Crystalline" by Olivia Lufkin (the song my name is derived from) within my signature picture, I've decided to put my fanboy/pal lists within the image as to give more room for any links/quotes I'd like to put below my signature image.

This time around it's Ghaleon, the object of my obsession for 12 years! Pleased This is the scene in the game where you first OFFICIALLY meet him in his office at the Magic Guild of Vane. So sekushi!

I also have a quote my bf mentioned to me the other day, which I just thought was the best thing ever!

After that is my official Ghaleon fangirl announcement, and then a link to my deviantART account, cause I'm so proud of it. Pleased

I'm not that mystic, and the meanings behind stuff aren't that hard to find where I'm concerned. Once I've worn this one out, VOGUE! Tongue
Travis Bickle 02-20-2004 08:40 PM
My signature shows that I'm a hardcore fan of the greatest sport in America: THUNDERBALL!
Zola 02-20-2004 08:48 PM
My new sig shows Tuxedo Moonflower, my alter-ego.

It all started in the Mary Sue thread, with Tvperez's wonderful "A Stroll with Dorothy"

Check it out, it's fun Smile
Crystalline 02-20-2004 10:03 PM
I found this picture and I HAD to change it. ^_^ It's Miki Fujimoto, one of my favourite former soloists from Hello! Project, who has now joined Morning Musume. I saw this and flipped, since not only am I a HUGE fan of Red Dwarf (I had a crush on Craig Charles for years, and my best friend on Chris Barrie for even longer!!!), I thought "Lady Tesser would appreciate this..." The fridge in the pic ORIGINALLY (no I did not alter this aside from the text with my info on it) said S M E G on it, and I died with laughter! I don't think I'd buy THAT brand! X_X

The rest of the stuff is the same, though... ALL HAIL THE SMEG FRIDGE!
evanASF27 02-20-2004 11:14 PM
shows how slow people from Jamaica are Cool
...well...ok...maybe just that one dude...but stillit's a very funny scene from CURSE OF JUMBO JU JU!!!!
Zopwx2 02-20-2004 11:26 PM

That is a Futuristic looking pyramid in a cold dark desert.

To say to flatly, I like it becuase it just looks cool.

Also it sort of has that dark and gloominess that Big O used to have. quote? It was sort of my little protest against people who claimed to understand sone sort of special meaning behind act 26.

It has deus in it Big Grin , but it may or may not be relevant anymore.
Mr. Saturn 03-03-2004 02:04 AM
Just look at it. Its pretty self explanitory Big Grin
"Mess with the got to go" Big Grin
Thanks soooo much to angelcakes for making this for me. I really really like it Big Grin
C.R Foxhound 03-03-2004 10:19 AM
uhh lemme see....

its a catgirl in a hotub

why is she wearing that towel, should take it off Big Grin
X Prime 03-03-2004 10:29 AM
The mystic meaning of my sig is that it represents the nothingness everything amounts to.

..You say I have no sig? LIES! ALL LIES!
Atropos 03-03-2004 12:58 PM
My sig is the last four lines to Tori Amos's song "Hey Jupiter [The Dakota Version]" found on the single by the same name. It's one of my favorite songs, and I just love those lines. For some reason they come across to me as very sad, and I think it's the simplicity of them that really does it.

dominusofdeath 03-03-2004 03:31 PM
well my sig is somethign I said to my 3nd opponent at the Flint Area Tri-County Chess Tournement.
And no it didn't scare him it freaked him out.
He had the WTF look on his face.
Green_Bird 03-05-2004 01:47 AM
Lets is a banner with my Screen Name on it....And the Mistic meaning behind it is...I really don't know...Could it be because of my name? Angel=Big Venus....Heck I don't know...I just made the banner and stuck it in my sig Tongue .....
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 03-05-2004 06:26 PM
i like my signature better now i was able to update it lol!
seraphjei 03-05-2004 09:31 PM
my sig shows three of the most famous anime legends in the same picture need i say more and the top is a quote from FFX and the bottom is me saying it to a little kid who just plain bugs me
Hienrich Ele 03-05-2004 09:57 PM
My sig shows my one of my two goals in this world.


and my other goal is to eat evey kind of animal on this Earth.

And, belive it or not, I am very serious about my second goal
Jonny Axehandle 03-05-2004 10:08 PM
It's JM, my furry alter-ego from varios sprite comics.
angelcakes 03-06-2004 05:45 PM
My current sig. is a picture of Chi from the cover of Chobits #7. It includes a quote that is used a lot in the book, and has my user name on it. I made a matching sig to it, and of course I still have my clamp message and fan boy list on it. I'm never getting rid of those.
Wingnut 03-06-2004 05:50 PM
Originally posted by angelcakes
My current sig. is a picture of Chi from the cover of Chobits #7. It includes a quote that is used a lot in the book, and has my user name on it. I made a matching sig to it, and of course I still have my clamp message and fan boy list on it. I'm never getting rid of those.

*pokes sig pic* Um, right now it is a box with a red x in the top left corner.
As for mine, no changes since last time as far as the text goes, but I have added/changed the pics. The first is self-explanatory, and is just one I happened to like and the second is one that R.Smith made when the second season of Teen Titans started, and I have had it there ever sence. pen1300 has the fangirl version in her sig.