[Other] Big O Music MEGAMIX!! *Update 10/31/06- Happy Halloween!*

darkangel 02-10-2004 12:53 PM
great mega mix,evan!Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
BabyGhia 02-10-2004 02:36 PM
Thanks Evan! Smile )

I never realized that I liked the music in Big O so much but here I am enjoying it. Can't wait until the next one. Did I just say that???? Embarrassed Sweatdrop

TemporalRift 02-10-2004 05:51 PM
Do you think you could get a higher bitrate version of this up at any point, Evan? It's really fantastic, but my audiophile honed sense of hearing's almost cringing at certain pieces.

Just a step up to 128 would be nice, 192 would be beyond fantastic
evanASF27 02-10-2004 05:52 PM
nah I can't really...

1) Too damn big a file size
2) most of the Season1 pieces are WMA files to begin with, so adding them to this and then saving them AGAIN as a WMA file don't help.

Sorry. I'm trying to get my second remix up asap...
evanASF27 02-10-2004 09:24 PM
sorry to double post

Please see the first post of this thread for the NEW link to the second Remix:
"BigO - Remix Elis Island"

You need to download it directly by Right Clicking on the file's link and selecting "Save Target As" Smile
Celi 03-09-2004 07:31 PM
I forgot about this thread - I never checked back to see if we could download the files...

Now that i've revived the thread and have both of the remixes, just wanted to say "thank you Evan!" Big Grin

Love them both!

Kat 03-12-2004 03:16 AM

Tonight I've been going nuts downloading as much Big O music as possible, and now I'll have your remixes (once they download) to add to the...mix. ^_____^
Madrona 03-13-2004 06:50 PM
This stuff is great! I'm bopping around the house one minute and near tears the next! AAAHHHH!! Crying Smile ) Crying Big Grin
Thank You!!
evanASF27 04-16-2004 11:34 PM
Hello everyone...I just went onto Kazaa Lite++ to get some mp3s of the Big O music I need for my new megamix, and will you look at what I found.

I found MY megamix "Megamix times sq." on there, and it didn't have me as the author Mad

My I please politely shout and rant to everyone and anyone who downloads my megamixes, TO NOT TAKE AWAY MY CREDITS!!!!!!
Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

I know it is good music, but please give me some credit for the hard work and planning I put into making my remix and two megamixes. Crying

I am really pissed off, if anyone sees one of my megamixes up there, please check to see that I am the author, cos I mean it's just disrespectful to take away someone's work Frown And I would also like to add that I don't want people uploading my work to other sites without my consent. That's just rude and I'll sue you if you do Sweatdrop I'm CRAZY! SO I'LL DO IT B**CHES! Mad (I really am truely genuinely pissed off!!)

On a brighter note, I am in fact making another megamix Smile This one has a more specific theme to it and it kind of scary, haunting, and cool.
I call it "Big O - The Union" (different from the other names no?) Wink
A few songs featured in the upcoming megamix will be:
Name of God

I think it will be done by tomorrow Smile So you will all be able to listen to a GOOD remix of Big O once again Pleased Big Grin
evanASF27 04-17-2004 02:22 AM
sorry guys...but I guess I finished it ahead of schedule ^^;; I suprise myself sometimes...

There is a link to the ZIP file in the first post of this thread Wink
Kat 04-17-2004 05:18 AM
I tried to download Megamix Times Sq. (twice I believe), but when I try to unzip it it says the file is damaged or corrupted... Anyone else have this problem? Or know what to do about it?? I want Evan's music............ >_<U
evanASF27 04-17-2004 02:00 PM
Originally posted by Kat
I tried to download Megamix Times Sq. (twice I believe), but when I try to unzip it it says the file is damaged or corrupted... Anyone else have this problem? Or know what to do about it?? I want Evan's music............ >_<U

Are you saving the ZIP file to your harddrive? ...if you just select "Open" it may just do that.

Btw, if I didn't say this already, I'll say this now Wink I'd prefer it if people saved these files directly to their computers so they don't have to download them from my site everytime they want to listen to them. I know most people are smart enough and considerate enough to do that, but I just wanted to make sure you all knew Wink I do have limited bandwidth there and already 75% has been used O_O Shows how good my music is Wink

also Kat, if you still get that stupid error message I'll send you the files myself. (via MSNM)
evanASF27 04-18-2004 11:54 PM
what what what?!
I'm suprised I didn't get any reviews! Shocked ..some feedback would be nice people...if you hate it you can tell me what I can improve on to make it better Frown

Anyways, though I am sadned by this lack of support I have one more "semi-megamix" coming up Wink It's a tribute to the wild and crazy yellow dude with the fro. YOU GUESSED IT! Big Grin
"The Artist Formally Known as Beck"

(I decided to exagerate Beck's idea that his crimes are works of art Wink and so I incorrerated some nice twists into the mix. LIKE MONTY PYTHON!! Big Grin )

Would anyone like to BETA test it so that I can know before I publicly release it if it stinks? Embarrassed Sweatdrop Big Grin
Kat 04-19-2004 12:58 PM
Yeah, I was trying to save it. After the download finished, if I clicked "open", it said it was corrupted, and if I tried to unzip, it didn't work. Elis Island and The Union worked, though, and I like 'em both. Though right at the end of The Union, there's a sudden drop in quality. -_-

Wouldn't be surprised if Unibasu volunteered to Beta test. ^_~
evanASF27 04-19-2004 02:33 PM
the sudden drop in quality (which I'm still trying to tweek) was due to me changing over from mp3 "Flag" to the "Flag" used directly from Act20 when Bonaparte was destroying the dome Wink

FOr somereason I can get my audio to get any clearer :-/ it's really anoying.

Btw...I think I'll be cutting back a little on my Beck semimegamix. I went oveerboard I after relistening to it I put in a bit too much and people might not get all the gags ^^;;;
BabyGhia 04-19-2004 05:33 PM
I noticed the drop in quality too. Not a huge deal. Took me awhile in the beginning to figure out why is was so low. Then I heard the footsteps.

Thanks Evan! Oooo! More Big O music! Yippie!

The Beck one sounds interesting. I'd like to hear it with all the gags and if it's too much, you can still cut it down later.

evanASF27 04-19-2004 07:03 PM
here's the test one of Beck Wink

tell me what you think...I haven't added this to the first post cos I'm not sure if this will be the official one or not.
Madrona 04-21-2004 05:53 PM
Sick. Totally sick.
If I were not an Anglophile in a previous reset I might not have understood.
But, my memories are good!! and so is this!
BabyGhia 04-21-2004 06:48 PM
*Listen to Beck's mix*

Hmmm.... someone has been watching Monty Python, haven't they???

*looks at Evan's sig pic*

Yep. I was right!

I tend to like the ones with only Big O music in them but this was good too. Not sure if I really see where Beck fits into it though. But I only listened to it once so don't totally take this opinion seriously.

evanASF27 04-21-2004 09:28 PM
well it looks like it's gotten good reviews so far.

What I had in mind was that kind of "silly interuption" type thing that goes on sometimes in anime. Like one person is talking like:
Roger - "Memories....they are horrible chains that bind us to o--"
Beck - "Hey Roger Want a martini?"
Roger - "No Beck..um...to our past. These memories are dear and vital but all we are left with are these fragments. How could we ev--"
Beck - "Oh come on just one...Norman made these special..."
Roger - "Not now! ...We fear our pasts and yet have to go onward with the uncertainty of wha--"
Roger- "DAMN IT!"

And of course you gotta have that kinda conection between Beck and his gang's antic and the three stooges... http://www.paradigm-city.com/forums/atta...entid=4470&sid= ...but then there is that bit of seriousness tat they include which makes them absolutely perfect for Monty Python!
If I remember correctly, in "Beck Comes Back" you here Doug(dove?!) asking "So what do we do now boss?" "What do you think we do! RUN AWAY!" *megadeus hops and then runs away*
In Monty Python, you got that too with The Holy Grail and the catapult scene Wink Big Grin

hehe (from the official looking Monty Python site Wink )

And then just when things get interesting (IE. Stand A Chance--act18 varient) Big O interupts some cool sword work and blasts them to bits Big Grin

It's all an ALLUSION @_@ Smile )

Understand now Wink Smile