Things that make you mad...

Patsai 02-05-2004 04:47 PM
-Gum chewers. I don't have a problem with chewing gum. I do so when I breath smells a little funky. But the people who crack, pop and smack their gum for all to hear bug me.

-People who seem to be obessed with labeling people by the muisc they listen to and the clothes they wear. Whatever happened to listening and earing what ever the hell you want without being labeled?

-People (mostly freshman) who stop in the middle of the hall to talk to their friend and don't bother to step to the side.

-Brings me to my next one, PDA (public display of affection). School is not the best place to be making out. Get a freaking room! I have a girlfriend myself, but I don't do it in public like I'm special because I got a girlfriend, I'm with her because I LOVE HER.

-People who still throw food and spitballs in the cafeteira. How old are you!? We stopped doing that in elemtentry school!

Yeah, the list must go on!
Sharpshooter005 02-05-2004 04:54 PM
-People (mostly freshman) who stop in the middle of the hall to talk to their friend and don't bother to step to the side.

Picture this

Except, it's on a stairwell.

And I'm standing there screaming "YOU KIDS THESE DAYS, I'LL BOX YOUR EARS", and trying to shove them into the wall and move past.

This is an accurate summary of nearly every day I'm at school.
Trotsky 02-05-2004 05:00 PM
when you hear some moron spouiting off, Get some, and calling some one Master cheif, when it's not technickley some one who would be in the situation he's in. i mean the head of a battle feild is the master Sgt. not the master cheif. so it makes no sence in halo that he's a warrent officer, when he should be an inlested rank. >_< it's taking care of the little detailes!

that and bimbo's. if you wear a belly shirt, and you have a belly, you just might be a bimbo.
Grimland Domain 02-05-2004 05:03 PM
People who pull out in front of me on the highway, bastards. One of these days I'm not going to stop and plow into you at 60mph, killing your whole family.
re-animate 02-05-2004 05:08 PM
pople that do anything for attention

people with big ego's

people that blink really hard
Lady Tesser 02-05-2004 05:09 PM
that and bimbo's. if you wear a belly shirt, and you have a belly, you just might be a bimbo

AMEN to that, brotha'!

Stuff that bugs me -

People who exhale noisily, especially making the 'tch' sound while doing it. A girl in my junior english class drove me UP THE WALL doing that, I wanted to slap her so hard. Of course, she would have called me 'racist' if I did (she liked being persecuted for some reason).

Alcoholics on the city busses. You can SMELL them, and the smell of alcohol makes me sick, so I'm having to hold my nose half the time while on the bus.

Several thousand little things, depending on my mood, but those two really pick at my nerves.
Mike 02-05-2004 05:24 PM
Little old ladies who drive in the left lane at 35 miles an hour with their right blinker on.

People who change lanes without signalling.

People who park on the RIGHT side of the road, and sit there with their LEFT blinker on. I've actually seen someone do this...friggin' idiot.

Guys who treat women like objects. It just gets to me. Maybe because they get all the girls and nice guys like me get screwed over.

People who pass judgement on someone before they even get to know them.

People who act like cars are the scourge of Satan, causing the downfall of western society.

Valentine's Day. I frickin' hate Valentine's Day.

People who use those hands-free cell phone thingies. You're still not paying attention to the road, people!!

People who use those hands-free cell phone thingies OUTSIDE OF A CAR!!! Do they realize they look like a crazy person talking to the friends in his head?

People who act like they're the only person on the entire Earth who matters.

People who make fun of God's Country, the sacred land known as New Jersey.

Yeah, I think that's about it for now.
evanASF27 02-05-2004 06:01 PM
The main thing...people that act stupider than they really are just so that people will look at them and be able to laugh at their dumb responses.

Why people do that I have no idea...mainly for getting attention I guess. But you never really know when those people are serious :-/ But vice versa, since I keep having to yell at them for making so many stupid noises and jokes they never can tell when I'm REALLY angry and about to punch them Mad
Surtur 02-05-2004 06:10 PM
1. People who start talking to me for no reason, then complain that I don't talk much. I'm a really quiet guy, and I like to just sit in peace. Why do you think I'm at my computer every night? I don't want to talk to anyone.

2. People who cite the Bible when condeming (sp?) homosexuality. I've read every verse I've heard cited, and it's all about rape, homosexuality is just used in the examples.

3. People who use some strange font and color in every one of their posts just to make themselves seem more unique. It gets annoying, especially when I've been looking at grey and orange for 15 minutes and the color messes with my eyes.

4. What Palazzo said about people standing in the middle of the hall. It's especially bad when the bell could ring any second and I'm on the other side of the building, and some group of girls is standing there in no hurry talking.

5. Anyone who thinks they have some kind of power over me. Especially teachers who are wrong but think they are right, and they expect me to do something stupid and pointless just because they said so. I'm really surprised I've never gotten in trouble for insubordination at school.
dominusofdeath 02-05-2004 06:12 PM
Mage 02-05-2004 06:30 PM
1. Girls in skimpy colothing at school (I'm there to learn not show off)

2. People who block halways to talk on both sides then yell at you for shoveing your way through.

3. People who use the word jew to describe something bad or put someone down Mad

4. People who judge others without getting to know them.

5. Public school staff that don't respect students right to learn at a public school.

6. People who don't understand what privet parking/property is (Yo people of KU that building where I park it's called specal premission from the owner! I don't want to tell you not to park there!)

7. People who diss clubs that they know nothing about or aren't interested in.

8. Frosh that are to dang smart and end up in senor level classes.
C.R Foxhound 02-05-2004 06:31 PM
people who hate los angeles (or california) even though they never been here

impateint people

guys who act like they're the biggest baddest thing on the planet, and you even ask them to do the littlest thing, they act your a fungus or something

people who say i look 30 years old( i do kinda but, dammit dont tell me)

console fanboys that arent open minded( dReamcast SuxxOrs, Pees 2 ruleZ)

the people who continue to make reality TV shows(ITS OVER, NO ONES CARES)

girls who come up to me and say:" Hey, my friend thinks your sexy"And they walk away laughing because it was a joke...

...bitches Mad
Tifaria 02-05-2004 06:39 PM
1. Rude customers. I could write a freaking dissertation on an analysis of the Typical Yuppie Wench, I've had to deal with so many.

2. When I'm sitting in a classroom, on the end of a row, and I'm the ONLY person sitting on that row, and the next person who decides to sit on that row sits right next to me even though the entire rest of the row is empty. I like having space. The seats at school are very close together, and I don't like sitting right next to someone I don't know. It just makes me uncomfortable.

3. People who cut me off without signalling because they're in a hurry even though it's their own fault that they didn't leave early enough and shouldn't be endangering my life to get to the freaking fast food place. Doubly annoying if they're in a SUV and/or on a cellphone.

4. Intolerance/phobia of things that are different from you and/or your belief system.

5. People who are snotty about their hobbies, like your typical uptight anime fan who only watches subtitled anime because they are the pure form of the show and harasses anyone who dares to watch dubs. Sorry, but I'm here to WATCH my anime, not READ it.
Dude Love 02-05-2004 06:53 PM
Originally posted by GAT-X105
Guys who treat women like objects. It just gets to me. Maybe because they get all the girls and nice guys like me get screwed over.

Definitely. What makes my blood boil even more is when they then get in an argument and come crying to me about how they wish they could meet a nice guy. HELLO PEOPLE!!!

Also, people who start dissing peoples political affiliations for no reason. I'm talking about a bunch of you in the Same-Sex Marriages thread. Stop!!!

Roan, and Lady Tesser. About the blinking and loud exhalers. Might be tourettes. I had a friend who had a somewhat mild case of tourettes where he couldn't control his exhaling and blinking when he was nervous. But, if they do it without an excuse, well, then, yeah, I agree. (Too many commas in that sentence).

English Teachers who devise new ways of grading things. THE LETTERS ARE HH, H, M, S, U, and F. They're not that difficult, don't try to make them rocket science.

And, finally, English teachers who tell you to visit them to talk about a paper but then leave before the appointed time. (Two of my English teachers in HS).
Prince-Consort Tesser 02-05-2004 07:34 PM
Persons who believe their opinions and/or beliefs constitute Natural Laws, and all that contradict these are false and/or devil-inspired.

Those who do not proofread or check spelling. Worse than that are those who deliberately misspell words or use improper grammar in an effort to sound 'cool'.

Individuals who think in categories rather than discover what someone/something actually is.

Being ill.

Children with piercing screams accompanied by parents who either do not control them or control them by abuse and insults.

Individuals who say one thing to someone's face and something totally different behind their back (I have never said anything behind a person's back that I wouldn't say to their face - and have the broken teeth to prove it).

Persons/groups who give tasks or conditions to someone knowing that there is no way to accomplish them, either because it's impossible or they just won't accept it. I don't want to be set up to fail.

Mage 02-05-2004 07:46 PM
Here's one fopr DoD since he's such a fool after I had to read that evil packet on web advertiseing.

It makes extramly mad on a message board to see people NOT TYPE OUT THE FULL WORD. Welcome to a message baord mabey you don't show off your spelling and grammer skills but I don't think it will kill you to mabey just mabey put in the effort into getting your message across here.
Smoke 02-05-2004 07:50 PM
I get mad when I hurt other peoples feelings in any way, REDD! don't say if you loved me you wouldn't say that because that makes me think I hurt your feelings, and I get mad at myself and I also feel sad, this also applys to Mage, afully sorry about what happened, didn't know religon could be taken so seriously.
Lupin IV 02-05-2004 08:46 PM
My biggest angries are: chewing with your mouth open, slurping drinks, ignorance when your clearly wrong, but you still think you're right "because" and...oh, hypocrits are a big 1.

Btw, Palazzo, you think you got bad freshmen? Try sitting through 40 minutes of an art1 class, while listening to LITERALLY 20 kids(huge class) imitate Tony Montana, and more over, fail horrendously. Scarface, as they say, is apparently the greatest movie ever.

I ToLd JOO!!!! No FunKin KIDS!!!

Oh yeah, and while visitng a freshmen english teacher, I saw one kid, who would sit in his chair with his legs behind his head, and everyone who would pass him, he would say "wanna lick?" Not lying-the teach told him off like a million times, he doesnt listen...
Commander Amarao 02-05-2004 08:57 PM
3.Hippie midgets
Jonny Axehandle 02-05-2004 08:59 PM
Racist Idiots.

<Other Guy>You got some change I can get?
<Me>Yeah, but not much
<Other Guy>How much?
I hold up a few dimes, pennies, and a nickel
<Other Guy>That's cool.
He takes the money. As he is counting it I notice him taking out the pennies and throwing them.
<Me>Why you doing that?
<Other Guy>My uncle learned me, if it wern't for that penny man we wouldn't have black people in the school.
<Me>Penny man? Who the heck is that?
<Other Guy>I don't know his name! The guy who's on the pennies.