[Fan Fiction] make up a big o scene!

re-animate 08-04-2003 11:05 PM
ok, i just thought it would be awsome whet would come up so

make up a scene involving big o characters

[i hope blue crow put something up]

Feel free to include anything!!!

[this is gunna be soooo rancid]

boy, i thought this was gunna be a hit
Surtur 08-04-2003 11:17 PM
Be patient. Not many people are on right now.
re-animate 08-04-2003 11:23 PM
got a point

but im all superior




[i alwase make tthis stuf into a overlord deal]
Byranx 08-04-2003 11:25 PM
Kinda late for my creative process right now.....perhaps in the morning ill tackle it but
Lady Tesser 08-04-2003 11:51 PM
Inspired by the 'What's Roger's car's name' post, about Dorothy's mode of transportation:

Roger felt the vibrations through the floor and his bed, a steady pounding hitting the floor from place to place, all over the house. He rolled over, unable to will himself back to sleep, however hard he tried.

"All right," he muttered, tossing the blankets off. "What is that girl doing now?"

He pulled his robe on as the vibrations became faint, as if it went outside. Now curious, he left his room and went out into the common room.

The piano was untouched, but a flash of black from the outside caught his eye. Going over to the window, he watched as Dorothy bounced across the balcony.

The odd thing was the fact that she had her hands clasped behind her back and her face staring straight ahead, as if she were standing silently and watching the sunrise instead of bouncing on a pair of giant springs like a gothic bunny rabbit.


Her head turned to look at him as she bounced around him in a circle. "Yes, Roger?"

"Are you trying to get my attention again?"

"No, Roger, whatever gave you that idea?"

"Just a thought. Carry on."

She bounced away and he sighed. "At least it's better than when she wore the clown costume and called herself 'Polka-Dotty'."

* * *

BTW - I write better than this, honest.
Schwarzwald 08-05-2003 12:29 AM

::Schwarzwald is called by rosewater by force counting he has big duo. But when schwarzwald gets there he is confronted and taken to a dark room under ground. Rosewater stands before him in the darkness, only half his face visible with a small cocky smirk.::

SchwarzwaldFrown arrogent and loud) What is this!
RosewaterFrown clam)You have been search haven't you. You found something didn't you...

Schwarzwald: What?!? Have you been---

Rosewater(interrupting):You only know half the truth micheal.


Rosewater: hahaha...i dont think you understand...the TRUE power of the bigs. You have been searching for my fathers book.... well im afraid Mr.Smith has it now...

Schwarzwald:I dont care for it anymore....I KNOW the truth....I know all I need to know... All that is left is for the world to under---

Rosewater(inturrupting): understand?!?! you fool....many of these people dont even have FAITH in thier saivior! And neither do you!

Schwarzwald: I dont care for myths and false idols!!

Rosewater: You Germans were always stubborn in your beleives....that time.....have you ever seen in your studies a sign of a croaked cross? The nazi's? Many of your people were in support of them, They all greatly sined and have still yet to pay for thier faults.

haha...some neo-nazi's 40 years ago got one of the things you call a "big." They ran amuck.....thus started a terrorist wave...it took a year for them to be stopped. Only a year you say? YES... they are the WEAPONS OF GOD!!!! God created these life forms by immplanting them into the minds of men bent to destroy....GOD gave them thier own minds....on who to serve.....

Schwarzwald: no....no....But duo.......no...

Rosewater: YES FOOL! Its wants me...as its rider..... i am rebuilding it as we speak... but there is another Holy weapon i want...and THAT schwarzwald is what you wanted....what you THOUGHT was duo.... fool..... that archtype you found buried in the ancient underworks, that was mearly a skeleton of a dead "big."
A fallen angel if you will. A serf of hell, given in return? the privilage of re-animation.

Schwarzwald:... Dorothy....nighten gale.....she reawakened it....

Rosewater: You finally starting to catch on..God creates all....he let her exist....you will find that she will decide everyones fate...even you....

with the blessing and curse......of immortality....god can create and unmake all he sees...

except his servants...the holy weapons....and the healer.....the one you know by dorothy....

::Lights turn on revelaing a collection of "Big" peices, artifacts, and whole "Bigs." And above it all....a huge stone plaqe showing God over an unknown big with huge sun like figures on its head and arms.::

::Schwarzwald's eyes widen and falls to the ground shaking being held by the weight of his own arms:: no...no NOO......how can this be....this...this changes that proficy...the ENTIRE meaning.....(in his head) Roger smith the day you fought the archtype....i though you were the one to choose....that blasted Angel character i thought was the one who would be god's messenger...but no...no surprise THIS is....its that strange android....and I...I am mearly a reporter...will i EVER KNOW THE FULL TRUTH!!! ....will i ever see the end......a reporter.......like the ones that wrote my scriptures......i shall be a reporter.....recording the events.....untill my death..........my death..........my reason...for existance...::falls flat and faints still shaking...::

*rosewater exits and orders for his "inferior body" to be disposed of outside the domes.*

GAHHGAHGAHAGAGH WOOT!! IM SAVING THIS ONE ON MY LAPTOP!!! tell me if its fanfic worthy!!!!! ill need to prof read though.....and change the thing i just said....capitalise "i's" and stop doing all those ...'s.
The Big Omega 08-05-2003 12:41 AM
Ok how's this for starters...

Setting: Downtown Paradigm City...
For some unapparent reason there are only Japanese people wandering around with one English guy. Suddenly out of the bay rises.....GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!
Japanese people: Oh no! Es Gozirra! (Their mouths are moving in terrible dubbing)
English guy: Gozirra? It's Godzilla!
Japanese man: Es whu ah say! Gozirra!
Everybody runs away screaming.


Playboy-wannabe and millionaire negotiator Roger Smith is busy with a strip poker game against resident android Dorothy Waynewright. So far Roger has been stripped down to his black boxer shorts while Dorothy remains fully clothed.
Dorothy: Roger, what is the point of this game? The player who does not have the proper card combinations has to remove their outer garments. What is the point?
Roger: Well, you see Dorothy-
Roger is cut off by a transmission from a monitor in the corner. The face of his butler, Norman Burg, appears on the screen.
Norman: Master Roger, there is a report of a giant monster near South Dome number eight...oh dear, am I interrupting something?
Roger: Oh it's nothing Norman. (Begins to put on clothes) Let's resume this game later Dorothy. BIG O!!!!!! ACTION!!!!!!!!

Now back to Godzilla

Godzilla is running amok, causing mass destruction, and generally just doing what he does best...utter annihilation. Godzilla releases his trademark roar before bathing buildings in his patented thermonuclear radioactive atomic death breath. Suddenly a giant black fist connects to the side of Godzilla's reptilian face. It is the protector of Paradigm city, it is the Big O! Godzilla flies reeling into a building.


Major Dan Dastun of the Paradigm military police is leading his unit to ground zero to combat Godzilla.
Dastun: I'll be damned if I let that black Megadeus save the city this time!
I'm sure that you know by now that the military police stand no chance against anything that attacks Paradigm, much less Godzilla who constantly shames the best Japan has to offer, at least as far as non anime people go.

Back to the battle!

Godzilla and Big O are busy grappling.
Roger: Damn! This thing is strong. Time for some extra firepower!
The two large pistons on the back of Big O's arms extend, sucking in air with a mighty smashing sound. BAM!!!!! Both pistons expel their compressed air at extreme force blowing Godzilla backward. Godzilla roars in agony and shakes his hands, aching in pain. Godzilla roars loudly and spews forth his radioactive breath.
Roger: HA! I can do that too! Chrome Buster!!!!!!
Big O raises it's arms vertically while the glass area on its forehead is charged with an awesome amount of energy. As the Megadeus smashes its hands together a blast of high intensity laser energy strikes Godzilla's breath weapon blocking it from harming Big O. The two energy blasts begin attempting to force each other back, but slowly Big O's Chrome Buster begins to force back Godzilla's nuclear breath, right back into the monster's mouth. Godzilla reels back from the power of his own breath and Big O's Chrome Buster, smoke pours from the mouth of the giant beast. Godzilla roars in pain and flees to the ocean, vowing never to return. Big O then sinks into the ground to be called upon by Roger later.


The military police finally reach the scene.
Dastun: Dammit! We were too late! Stupid black Megadeus!!!! (Starts crying)

Back at Roger's Mansion

Roger and Dorothy have returned to their game of strip poker.
Dorothy: (places her cards on the table) Here are my cards, they are a straight that will be hard to beat Roger.
Roger: Yes, but if I'm not mistaken my cards (places his cards on the table) are a Royal Flush. It beats your straight.
Dorothy: I am not sure if I will ever understand humans...(she begins unbuttoning her dress, Roger arcs an eyebrow)
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
R.Smith 08-05-2003 01:00 AM
Here's a short scene!

Roger: "Big O!"
Roger: -looks down-
=Big O comes right from under Roger, which sends Roger flying=
Roger: "Ahhhhh!!!"
Big O: "^^;;"

The End
mAc Chaos 08-05-2003 01:09 AM
The three Megadeus' rise out of the sea, with the Big O standing on the tides, awaiting the invasion of doom. Watching on, the military police try not to gape in awe, and Dastun silently urges Roger on. Alas, the Megadeus' combined power make short work of the Big O, leaving it with one arm. It would seem that all is lost... Until...
Three barrages of missiles jet out of nowhere and slam into each Megadeus! The three titans collapse into the water, and explode in a brilliant display of colors. Bewildered, Roger looks around wildly. "Who did that?!"

"Behold the power of the Big Duo!", Schwarzwald replies, before landing in front of the Big O, jets hovering it a few feet over the water. "I couldn't very well let them destroy you, now could I? Our grudge ends now, Roger Smith!"

"I don't know if saving me was the smartest move, but I'm not complaining. Alright. Big O! Action!"

"You'll die like the blind dog you are!"

And with that, the epic battle began...
R.Smith 08-05-2003 01:11 AM
Clap, clap, clap! very good mAc Chaos, very good!
drkepoch 08-05-2003 01:38 AM
Indeed, nice Mac Chaos.

Schwarzwald: Very interesting, I wish to see more Big Grin
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 01:55 AM
Roger walks down his stairway,and suddenly slips on a discarded banna peel.His rag doll body cascades down the stairs,slamming into Norman,crushing his nose.A torrent of blood rushes down the stairs and crashes at the bottom along with Roger and Norman's unconscious bodies.3 hours later,they both wake up in a strange laboratory.Norman says,"Master Roger,where are we?".Roger says nothing and stares forward.Out of the shadows emerges a leather clad Angel bearing a whip. Big Grin "Well,Mr. Paradigm Negotiator!Are you ready to play?",she says.Roger doesn't know whether to feel happy or worried.A rumbling noise grows louder in the distance.All of a sudden,a giant spoon crashes through the wall,scooping up all three people.They find themselves inches away from the giant mouth of Big O.It turns out Big O isn't very hungry.It had a big Breakfast.So it just injests Roger.Little did it know that Roger would give it the worst indigestion of it's life.Big O runs at light speed across the world holding it's gigantic tummy.It trips on a powerline and virtually wipes China off the face of the planet.Roger crawls out of Big O's stomach covered in robot saliva.Then,recalling the skills his uncle McGuyver taught him,Roger builds a giant Plasma Beam out of a paper clip and a roll of toilet paper.However,it backfires and scratches Roger's finger,giving him a really bad hangnail.This discusts Roger."You bastard!",he yells.Then,he promtly reaches into his body,pulls out his own Liver and throws it at Big O.It bounches off and lands on the street."There go my drinking days."Roger says.Then,against all odds,Roger throws a penny as hard as he can at the sky.Seconds later,the moon crashes down from the sky,demolishing both Big O and the entire Earth.Roger wakes up in his bed.He slowly pushes the sleeping Dorothy off of him(yep,that's right.Use your imagination. Big Grin ).Then,as he walks down the stairs,he approaches a discarded banana peel.............

So?How is that?
R.Smith 08-05-2003 02:01 AM
How is it, Blue Crow? How is it?!! It's great!! Funny too! Yay, i like funny stories that have some sense...wait that made no sense...uh oh...looks like i should go to be soon...heheheheheBig Grin
Schwarzwald 08-05-2003 02:09 AM
that would fit in that book of..stinky cheese.....wait you know...that childrens book...with the funky art and funky stories.....

well except with anime....oh and funky is good.....i like funky...ehm
The Big Omega 08-05-2003 07:58 AM
Man you guys are hilarious, the only other time I've laughed this hard was when they had that "fluffy" Latino guy on Comedy Central presents. But what do you guys think of my Big O vs Godzilla, nobody commented on that one and I think it's pretty funny. It took me an hour last night...I mean extremely early this morning to refine the idea. I think Schwarzwald is right, they need a book of anime stories like these....let's see here.....AH! American Anime! How's that sound? Yeah I know it's an oxymoron. Oh yeah, and Schwarzwald that scene that you made up earlier certainly shows promise, all that part needs is a little refinement (and possibly the removal of Neo-Nazis, find something more interesting) and that would make a good chapter, or maybe prologue would be better...yeah go with prologue.
Manji 08-05-2003 08:04 AM
I think Schwarzwald is right, they need a book of anime stories like these....let's see here.....AH! American Anime! How's that sound? Yeah I know it's an oxymoron.

Now I'm just gonna have to make a cover for the book Big Grin

But what to make it say, who wants thier name on it?

Here's What I'm thinking to use-

Surtur 08-05-2003 09:23 AM
Originally posted by Blue Crow
Then,against all odds,Roger throws a penny as hard as he can at the sky.Seconds later,the moon crashes down from the sky,demolishing both Big O and the entire Earth.

That happened to me one time.

And re-animate, didn't I say if you were patient you'd get some awesome stories?
The Big Omega 08-05-2003 09:30 AM
I was thinking a bit more along the lines of a patchwork cover made of different pictures from all over anime...but since it seems that we only really care about Big O here (since it's a Big O forum who wouldn't?) that works very well. I give it two thumbs up. We can all write different funny stories to go in there including the ones we have now. This will be hilariousAnime Smile ! Maybe I should start a forum for this...
Manji 08-05-2003 09:33 AM
I have a Big O Splash, i wanted to wait until everyone woke up before I started it, I wanted to here peoples ideas of what they would want on the cover
R.Smith 08-05-2003 09:37 AM
What's a "Big O Splash"???