[Fan Fiction] make up a big o scene!

Manji 08-05-2003 09:44 AM
Embarrassed Sweatdrop Oh I guess I shoud've explained that, well its a big collection of pictures...in this case Big O season 2.......Like this-

The Big Omega 08-05-2003 09:59 AM
That's pretty cool, but all those pictures are from episode 14, plus there aren't enough Megadeuses, at least for my taste. But since that was just an example I doubt it matters. This would be pretty awesome if we actually managed to publish it. I know I would buy it. Hell, we probably all would, so start putting stories on this forum people! You can't assemble a book without any material!
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 11:30 AM
Your story was very good,Big Omega.Nice use of descriptive words.That's a fight I wouldn't mind seeing. Big Grin
The Big Omega 08-05-2003 12:09 PM
Thanks Bleu Crow. Your story was very good also. Angel wearing leather and with a whip, I wouldn't know whether to be happy or afraid either... If you get anymore ideas for funny stories write them down. I think we may all work on designing a web book of hilarious Big O stories. Let's see how's this sound for another story...Big O vs the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers?
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 12:11 PM
Well,if you want to read another of my stories then check out the "The Real World-Ganymede" thread in this forum. Wink
re-animate 08-05-2003 03:35 PM
you were right


well im working on some funy thing

[its written across a bunch of napkins, i had dinner with my boss last night....]

i hope its good

[give me a while though]

blue crow, you need to write a book dude.
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 05:27 PM
Originally posted by re-animate
blue crow, you need to write a book dude.

No one would buy a book filled with such nonsense ramblings.Out of the 3 people that would actually stock my book on their shelves,2 would be sold collectivly. Frown
re-animate 08-05-2003 05:27 PM
ide buy um
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 05:35 PM
Ok,then.3 would be sold. Wink
re-animate 08-05-2003 05:38 PM
se, it aint that bad
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 05:42 PM
2 minutes into the book,you'd be saying,"What the hell is this sh**?"
I mean,just wait until you get to Chapter L. Smile
re-animate 08-05-2003 05:43 PM
hye i like weird stuff like that almost as much as i like women.
Blue Crow 08-05-2003 05:49 PM
I like wierd stuff almost as much as I like Turkey loaf.
Lady Tesser 08-05-2003 09:06 PM
Can't be published - a bunch of us A-Ko fanfic writers have THOUSANDS of pages of fanfic, but we can't do anything with them except post them up on our websites.

Still you got the right idea - just have a section somewhere dedicated to Big O spittal or whatever you want to call it. Or keep it to this thread.

* * *

Oh, no! Something just crawled out of the black pits of my mind -

Dorothy folding laundry in the laundry room, not even shocked anymore that Roger wears black undies, when she gets to folding her own laundry. (Just for the sake of this, ignore the fact that she probably doesn't have laundry.)

Something was missing. In fact, several things were missing.

She left the laundry room and went upstairs to the kitchen where Norman was preparing dinner. Roger was helping him by peeling potatoes.

"Norman," Dorothy began.

"Yes, Miss Dorothy?"

"Where are my undergarments?"

"I've no idea what you mean."

Roger flips the peeling knife around in hand and smirks. "You stole her underwear again, didn't you?"

"Again, Norman?"

"It's not what you think - Arrggh! Where are you taking me??"

"We're going to have a talk about your obsession with my underwear while you hang upsidedown over the city street which is three hundred feet below us."

Dorothy drags Norman out. Roger continues peeling.

"At least she didn't find out what I do with her dresses."

* * *

I feel soiled now.
re-animate 08-05-2003 10:18 PM
man that was good

i pissed myself from laughter!
Lady Tesser 08-05-2003 10:29 PM
Domo-aritgato, re-animate-san.
re-animate 08-05-2003 10:32 PM


your house?

seven oclock?

its a date

Lady Tesser 08-05-2003 10:37 PM
Sure, is my husband invited? He's the guy with the sword. ^_^
The Big Omega 08-05-2003 11:26 PM
Here's another funny story by the same guy who brought you Big O vs Godzilla. This one is Big O vs the Power Rangers!

Setting the outskirts of Paradigm City

Five Teenagers are busy hanging out, practicing their martial arts, which look extremely fake. They are each wearing just one color, one in plaid, one in paisley, one in crap brown, one in a vomit collection, and one in snot green. They are multi-ethnic and sex as well, plaid is an Irish guy, paisley is an African girl, crap brown is a Mexican guy, the one in the vomit collection is an Asian girl, and snot green is American. They are truly a multi-colored, ethnic, and sexed fighting force. Suddenly they are all simultaneously transformed into a beam of light of their respective colors (how they ever managed to make plaid, paisley, and vomit collection is completely unknown).


Roger Smith, millionaire negotiator and Playboy-wannabe, is busy playing a game of Twister with Dorothy Waynewright, the resident android.
Roger: Dorothy, can reach the spinner?
Dorothy: Yes (spins spinner), left foot green, Roger.
Roger brings his left foot off of the red dot where it had been and brought it to a green dot. Roger felt his spine pop several times. Dorothy raised her leg and brought it down on the green dot with an unnatural amount of dexterity.


Those five teenagers are in a strange cylinder-shaped building. A stupid little robot runs towards them, it’s arms flapping wildly and screeching “AYE YAI YAI” over and over again.
Snot green: What’s wrong Butthole!?
Butthole: AYE YAI YAI! Lord Crouton and I have discovered a powerful giant robot under Paradigm city. As Power Rangers you need to destroy it!!
The large glass tube in the center of the room glows a pale brown and a large crouton appears in it, Lord Crouton.
Lord Crouton: Hurry power Rangers you must destroy it with your Gaywad Zords! (How a crouton can speak is a mystery to me)
Power Rangers: Yeah!
Once more the Power Rangers teleport away in their respective colors.


Roger and Dorothy are still at their game of Twister. Roger is currently bent over Dorothy and is enjoying a very nice view.
Roger: Ok, here we go (spins spinner) and it’s right hand blue.
Both of them shift to move their left hands to the proper places. Roger notices that his view has just gotten much nicer.


In an abandoned desert the Power Rangers (now dressed in their ugly costumes which complement their terrible fashion sense) summon their Gaywad Zords.
Power Rangers: We need Gaywad Zord power! NOW!
At once the earth rips open and five Zords burst forth. A plaid Tick Zord, a paisley Flamingo Zord, a crap brown Goldfish Zord, a vomit collection Butterfly Zord, and a snot green Slug Zord. The Zords then break apart and then form a giant robot Megazord that appears to have been physically impossible. The Megazord looks even stupider than the Beck Victory Deluxe did, and that’s saying something. The giant Megazord then stomps off to Paradigm City.


Dorothy and Roger are still at that game of Twister. This time Dorothy is bent over backwards and Roger is under her. Roger reaches out to spin the spinner again, however he is interrupted by the monitor in the corner of the room activating, the face of Roger’s butler, Norman Burg, appears on the screen.
Norman: Master Roger, there is a report of a giant, and extremely stupid-looking, robot approaching Paradigm City. Oh dear…am I interrupting something?
Roger: No, it’s nothing, I’ll go take care of this right away. (Pulls himself out from under Dorothy) we’ll continue this game later, Dorothy. BIG O!!!!! ACTION!!!!!!!


The Power Rangers’ extremely stupid Megazord has reached the outskirts of Paradigm city. The Rangers are trying to think of a way to find the giant robot when their Megazord is suddenly flung backwards. The massive fist of Big O, the guardian of Paradigm city, has struck the stupid Megazord.
Roger: Wow, Norman said that the robot was stupid-looking but this is ridiculous.
The Megazord manages to stand up. It punches at Big O but the punch glances off of Big O’s well-armored body. Big O returns the Megazord’s pitiful attack with a powerful punch at the head, the Megazord stumbles backwards clutching its head and Roger then proceeds to bury the robot under flurry of punches. The Megazord stumbles backwards, covered in dents.
Roger: Time to end this!
The giant pistons on the back of Big O’s arms burst backwards, sucking in air. Both of Big O’s arms slam into the chest of the Megazord, and then, with extreme force the pistons on Big O’s arms slam forward, blasting the Megazord with compressed air, tearing the robot’s armor to pieces. The Megazord’s armor is torn to bits and pieces and the Zord threatens to collapse.
Rangers: NO! We need our power sword now! Summon Power Sword!!!
Suddenly the sky goes dark and cruel, threatening clouds appear out of nowhere. A crack of thunder and the clouds part in a small circle and a giant sword falls from the heavens. The giant sword then falls and in an amazing irony, it pierces the Megazord, cutting it in half. The two halves of the Megazord fall to the ground and explode in a giant fireball.
Roger: …now that was just pitiful.


Roger has returned home and is searching for Dorothy so that they can continue their game of Twister. Wandering back into the room Roger finds that Dorothy is still in the same position on the Twister mat as when he had left.
Roger: hmmm…impressive. OK Dorothy, let’s get back to the game! (starts smiling a lot, maybe a bit too much…).
Lady Tesser 08-06-2003 12:12 AM
*claps* I bow to genius, Big Omega.

Oh, no, another one ...

"Master Roger," Norman began. "There is a robot attacking east dome number three."

Roger sighed and got up from the parlor couch, while Dorothy continued playing the Chopin piece on the piano. "Knew it wasn't going to be a quiet day. We can see the east domes from here."

He opened the balcony doors and stepped out into the cold afternoon air, gazing across Pardigm City toward the east domes.

"Oh, moses on a hibachi stick, marinated with manna."

Dorothy stopped playing. "You're out of character, Roger."

"Well, YOU take a look at this."

Dorothy joined Roger on the balcony, hopping up to the railing.

Roger's lip twitched. "Well?"

"It's a giant robot in a sailor dress," she commented in complete calmness.

He rubbed his temple. "Dorothy, can you take care of it?"

"I am not going to battle anything called 'Robo-Ako 839', Roger, I refuse."


"Because the fanfic writer is trying to do a crossover and we can't allow that."

"You're right." Roger poked his finger through the Fourth Wall and it came out of the computer screen toward the fanfic writer's face. "Tess, stop being weird and lay off the iced coffees. It's past midnight, go to bed."

From beyond the Fourth Wall, a sleepy but meek voice answers, "Okay, Roger, but I was planning on giving you and Dora over there a love scene worthy of romance novels, but since you're making me go to bed, I won't."

Roger opened his mouth to object, but she interrupted him, "I'll just have Dorothy play some Queen for you in the morning - maybe the theme from Flash Gordon."

"That's almost the same as my theme song," he reminded her.

"Oh, yeah, you like that, don't you? Okay, then maybe Wang Chung. Nighty-night."

Dorothy shook her head. "You do not scold the fanfic writers, Roger, they can make us do bizarre things. Like make you fall madly in love with Alan Gabriel."

"Hey, I do NOT like clown boys!"

"Then explain Key West Fantasy Fest last year."

"I was drunk! That could have been anyone in a black suit and sunglasses!"

"That's always your excuse, isn't it? 'I was tanked'. Almost as bad as when you molest me."

"I do not molest you!"

"That's mean - I'm going home to mother."

Fanfic writer yells through the Fourth Wall: "Some of us are trying to get some sleep! Now either shut up, make up, or take it to a hotel!"

Roger, lost like a Southern Baptist at an S&M convention, shrugs and says, "Norman, I'm going out to to fight some psychos with giant robots to get some normalcy."

"I'll have some coffee ready, sir."