Anime/Manga Collecting Recommendations

StewieGriffin 01-07-2004 10:11 PM
I'm doing a bit of manga and anime shopping (since anime/manga will now be the center of my life), so what are some really good manga/anime that has already has finished its series that you recommend for collecting? Also, it has to be REALLY GOOD manga/anime and that you know won't be a waste of money. Big Grin Big Grin

Crystalline 01-07-2004 10:20 PM
I really like Kare Kano, I am pretty positive it's done its run, the anime is pretty dang nifty too.

Definitely worth a browse in the bookstore to see if it's your thing. ^_^
Sharpshooter005 01-07-2004 11:09 PM
The Evangelion manga is an interesting retelling of that anime (granted, I only have up to...the fifth one).

The hellsing manga is GREAT. Its...well, if the anime was more like it. It would be longer, and ALOT better (and I say that as a devout fan of the series...also the three part "Cross Fire" serial included in those is just grand. Heinkal and Yumiko own, hardcore, and thats a fact).

Hm...what else..Priest is pretty good. I've only read one of those, but it was good.

Oh, yes, I hear the FLCL manga is worth a look. I unfortunately havent found it. It wasnt in the bookstore so I became discouraged and started looking for stuff by Evelyn Waugh...which..they also didnt have. Yeah, it was a STRANGE Borders, at least they had the Father Ted dvds..

(Im least three things I just mentioned have some correlation in their subject matter with Christendom, specifically Roman Catholicism. I swear its all just a coincidence, and not my rabid Catholic fanboyness at work)
Knave 01-07-2004 11:17 PM
The style is a little old, but the DVDs are pretty well priced (you get 6-7 episodes per disc, so the series is just 4 discs) - Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Space comedy - drama, the leading character is one of the most humorous I've seen, as he joins the Space Force just because the recruitment banner has a pretty girl on it, and blunders his way into becoming the captain of a ship Smile .

My only problem with it is a bit of the music and the absolutely horrible opening credits (think bad 70s music video), but, thanks to the wonders of DVD, you can skip those now. Here's a bit more of an in-depth review, if you're interested.
Pygmalion 01-08-2004 12:35 AM
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds. The manga expands on the movie quite a lot (particularly if you've had the misfortune of seeing Warriors fo the Wind, the particularly unfortunate edited and dubbed version). A ful listing of printings can be found at the website.

Mega Dominus 01-08-2004 01:31 AM
A great list of recommended anime DVDs can be found here from :

I've personally watched most of them and enjoyed them all, and those I haven't should be good considering they are generally well-known.

For completed manga series, try Love Hina (14 volumes) and Gunsmith Cats (8 or 9 volumes). As far as incomplete series goes, a hilarious one would be Great Teacher Onizuka (G.T.O.) which is at 16 volumes thus far and still running (24-25 overall)!

GTO gets my full recommendation...unless you don't want to see a perverted, blonde-dyed, ex-biker, ass-kicking teacher tear up the classroom. Big Grin Note that it's been rated for older teens (16+) on the back of the book (serious social topics, fan service, violence, crude humor, etc.)...
CoCoaPuFF CatX 01-09-2004 08:59 PM
ummmmmmm........... I'm Big on manga so there are many tirles that you mike like depending on what your into! if you like romance/comedy you have got to check Love hina that is funny funny funny! if you like action/comedy check out Gto like adventure read samuri deeper kyo or rave master if you like b ball then check out harlem beat! itz a hard title to find but really good! gosh what else that all i cna think of right now!
Manji 01-09-2004 09:04 PM
I strongly recommend Lupin III and Fooly Cooly Manga's, those never stop making me laugh Big Grin
Barrin 01-17-2004 11:21 AM
For manga, I agree with the recommendation for Love Hina. The overall cost for the series is $140 for 14 volumes. I question some of the translations, but it's minor compared to the humor you get along the way. I also suggest the Evangelion manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. It's a bit more expensive than most manga nowindays, but it's a wonderful story. The differences between the anime and manga become more appearent in the sixth and seventh volumes.

For movies, nothing gets better than the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Castle of Cagilistro (Lupin III movie), Grave of the Fireflies (pure drama), Laputa (Action-adventure), and Spirited Away (Won some major awards last year) are just a few of the great ones. They have the greatest quality for artistic production and great storylines.
Tickle Tickle 01-17-2004 11:46 AM
Sailor Moon- A pretty good series, I've been watching for awhile. I recommend the first season, or 'S'. The manga is much better than the anime, but TOKYOPOP's translation of it sucks. Also, stay FAR AWAY from the dub. Unless your watching SuperS, which was the only good dubbed season (too bad, since thats the worst one).

Chobits- I recommend the manga over the anime. The anime can be a little boring, and the ending in'st handled very well. But the manga is really funny, and has great artwork! ^^

Fruits Basket- A REALLY cute anime. Its pretty funny too, but I suggest waiting for the manga or until FUNImation releases a boxset.

Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland- BUY THIS. BUY THIS! The manga and anime are both good. Lots of Lesbian action *^.^*

Cat Soup- A higly disturbing short OVA that so awesome @@
Redd 01-17-2004 12:31 PM
Well, *my* favorite manga is Pet Shop of Horrors. ^___^ It's not really "scary", it's more like fantasy-ish. It's awesome, if you don't mind gay-ness. Tongue Sweatdrop Embarrassed Sweatdrop

My avatar is from Pet Shop of Horrors. ^__^
Cool_Vash 01-17-2004 12:39 PM
I recomend The Skull Man and Scryed (the art takes a bit to get used to though)