If you made a Big O movie . . .

JMA 01-06-2004 10:04 AM
I think both a prequel and sequel movie to the series could work.

The prequel could be called "Paradigm City." The first hour would focus on "The Event" and the events leading up to it. The second hour would examine things AFTER "The Event" (the tomato experiments, Alex coming into power, Roger becomming a Negotiator and learning to pilot Big O, ect).

The sequel would wrap up the events in "The Big O" in a nice, understandable package. We would get an ending to the Roger/Dorothy/Angel love triangle, as well as a final Megadeus battle involving Big O.
Executor 01-06-2004 11:14 AM
Screw prequels, I want Roger/Dorothy love!!! Mad Mad Mad
YZEtc 01-06-2004 12:52 PM
Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.
For 26 episodes, not even a little kissy-wissy. Crying
A Clockwork Tomato 01-06-2004 01:12 PM
Well, if I made a BIG O movie, I'd want it to be the best damned movie it could possibly be -- not a crutch to prop up the TV show, or a "Big O Lecture Series" in disguise, but something that was well worth seeing in its own right, whether you've ever seen the TV show or not.

As such, it would no doubt feature robot fisticuffs, cool gadgets, a fascinating villain, the ambiguous assistance of Angel and Beck, Roger with his shirt ripped off, and lots and lots of Roger/Dorothy interplay, of both the sarcastic and the smoochy variety.

I would like to see Angel and Dorothy rescue Roger. I would like to see Dorothy dress up as a boy and infiltrate the enemy establishment. I would like to see Angel seduce the villain and humiliate him in some ghastly way. I want collateral damage, big explosions, and a single chase scene that uses at least a dozen modes of transportation!

Oh, and another kitten.
Commander Amarao 01-06-2004 01:42 PM
They should have amazing visuals, great music, Beck and a crazy plot involving his henchmen and a giant gold robot, Norman with a bazooka, and all the questions from seasons 1 and 2 should be answered. Oh yeah throw Big Venus in there and that should do it.
MetalGoldKnight 01-06-2004 04:28 PM
"Some kind of a retelling and a continuation."

Considering the whole loop ordeal, it wouldn't be hard at all to do both at once.
Nine Kuze 08-31-2006 07:25 PM
*Brushes this thread's shoulders off*

If I made a Big O movie, it would sweep the Oscars (at least getting five awards, eleven nominations in all. Oh yes, I've done the math). But also, I would like to make an adaption that honored the show and centering around the focus of the mystery of Paradigm City. What is it exactly and why did the citizen lose their memories and what happened exactly 40 years ago?

I wouldn't take too much away from the original story, keeping Schwarzwald, Alan Gabriel, and the rest of the supporting cast that helped make The Big O what is was. I would also take a closer look into the relationship of Angel and Roger and what that particularly means to Dorothy. I would though, shorten the "dream sequence" to add up to the theather scene with Norman and Roger (one of my favorite moments in the whole series). The most important battles between The Big O and Dorothy 1/Big Duo/Big Fau/Bonaparte would of course be there and I would have a conclusion between the Fau-O fight as we all wanted. I would also left out some things like unfortunatly, Red Destiny and Behemoth.

Through the other numerous dozens of threads like this, mostly people who have thought up of doing a Big O adaption film have come to the same line of doing a trilogy of some sorts.

I'm not one of those people. I like long and big films so personally, I would like to (and I don't think its impossible or won't take away from the spirit of Big O) just one huge movie of it. But that's just me.

Funny thing, I actually wrote a treatment a while ago of a Big O movie without Big O or the megaduses at all. Just focusing on the city, Roger Smith, and the citizens of Paradigm City without memories. But that wouldn't be right and downright criminal. Like, if someone did a remake to Psycho or something. Oh, wait...
Nazrael 08-31-2006 11:14 PM
I would love to see some sort of Roger/Schwarzwald team-up. Since Paradigm was reset, Ol' Michael and Duo have to be around somewhere.
Dominus of Requiem 09-01-2006 03:05 PM
i would kill alex rosewaters

and marry R.Dororthy
minespatch 09-01-2006 06:33 PM
Originally posted by Crystalline
I'd love to learn a little more about Alan Gabriel... I'd like to know about his past... Could be fun! But since I know that would never happen...

I'd also like to see a sort of "Death and Rebirth" to kind of give a little more to the ending. I have no problem with the ending (the non-cut one), but I'd LOVE to know more...

I'd be sad, however, because Alan is dead so wouldn't be in the movie... ;_;

actually, he disappeared. think about it, he was sucked into the megaduse by schwarzwald. probably, i would like to see schwarzwald reprogram alan. mind control (basically) into killing a unheard enemy of schwarzwald's.

beck would probably be in the beginning to set the film off a good start.
Nazrael 09-01-2006 07:04 PM
I think it's safe to say he's dead. (at least before the reset anyway) The wires were strangling him.

Not to mention that he was still inside that big clump of wires when they fell from several miles in the air. >_>
SEELE 08 09-01-2006 11:33 PM
I'd have lots of Alex Rosewater goodness! Or m aybe a prequel with lots of little lab-rat Alex...poor kid had a sh*tty childhood!