A formal apology

psygnosis 01-02-2004 01:19 PM
and that it applies to any other idiotic friends you have besides those two

Who was the second one? it was probly just roberts again. i have told two diferent people but one hasn't joined yet(he currently has no acces to a coputer) but he's a decent guy who liked big o. we call him robot kid.
R.Jesse 01-02-2004 02:27 PM
i see ya all hate me "i cant wait io have you banned" was a rude thing to say i am sorry Frown
psygnosis 01-02-2004 05:38 PM
i didn't care that much its just that i don't remember ever saying anything to offend you personaly.

and about my other freind you banned, he acted in a way that i realy didn't expect (purposly bypasing word filters) i spoke to him and he said what happend yes i see your reason for banning him, but i really didn't expect him to be so ignorant.