if you saw dorothy

R.Jesse 12-25-2003 02:23 PM
what would you do
Zopwx2 12-25-2003 02:32 PM
I'd go to the psychiatrist, obviously my interest in big o has turned into an obsession and its taking over my brain...!!!! AHHHHHHHHH
evanASF27 12-25-2003 02:51 PM
grab her...run... Tongue Big Grin
Sharpshooter005 12-25-2003 03:21 PM
Stare in a profoundly awkward way.

Then if the whirring began, I'd really just flip out right there.

grab her...run...

Being a robot, the weight might be an issue..Now if I had a forklift or something handy, I might go that route also.
Ketchup 12-25-2003 03:30 PM
I saw her one time in an airport in Houston, Texas!! I was all like Shocked Shocked Shocked

But if I saw her again, I'd grab her shoulders and I'd be all like 'Alright! You're here! NOW WHERE IS BECK??!!' O_O
Crystalline 12-25-2003 03:44 PM
I'd poke her. It's an important thing for me, to poke awesome people. I'm still hoping to poke Tori Amos, and all of Mini Moni, including Mari Yaguchi... Dorothy's arm might hurt my finger when I poke, but it'd be worth it. ^v^ Then I'd ask her to hand over Roger Smith, or else. ^_~
Blackcat 12-25-2003 03:50 PM
I would ask her if she's programmed to do *Cough* Certain Acts *Cough*

Then i would ask her to hook up to the megadeus in my garage, so I could go blow up my high-school.

Lady Tesser 12-25-2003 03:54 PM
Sooner or later, I run into characters ...

Haven't met Dorothy yet, though. Knowing my luck, she'll be the human version.
angelcakes 12-25-2003 03:59 PM
Originally posted by Zopwx2
I'd go to the psychiatrist, obviously my interest in big o has turned into an obsession and its taking over my brain...!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

Yep, pretty much the same here. That and take as many pictures as possible.
Sharpshooter005 12-25-2003 04:12 PM
Now if R.D. popped up on the street....that'd be grand...

Of course, like many good things, theres a possibility of getting shot to death. But hey, you never know.
Tony Waynewrong 12-25-2003 04:16 PM

I don't think you want to know what I would do....

But, if you insist, I would engage in a nice long conversation with her. If she would permit me, I would take her off to a coffee shop.

Of course, I would check myself into an insane asylum right after. But the psychotic memories would last a life time... Smile
Zola 12-25-2003 06:47 PM
Hey, Roger Smith was behind me in traffic the other day... I was dying laughing. If I hadn't been in a hurry, I think I would have arranged a little "fender bender" just to get his name... Wink
Blackcat 12-25-2003 07:10 PM
So thats who that was in front of me!!!! Tongue

But seriously, I look like Roger...
Lady Tesser 12-25-2003 08:17 PM
So do I! *points down*

Kinda ...
    Smoke 12-25-2003 08:22 PM
    Same as evan execpt I would put a little more uh.. detail hehe Big Grin
    Big Ben 12-25-2003 08:24 PM
    Immediately look up at the sky for the stage lights, for I've realized my memories are suspect and all the world's a stage.
    YZEtc 12-25-2003 09:41 PM
    I most certainly would not pinch myself because I wouldn't want to wake up from such a fantastic dream.
    Dorothy and Pero 12-25-2003 11:28 PM
    I'd follow her home and get a job as a maid for Roger Smith. Dorothy and I could sing duets to get Roger to wake upLaughing
    Ok, that was a bit silly.
    But that's what I'd do Roll Eyes Wink
    R Trusedale 12-26-2003 04:56 PM
    Obviously, pop open her disk drive and attach my control device Pleased
    No the one on her forehead, silly...
    Lupin IV 12-26-2003 05:07 PM
    Confused Walk in the opposite direction