Merry Christmas!

Krang 12-25-2003 12:30 AM
Merry Christmas everyone (or Heaven's Day for those of you living in Paradigm City Wink )! Here's a big update to celebrate the holidays:
  • I put up a new banner by Evan that can be used to link to this site on our Link to Us page.
  • I put up a new Dorothy wallpaper by LeBookofThel on our Wallpaper page.
  • I added a magazine cover by NeoHyperRockman to our Miscellaneous Fan Works section.
  • I added 12 excellent new pieces of fan art by Mario Galea, Tifaria, Almasy, Sherlgirl, Guillermo Piloto, and Nikon to our Fan Art section! As you can see, the page is getting to be very big, so it will be split up by artist in a future update.
  • I put up screenshots by staff member Almasy for episodes 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 in the Images section!
Check out the updates at the links above. Thanks to everyone listed above for sending in your contributions to the site! Also, be sure to check back the day after Christmas for a fanfic update by Shredder!
Shredder 12-25-2003 12:35 AM
Thanks, Krang, for the great update! Big Grin As he mentioned, the next fanfic update will hopefully be on the 26th, a little after-Christmas present for everyone (and I might throw in an extra surprise or two). Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!
Wingnut 12-25-2003 01:06 AM
Good, I was begining to wonder. Love the screencaps as usual, and certain additions to the fanart section are, well, interesting. (Hottie Dottie for example)
evanASF27 12-25-2003 09:31 AM
WHHHAAATTTT??!?!?! *extreme Dastun close up @.@;;;*

No ROGER BUST screenshots?!?! ;_;


Oh darn it...but still...good shots...(except for the absence of a Roger Bust) ... Big Grin Tongue I NOW GOT NEW PICS TO USE FOR FUNNY PICTURES!! BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!!!

*swings away using a whip and lands on a train headed for paradigm city*

Doesn't my banner/link to pic look great?! Tongue Big Grin I am sooo original, lol Smile
Tifaria 12-25-2003 10:44 AM
Thanks so much! The screencaps are great, and there's some neat fanart that wasn't posted here in the forums or anything-- I like it when there's fanart in the update that I haven't already seen here. Smile )
Zopwx2 12-25-2003 03:22 PM
Thanks Almasy! Screenshots rule!!!
mecha0083 12-25-2003 08:53 PM
Originally posted by evanASF27
Doesn't my banner/link to pic look great?! Tongue Big Grin I am sooo original, lol Smile

Merry Christmas All!

Thanks for the updates, krang.

Oh, evanASF27, the answer is yes.
Mega Dominus 12-26-2003 01:46 AM
Amazing stuff, this has got to be one of the best Christmas days to date! Thanks to all the contributors and admins for bringing us more goodies near the end of a great year for Big O! Smile )

Keep up the good work! And happy holidays too!!! Big Grin