How to get a custom title (a.k.a. the "Forum Veterans" group)

Krang 12-23-2003 12:12 AM
The user group for custom titles has been set up. To get a custom title, you must first meet these requirements:
  1. You must have been a member of Paradigm City Forums for at least 5 months. This means that if you joined on September 1, you would be eligible starting February 1.
  2. You must have at least 1250 posts. These posts must not include any spam, double posts, cross posts, or advertising (see the Forum Rules for more information).
  3. You must currently not have any warnings. Past warnings won't affect your eligibility.
  4. You must be a member and not a moderator, super moderator, or part of any other user group besides the Default Group for Users.
If you meet these qualifications, go to your Profile/User CP, choose the "User Groups" option, and click the "Join This Group" option next to the Forum Veterans category. After submitting your application, I will make sure that you meet the requirements and approve your application if you do (you can check the status of your application using the same link that you used to join). Once your application is approved and you are a member of the Forum Veterans group, go to "Edit Profile" on your Profile/User CP and you will be able to change your title.
Please note that if you abuse your custom title, you risk being permanently removed from the Forum Veterans group.

Update on 06/18/04: The requirements have been increased from 1000 posts and 3 months to 1250 posts and 5 months. Please make sure that you meet the new requirements before applying.