Trivia Game

Krang 01-11-2003 12:48 AM
We just put up a new Trivia Game! This new script that I wrote asks 12 questions about the first season of Big O and presents you with four choices for each question. Check it out under "Interactive" on our menu to the left. If you have any trivia questions you would like to contribute, let us know.
BigFire 06-19-2003 08:55 AM
I test the trivia and i find it's good, but I saw a little mistake.
In "Winter Night Phantom", she said not "Vous si gentil", but "Vous êtes gentil".
I know it because I'm french Wink
Good site
Krang 06-19-2003 10:01 PM
Hi, and glad you like the site. In the subtitles, the phrase was written as "Vous si gentil," but when the phrase was actually spoken, it sounded more like what you wrote. Then, about halfway through the episode, Dastun repeated it and it sounded more like "Vous êtes si gentil," which would probably make the most sense based on the translation given at the end (I don't speak French though, so I'm not sure). What do you think?
BigFire 06-20-2003 07:52 AM
I watch aiagin the episode this noon.
In french version, she said "you're so sweet" in english. I think the difference is here to accentuate the language between the paradigm people and the actress.
but in the japanese version with subtitle, I heard
"vous êtes...gentil" and the subtitle said the same.
there isn't "si".
We can translate "si" by "so"
and I think "vous si gentil" is a little strange en french, because in this sentence there isn't verb.
"êtes " can be translated by "are"
I think the next problem is the translation between words and the movment of mouth.

For me the best sentence is "vous êtes gentil", but with the translation you can use "you're so sweet"
I don't know if you say often "you're sweet" or "you're so sweet".

I hope i help you a little
opsnafu 06-20-2003 09:44 AM
Wow, I've watched 2 or three episodes of Big O on toonami a while ago and i remember just about nothing about it, execpt for the girl that's not real. I took the quiz, I got 4 questions right. Tongue
Krang 06-21-2003 04:27 AM
Thanks, BigFire, I'll make that change in the next update.
Wolfwood 07-28-2003 09:29 PM
Don't try trivia unless you've watched all of the Big Os in season 1.