Forum Rules

Krang 08-01-2003 01:42 AM
Welcome to Paradigm City Forums! In order to keep the boards running smoothly, we ask that you follow these basic rules. Anyone who breaks these rules often enough will get a warning, and 3 total warnings will get you banned.
  1. Please try to keep the messages on-topic for the most part.
  2. Please respect other members. Attacking or harassing other members on the forums is not allowed. This includes trolling (posting with the intention of upsetting people and/or starting arguments). If you get into an argument with another member, please take it to email/PM/IM and keep it off the forums.
  3. Spam of any kind is not allowed. This includes posting useless or excessively short posts just to increase your rank or post count, blatant advertising (posting a link to a website, forum, or other online resource for the sole purpose of gaining visitors or members), cross posting (starting the same thread in more than one forum), and double posting (posting twice or more in a row in the same thread unless at least one of the posts is close to the character limit or contains a relevant quote of another member with a relevant response (i.e. more than one sentence), or unless the posts were made hours apart).
  4. Please avoid excessive use of swearing. The word filters are there for a reason, so don't try to bypass them.
  5. Posting obscene or illegal links/images/text is not allowed.
  6. Discussion of (or requests for) episode downloads or bootlegs of Big O or any other licensed anime is not allowed on these forums.
  7. Posting spoilers (text or images) about anything that happens in a Big O episode that hasn't aired on US TV yet is not allowed (unless either spoiler tags are used or the thread title indicates that the thread contains spoilers). For spoiler images, use URL tags instead of IMG tags so that the image itself doesn't show up in your post.
  8. Each person is allowed to register only one username. If you want to change your username, let me know and I'll change it for you.
  9. This rule won't be strictly enforced, but before starting a new thread, please make sure that a thread about the subject you're posting doesn't already exist in the latest three pages of the board you're posting on. Also, when starting a new thread, please choose a thread title that matches what the thread is actually about to avoid confusion.
  10. The total size of all images and text in your signature should be no more than 250 pixels high and 550 pixels wide. Also, no single picture in your signature should be more than 150KB in file size.
  11. Please do not attach a file to your post unless it is relevant to the topic of the thread you're posting in. Also, please do not attach images that are already hosted on the site.
  12. The forum staff is not responsible for anything that happens outside of the forums, including arguments between members. You are responsible for resolving your own personal arguments, so do not ask any staff members to punish anyone involved, and do not drag the arguments onto the forums.
Krang 12-22-2004 10:41 PM
[10/03/2003] The Forum Rules have been updated to include new rules about signature sizes, starting threads, and attachments, so please look those over.

[11/16/2003] The Forum Rules have been updated again. This time, I rearranged rule #3 slightly and added definitions for cross posting and double posting.

[4/10/2004] The definition of trolling has been added to rule #2, and the definitions of spam and double posting in rule #3 have been updated. Rule #11 has also been updated.

[11/20/2004] The definition of blatant advertising has been added to rule #3, and rule #6 has been revised to include other anime besides Big O. Also, a note about thread titles has been added to rule #9, and the file size limit in rule #10 has been increased.

[12/22/2004] Rule #12 added. This has always been our policy, but I wanted to put it in writing to make sure everyone knows about it.