[Fan Fiction] ACT 30: DORI, DOROTHY. Complete!

Tifaria 11-30-2003 12:23 PM
I love what you're doing with Beck here. I've always kind of liked him, but I like him a lot more now. Smile ) It's kind of sweet to see him affectionate toward someone other than himself. Tongue

Can't wait to see what happens next!
A Clockwork Tomato 11-30-2003 12:32 PM
Inside Big O, Dorothy said, “Big B reports four targets, three of them remotely piloted robots, and one damaged Megadeus converted to manual piloting.”

“Big B?”

“That’s his name. The three robots are of the type that was used to attack the amusement park dome. All three are armed with laser cannon. In addition, two have racks of missiles and one is apparently a walking bomb.” She rattled off some additional specifications.

“That doesn’t sound too bad if we can blow the walking bomb before we get too close. The other armament is pretty light.”

“Yes. The Megadeus has no core memory at all, but is fully armed with eye lasers, a chromebuster, machine guns, a reality cannon, and an unidentified system which is probably not a weapon at all.”

“What in the world is a reality cannon?” asked Roger.

“I have no idea. Apparently the device is non-functional in any event.”

“Tell Big B that we ought to gang up on the other Megadeus first, if we can, and try to disable it before the bomb-bot gets close. Then we take out the bomb-bot, and finally the small fry.”

“Big B agrees.”

Roger called Dastun on the radio to get an idea of what was going on. The robots had walked through the outskirts of the city, causing some damage, and then retreated into the wastelands. Dastun had thrown out a screen of tanks to maintain contact, but was not attacking. He was waiting for the Megadeuses.

“I’m using two of my aircraft to keep track of them,” he said proudly. “The enemy has taken a few pot shots at them, but so far they’ve missed. Visibility is good, so we can maintain visual contact from a long way off.”

Dastun recommended a line of march that allowed his forces to provide covering fire for the Megadeuses, and vice versa. The Megadeuses would be a quarter of a mile apart; close enough to provide mutual assistance, far enough apart that they couldn’t both be blasted by the same weapon. Big O was on the right; Big B on the left. They were in a region of sand dunes with broken skyscrapers sticking through here and there.

Roger told Dorothy, “I could get used to these combined operations. Teamwork is a wonderful thing.”

“Roger,” said Dorothy. “Are we walking into a trap?”


“What should I be looking for?”

“Hidden things. Camouflaged gun emplacements. Anomalous sources of heat. Large pieces of metal. Hollow spaces in the ground. Electrical activity.”

“Vehicles emerging from tunnels.”

“Things like that, yes.”

“Three vehicles emerging at two o’clock.”

“Notify Dastun and Big B,” said Roger as he slewed Big O around to face the menace. Three flat-bed trucks had pulled out of a tunnel. Each carried a single missile about forty feet long on a launcher that angled up over the cab. Roger hurriedly engaged the eye lasers. Even if he missed, the operators of the missile launchers would probably hit the dirt and stay there, and their eyes would be dazzled. The lasers hit one of the trucks, shearing the cab off but leaving the missile launcher unharmed. Big O missed the other two trucks completely.

“Missile launched.”

The missile launched quite slowly. Since it was headed directly towards Big O, it made an easy target. Roger held Big O still so he could get a better aim, and fired the eye lasers. The missile exploded a hundred yards ahead of Big O. Fragments of missile slammed into Big O, but caused no damage.

“Missile launched.”

Roger didn’t have time to line up the lasers on this missile, so he tried dodging to the side. There was an explosion as the truck that launched the missile blew up. The missile swerved and buried itself in a sand dune.

“Big B destroyed the missile launcher. Missile launched.”

The third missile was in the air, this one aimed at Big B. Roger didn’t have a good shot at the missile itself, so he used the eye lasers to destroy the missile launcher. The missile passed within a few feet of Big B’s head and kept going for several miles before exploding somewhere out of sight.

“Robots approaching at ten o’clock.”

“Ha! They got their timing wrong. They should have shown up at the same time as the missile launchers. Lock missiles on whatever’s nearest. Be prepared to use the chromebuster on my signal.”

The robots appeared on the sensor screen first, and then hove into view over a low hill. The three identical-looking robots were well in front; the Megadeus was hanging back.

“Which robot has the bomb?” asked Roger.

“I can’t tell.”

The robots were only a quarter of a mile away. The Megadeus was over a mile away. Big B fired his left-hand cannon at the Megadeus, which dodged the projectile easily. Big B switched to eye lasers, which didn’t have a hope of damaging the Megadeus.

“Chromebuster!” called Roger.

Big O adopted a firing stance. Roger aimed carefully at the other Megadeus. “Fire!” he called.

There was a delay of several seconds as the chromebuster charged up. Then it fired at the enemy Megadeus. Aiming the chromebuster was tricky. The glare from the beam made it impossible to see the target, and the beam itself interfered with radar and sensors. Roger switched off the beam after several seconds. A streak of lava showed that the beam had struck thirty feet to the left of the enemy Megadeus.

“Missiles locked.”

“Any idea which robot has the bomb?”


“Four missiles, fire!”

A brace of missiles snapped out of Big O’s torso and sped towards the nearest robot. The missiles, with plenty of time to get up to speed, slammed into the robot with full force. The warheads exploded and tore huge rents in its torso. One of its arms flew end over end in the air.

Still the robot came on. It was firing its laser cannon at Big B, to no effect that Roger could see.

“Well, at least that one’s not the bomb,” said Roger.

A few shells started exploding near the robots. Some of Dastun’s tanks were coming into range.

Big B was closer to the robots. He had extended the plasma lance in his right hand and advanced on the damaged robot. Big B made a big show of brandishing the plasma lance as he advanced, then, from a distance of about fifty feet, fired his left-hand cannon into the robot’s head. The head was torn from its body and the robot fell over, to lie inert and smoking on the ground.

The second robot paused and fired its missiles at Big O, who raised his forearms protectively just in time. After a series of explosions, the forearm armor was glowing in places and had pits up to three feet deep, but nowhere had the armor been breached.

“Lock missiles on the Megadeus,” said Roger. Then, “Chromebuster!”

He fired the chromebuster at the other Megadeus again, but missed. The Megadeus was still hanging back, though the range was now only half a mile. It had not fired so far.

Big B seemed to have decided to take out both of the remaining robots at close range. That didn’t make any sense!

Roger decided that Big B was making a demonstration to distract the robots until someone else finished them off. “Targeting chromebuster on the nearest robot,” he said.

As the chromebuster charged, Dorothy said, “Missiles locked.”

“Four missiles, fire!”

The missiles shot out towards the enemy Megadeus just before big O’s chromebuster fired at the second robot. There was a terrific flash as the robot, its torso packed with ten tons of high explosives, blew up. Big B was blown a hundred feet backwards, but through some miracle managed to land on his feet. The third robot was blown onto its back and was half buried by debris.

Roger looked around for the enemy Megadeus. “Where is it?” he asked.

Before Dorothy could answer, Big B fired his left-hand cannon at the prostrate robot. There was another enormous flash. Big B was knocked off his feet this time, and Big O, much further away, was blown back three paces.

Continued in Part 8
A Clockwork Tomato 11-30-2003 12:34 PM
“These guys are full of surprises, Dorothy,” said Roger with a grim smile. “Find me that Megadeus.”

“I can’t pick it up,” said Dorothy. Could we have destroyed it with our missiles?

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

Big B was back on his feet, apparently undamaged.

“Dastun, where the hell is that other Megadeus?” said Roger into his radio.

“What? It’s right on top of you!” shouted Dastun.

Roger looked around wildly, then noticed a shimmering in the air. When he looked at it directly, the Megadeus become perfectly visible.

“Nice trick, pal,” said Roger, “but I see you now!”

The other Megadeus, only a hundred yards away, began to charge its chromebuster.

“Hip anchors!” called Roger, grabbing the appropriate controls. He fired the hip chains into the stub of a skyscraper sticking out of the dunes, and reeled them in at full speed. Big O was jerked sideways just as the enemy’s chromebuster went off. Roger released the chains and Big O strode forward, fists raised. The instant the enemy’s chromebuster winked out, Big O punched the Megadeus in the head with his left. Then he hit it in the throat with his right, hoping to stun the pilot.

The missile launcher ports opened on the other Megadeus’ torso. Roger had a good view of rack upon rack of missiles pointed right at him, then suddenly the enemy Megadeus staggered backwards, having been hit by a shell from Big B’s left-hand cannon. The missiles sprayed across the sky and vanished.

“Thanks, Big B!” shouted Roger. Big O leapt forward and pounded the Megadeus over and over with his piledrivers, never letting it regain its balance. Pieces of armor flew off the Megadeus. A blow to the head started a dazzling fire; the chromebuster had been damaged. The blows drove it backwards step by step, first walking, then staggering. After a dozen paces, it lost its balance completely and toppled onto its back.

“Self-destruct sequence engaged,” reported Dorothy. “Five seconds.”

“Warn Big B,” said Roger. Big O raised his forearms protectively and walked backwards as fast as he could.

It was more than an explosion. The flash and the noise and the half-molten debris smashing into Big O were only to be expected, but there was also a wave of memories and emotions, too fleeting to grasp, that made Roger feel weak and ill.

When the spots receded from Roger’s eyes, he looked for the crater where the Megadeus had been. There was none. The hillside, barren everywhere else, was covered with a carpet of wildflowers. There was no sign of the Megadeus or of the explosion.

“Dorothy, what just happened?” asked Roger.

“I’m not sure,” said Dorothy. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Roger sighed. “Well, what else is new?” He looked around. No enemies in sight. Big B, who had been further back in any event, seemed unharmed.

“Check with Big B to see if there are any other enemies,” he told Dorothy. He spoke into the radio. “Dastun? Do you have any other targets for me?”

“Not at the moment, Roger. I think we may have gotten them all. And we’ve rounded up quite a few Union operatives as well. Big B radioed the locations of their command bunkers.”

Roger slumped in the command chair. “Just another day in the City of Amnesia,” he said to no one in particular.

* * *

Continued in Part 9
A Clockwork Tomato 11-30-2003 12:49 PM
Beck said, “Well, that’s all of them. Get Roger on the horn.”

Dori asked, “Do you want video?”

“Yeah, but just me, not you. They get weird about you.”

The camera at the front of the cockpit panned down, excluding Dori from the shot. “On screen.”

The front screen lit up, showing Roger and Dorothy.

“Beck!” cried Roger in amazement.

“Hiya, Roger old pal,” said Beck with his crooked grin. “That was some fancy shooting.”

Roger was angry. “What are you trying to pull, Beck?”

“I’m doing my bit as a responsible citizen, Roger old buddy, just like you.” Beck kept his grin in place, but he was annoyed. This was not the reception he was looking for.

“But you were on their side!”

“Was I?” snapped Beck. “Well, I suppose you’d know. After all, you weren’t there.”

“Jason,” said Dori. “Angel warned you not to needle him like this.”

Roger looked startled. “Dori? Is that you?”

Dori panned the camera upwards so she was included in the shot. “Yes, I’m here.”

Dorothy gasped. “Dori! Take out the probe cables!”

The probe cables withdrew from the adapter on Dori’s forehead and hovered in the air.

Dori opened her mouth to speak, but Dorothy went on, “You’re not old enough to use them! They could damage your mind.”

Beck was furious. “Back off, Dorothy! Nobody asked you! Since when are you the damned expert, anyway?”

Roger was enraged. “I knew Dori wasn’t safe with a swine like you!”

“That does it!” shouted Beck. He grabbed the controls and urged Big B forward. Roger did the same with Big O.

Neither Megadeus moved.

“Dorothy!” shouted Roger in exasperation.

“Dori!” shouted Beck.

“They will not fight,” said Dori and Dorothy together. “This is between the two of you.”

“All right, then,” said Beck, standing up. The front console withdrew to let him step forward. He grinned. “I’ve always wanted to do this, Roger.”

Roger also stood up and made his way to the front of Big O’s cockpit.

Dori hurried around. She threw her arms around Beck and kissed him. When she withdrew, she was holding his pistol.


“You won’t be needing this, Jason,” she said. “You can beat Roger to a pulp if you like, but no killing and no maiming.” She placed the pistol on the command seat. “Do you hear me, Jason?”

“Whatever you say, Dori. One pulp coming up.”

“And Jason?”


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken. You told me not to.”

He grinned and said, “Yeah, but look how well it’s all working out! I’ve wanted to punch out old Crowboy for ages.”

The two men met on the sand between the two Megadeuses. Dori and Dorothy had accompanied them to the ground, but held back.

“You want to set any rules, Roger old pal?” asked Beck, smiling.

“You wouldn’t follow them,” snarled Roger.

Beck didn’t reply, but his smile vanished.

There was some preliminary circling. The two men were well matched. Beck was taller but Roger was more heavily muscled.

They closed. Roger landed a heavy blow to Beck’s eye. Beck made a show of staggering back, and when Roger followed, he landed a ferocious jab to Roger’s stomach and then a blow to his ear. Then they rained blows on each other almost too fast to follow.

A particularly heavy blow to Beck’s temple sent him to one knee, where he picked up a handful of sand and threw it in Roger’s eyes. Roger kicked him in the stomach and fell back.

Beck, unable to rise, lunged forward when Roger returned and grabbed his ankle, tripping him. Then the two men were rolling on the ground, alternately punching and trying to choke one another. One of Roger’s eyes was swollen shut and he was bleeding from a cut on his forehead. He had pretty much lost the use of his right hand. Beck was bleeding freely from nose and mouth. He, too, had the use of only one eye.

The two rolled apart and got to their feet, where they stood, panting. Then they closed again, into a clinch, pounding each other feebly.

There was a pistol shot.

Angel was standing on top of the dune, her nickel-plated automatic pointed straight up in the air.

She shouted, “What is this, a dance marathon? Break it up. End of round one. Back to your corners.” She indicated Dori and Dorothy with her free hand. “Move it.”

Dori and Dorothy retrieved their respective champions and sat them down on the sand some distance apart.

Angel put her gun away. She strolled over to Roger and looked down at him. “You’re looking well,” she said, smiling sweetly.

“You should have seen the other guy,” said Roger, trying to smile and wincing at the pain.

“He’s no oil painting, either. Hey, speaking of oil paintings, guess what Beck abandoned back at his car! So just go one more round and then quit, okay? We don’t want anyone to say that we’re irresponsible.”

Dorothy asked, “Why one more round?”

Angel said, “I missed most of round one.”

Dorothy considered this for a moment, then said, “Let’s call it a draw.”

Roger hesitated and peered with swollen eyes in Beck’s direction. “I can’t make him out very clearly.”

“He looks terrible,” Angel assured him.

Roger sighed, then smiled very carefully. “All right, Angel. Negotiate a draw with Beck if you can.”

Angel sauntered over to the other side and spoke briefly with Beck, then returned smiling.

“A draw it is,” she said.

The two Dorothies crossed the blood-spattered sand. They stopped a couple of feet apart and their eyes met. Then suddenly they met in a fierce hug.

After a long moment of silence, Dori said, “Don’t cry, Dorothy.”

“I am not crying. I can’t cry.”

“Don’t cry. It’s going to be all right. You’ll see.”

They clung together for a long time. Finally, Dorothy let go and said, a little brokenly, “We’d better tend to our men.”

Roger and Beck were back on their feet. They were looking at the two women with half-wistful, half-embarrassed expressions. Dorothy walked up to Roger and took him by the hand. Wordlessly, she led him towards Big O. Dori took Beck to Big B.

* * *

Concluded in Part 10
A Clockwork Tomato 11-30-2003 12:52 PM
Roger surveyed the scene at the mansion. His swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of the other eye. Beck was slumped back in one of the penthouse couches, a vodka martini in his hand. His face was so swollen he could barely talk, so he had hired Angel to do his negotiating for him.

Initially, Dastun had represented the Military Police and, by extension, Paradigm City, but he was so susceptible to Angel’s flirting that she could make him lose his train of thought just by winking. Roger had taken pity on Dastun after a few minutes and offered his negotiator’s services. Dastun was now barricaded behind a table to keep Angel at arm’s length.

Roger was not indifferent to Angel’s charms, but he found her less attractive, not more, when she was flirting. She knew this, and had changed into one of her most respectable business outfits, which was exquisitely tailored and showed her off to excellent advantage. With Angel, there was never a moment’s truce in the war between the sexes.

They got through the terms with only a reasonable amount of bickering, considering that Angel was showing off for Beck, who was encouraging her with mumbles of approval.

Norman was hovering around solicitously, and no doubt it was purely by accident that he always seemed to be in the right place to hear the juiciest gossip. Roger noticed that Norman was plying Beck and Angel with alcohol and Roger and Dastun with coffee. Angel was not the only one who knew a trick or two.

Dori and Dorothy were over at one of the tables. Dori was talking slowly and drawing rapidly on large sheets of drafting paper. At the moment she was describing the various bits of hairband circuitry that Beck had come up with. Roger had already gotten a brief description of the probe cable adapter, which blocked some signals and attenuated others to prevent any overloading of the developing android mind. It was also the only way to use the probe cables without first removing the memory circuitry from an android’s forehead. The implications of this still baffled Roger, but tonight was not the time to ask. Beck had come up with the adapter idea, but Big B had also been aware of a previous design and had provided a wealth of detail. Dori could extract technical details from Big B even without the probes, though she reported that the process was slow and uncertain, “like reading illegible handwriting.” Dori claimed that humans could do this too, but not so well.

Unlike Dorothy’s slow, precise, elegant drawings in ink, Dori used an ordinary pencil at great speed, with a bold, decisive style. And while Dorothy never made mistakes, Dori drew a little faster than she thought and used the eraser frequently. Sometimes she wadded up a drawing and threw it across the room at the wastebasket. She always missed. Was this impatience Beck’s influence? Or was it just that she and Dorothy were two different people?

Angel mussed his hair, which for some reason she did whenever she could.

“Sorry,” said Roger. “I was thinking.”

“Bad habit in a negotiator,” said Angel. “Anyway, we’re done, aren’t we?” She looked at her shorthand notes. “Beck gives up his life of crime and becomes a model citizen. Beck to be pardoned immediately, city to compensate his more recent victims, Beck to get first pickings of the Union techno-spoils, Big B to remain a secret, the pardon to be explained by his turning his coat on the Union guys (even though they double-crossed him before he could double-cross them), and everything from Wayneright’s lab, including all the stuff in Beck’s possession (except Dori) to be handed over to Dorothy. Beck to maintain his Megadeus at his own expense, though we all know he’ll plead poverty almost instantly and demand secret funds from the city, which we all know will be paid. Roger and I get a negotiator’s fee. Dan gets his handsome salary from the city, plus a hot date with the negotiator of his choice.”

Dastun looked from Angel to Roger. “Tough choice,” he said.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” said Angel. “Dan Dastun, you will promise that, if it turns out there’s another R. Dorothy Wayneright out there, you’ll keep your greedy mitts off her, because I’ll be damned if every sexy man in the city is going to be lost to an R. Dorothy Wayneright. It’s just not fair!”

“Well, I don’t know,” said Dastun. He turned to Roger. “What do you think, Negotiator?”

Roger smiled. “You’re looking at this all wrong, Angel. Never mind Dan. What you need is an android boyfriend.”

Dori looked up from her drawing. To no one in particular, she said, “Four hundred pounds of pure masculinity.”

Beck laughed so hard he almost choked.

[We Have Come to Terms]


The full episode list is:

Act 27: Life Goes On,
Act 28: Returning to the Dead ,
Act 29: The Master Criminal,
Act 30: Dori, Dorothy,
Act 31: The Underground Error,
Act 32: Materia Medica,
Act 33: Heaven’s Day Mayhem,
Act 34: Memories of Days Gone By,
Act 35:Grand Theft Android
Act 36:Battle of the Wasteland,
Act 37: Pajama Party Pandemonium,
Act 38:The Big Chase,
Act 39: Act The Last of the Waynerights.
Tony Waynewrong 11-30-2003 01:29 PM
ACT, you are the man! This ranks up as one of my favorite episodes. Keep it up! Smile

** Slamming head on desk. **

Court is adjourned.
Dorothy and Pero 11-30-2003 01:38 PM
Once again, a job done amazingly well Big Grin
The ending left me in stitchesAnime Smile
Can't wait until next weekend!!
Zola 11-30-2003 01:55 PM
Originally posted by A Clockwork Tomato
Dori looked up from her drawing. To no one in particular, she said, “Four hundred pounds of pure masculinity.”

Beck laughed so hard he almost choked.

[We Have Come to Terms]


Now that's a nice piece of work! Very good as always! Smile
TemporalRift 11-30-2003 08:54 PM
Absolutely fabulous, I definately think this is my favorite episode of ACT's season so far
R.Smith 11-30-2003 09:05 PM
Nice way to finish up the act! Great job! Big Grin Cool Big Grin Cool
R.Dorothy Waynewright 11-30-2003 09:14 PM
*laughs* The end of that is just perfect. I love the idea of Beck as a good guy. It seems right. Excellent job! I can't wait until next Sunday!
Tifaria 11-30-2003 09:17 PM
The ending is priceless! I love how they've all kind of become this bizarre family now, the android sisters and their significant others, and Angel kind of acting as mediator between them all. Pleased I love Angel. I'm really, really warming up to Beck as well. Should we look forward to him and Roger working together from now on? That would be interesting. Smile )
A Clockwork Tomato 11-30-2003 09:44 PM
Originally posted by Tifaria
The ending is priceless! I love how they've all kind of become this bizarre family now, the android sisters and their significant others, and Angel kind of acting as mediator between them all. Pleased I love Angel. I'm really, really warming up to Beck as well. Should we look forward to him and Roger working together from now on? That would be interesting. Smile )

Thank you, thank you.

Yes, the family aspect is interesting, especially with all the weird pairings that can happen as people go off and do stuff (I shudder to think what would happen if Angel and Dori decided to paint the town red together). I don't even have a glimmer of a plot for the next episode yet, but I figure it will be about half as long as DORI, DOROTHY (which took 'way too long to write for a seven-day project) and will have lots of Norman in it. The poor guy's been sadly neglected for the past four episodes.

I predict that Beck and Dori will make a great team, and will be able to get themselves out of ALMOST as much trouble as they get themselves into. Beck and Roger will make a TERRIBLE team, since they get along like two jugs of nitroglycerin in a cement mixer. But circumstances are obviously going to throw them together all the time. If the Wayneright sisters aren't there to make them toe the line, god help them.
Wingnut 12-01-2003 12:55 AM
Crazy, insane, Beck a good guy. Those all fall in one catagory.
However I'll play along for Dori's sake, and Angel's sanity for haveing a real guy that will not abandon her for an R. Dorothy. Forget the male android, stick with Dan. Roger and Beck will get along only while in their Megadii and/or in matters reguarding the R. Dorothys. Otherwise, as you put it, two jugs of nitro in a cement mixer. Until the final Act anyway, where by some mericle they come to terms about each other. (This can happen earlier in the season if you like though.)
Lady Tesser 12-01-2003 08:35 PM
And the creators complained it wouldn't work if they all got chummy.

Prove 'em wrong, Clockwork Tomato, prove 'em wrong. ^_^

Good stuff.
Shady Dark Lady 12-02-2003 09:57 AM
WOW!!! That is one incredible story! It has everything for everybody! It had me laughing and smiling all morning..And the people at work thought it was my coffee..heeheeehee Big Grin
I want more!! I can't wait for the next Adventure! I think you will prove to everyone that Angel and Dan are a cute couple Big Grin
A Clockwork Tomato 12-02-2003 10:17 AM
Originally posted by Lady Tesser
And the creators complained it wouldn't work if they all got chummy.

Prove 'em wrong, Clockwork Tomato, prove 'em wrong. ^_^

Good stuff.

It's not as if I have a lot of choice. Not if I want to follow the lead taken by the show in the last seven or so Acts.

I'll be fussy and use spoiler tags, since the Season 2 repeats are nigh:

spoiler (highlight to read):

Roger and Dorothy have grown so close by the end of Season 2 that it's pointless not to have them be a couple. The whole, "Will Roger ever get a clue?" tension had drained out of the show by the end of the season.

Angel had lost the competition, and realized it during STRIPES. She nonetheless blew all of her credibility with Vera and the Union trying to save Dorothy during the same episode. This doesn't mean that the two women won't snipe at each other, or that Angel won't have a fling with Roger if she can catch him off-guard, but the one Roger will go home to will always be Dorothy, and both women know it.

Beck was very subdued in the last several Acts. He doesn't like what he's doing for Alex. His usual enthusiasm is missing, and his hatred of Roger isn't enough to keep him moving forward. Only his fear of execution prods him along. He really hates what he's done to Dorothy. He's not the villain he once was.

So, where fundamentals are concerned, I'm following the trajectory set by Season 2. Though I admit I'm putting a lot of spin of my own onto it as well.
ZedSnardbody 12-02-2003 11:27 PM
Quite a nice peice of work

You would be quite welcome at the Big O thread of the Spacebattles forums where your little peice of fiction has developed a small but dedicated folowing. Our own Bob Dole Jr. has begun work in a pre big o work outlining the fall of the world.

I shudder to think of your potential colaboration Wink
Lady Tesser 12-03-2003 07:10 AM
*reads Zed's post*

Well, Clockwork Tomato, you have attained legendary status in the fanfic community. Trust me on this. Been there, done that.

*bows before Clockwork Tomato*

"We shall sing praises and hosannahs to our illustrious god of the fanfic word, starting with 'Flag' then the Paradigm Band will shift into something a little more upbeat ... "
Jim Starluck 12-03-2003 07:31 AM
Hey, ACT...any chance that everybody's favorite Reporter-and-flying-Megadeus team are going to make YET ANOTHER return from the dead? Big Grin