[Other] Panoramic Pics!

Mugiwara Luffy 11-26-2003 11:47 PM
These are some nice pics! Good work!
Cecil XIX 11-27-2003 12:04 AM
Ah, Schwarzwald. He may not appear often, but every frame of him is awesome. Great job.
evanASF27 11-27-2003 12:05 AM
I've changed the topic name...cos this will be a cottage industry soon!! Big Grin Laughing

Thank you all for your comments Anime Smile I need to find a few more scenes now...The really good ones are hard to find Wink
Bentar 11-27-2003 01:43 AM
Great pics evan! The domes sure look different, pre-event. I have a request (or two) can you do #1 a pic of the dead flashback roger smith from ep26 - he seemed scrawny and oddly casually dressed in my memory - and #2 (actually 2 pics) a comparison shot of Big Venus - one from the fire flashback (with wings) and one from when Big V emerged from the ground? I seem to remember the circle in the chest and the cockpit area were different.

P.S. Also great shot of the pre-event Smith Mansion/Bank Building Almasy Smile
R and D 11-27-2003 04:46 PM
GREAT JOB EVAN! now i can study these pics and make theories more uhh on solid ground lets say. that dorothy and beck one, dorothy's eyes....man they look like she's gonna kill someone. maybe beck? Confused
Dorothy and Pero 11-27-2003 11:00 PM
Originally posted by Almasy
Hmm...maybe there is some confusion. The picture of Roger's house that I posted above is, in fact, a screenshot from the show.

I knew it was a screenshot, I'm just saying you're really good at making the panaromic pics Big Grin
Keep it up!!
evanASF27 11-27-2003 11:36 PM
New one Wink
evanASF27 11-28-2003 04:07 PM
Destoryed Paradigm II!!!

Big Grin
A Clockwork Tomato 11-28-2003 04:17 PM
Hey, this is fun! Here's one I stitched together:

Larger version

There are lots of pan shots in the show, so if you have a video capture card, you just capture a frame from the beginning and the end of the pan and stitch 'em together. You'll want to trim the edges if your capture card puts a rim of black around the frame, as mine does.
Zopwx2 11-28-2003 05:22 PM
Great job! Panoromic pics rule!
R.Smith 11-28-2003 06:24 PM
Ok, i'll take a shot at these panoromic pics, heh, the only thing is the adult swim logo, sigh...well, here's my attempt. I took the view of the bank from act 14 Smile
Elk 11-28-2003 06:30 PM
Originally posted by Name Of God
Dramatic speaches, dramatic poses, there is a reason Schwarzwald is my favorite character. You got an excellent shot of him. Smile

*nods in agreement* it is really good.
evanASF27 11-28-2003 06:34 PM
Another Pic
R.Smith 11-28-2003 10:46 PM
anyways, here's what the pic really looked like
Rouge 11-29-2003 02:08 AM
I did some Panoramic pics of Dorothy waay when Stripes was coming back. Here I'll post one

evanASF27 11-29-2003 01:20 PM
Anyways to keep on topic heres one of the more recent panaramic pics from me Smile

Ailesberry Farm FIRE
evanASF27 11-29-2003 01:27 PM
And to go with Rouge's picture there, I made the one that in in that same scene Big Grin

Dorothy Shot (part 2)
A Clockwork Tomato 11-29-2003 01:32 PM
Originally posted by evanASF27

R.Smith I told you that Zola wanted to help clean up some of the fuzzy bits to the jpegs :-/ Making em look all spiffy ain't a sin Tongue

What's her secret?
Tony Waynewrong 11-29-2003 01:34 PM
evanASF27 and Rouge, these are really good.

Poor Dorothy, gun wounds don't make good fashion accessories. Smile
Zola 11-29-2003 01:35 PM
Originally posted by A Clockwork Tomato
Originally posted by evanASF27

R.Smith I told you that Zola wanted to help clean up some of the fuzzy bits to the jpegs :-/ Making em look all spiffy ain't a sin Tongue

What's her secret?

Selective use of the sharpening tool in one of my image programs. I first sharpen the drawing overall, then I "cut out" parts that need additional sharpening. It also lets me smooth the edges if needed, or blur an area that has gotten sharp enough that you perceive a mosaic of color.