Visual Rule Guide

dawnstrider 11-25-2003 12:52 PM
Hello, Paradigm newcomers Smile (and not-so-newcomers Wink ). I'm sure many of you have an idea about the nature of this thread, but the poster will explain in detail just in case Smile .

Every establishment - whether in real life or online - are in need of a basic set of rules to help keep the establishment in relative order and harmony. In response to that need, the Administrators of the website laid out a set of flexible yet clearly stated rules for the forum. These reasonable rules preempt possible forum violations, and provide a guideline of action for future breaks Smile .

Nonetheless, we realize no matter how clearly the rules are stated, mistakes happen, which are alright Smile . These forums are not an authoritarian state Big Grin . However, multiple slip-ups are less likely to be accidents, and some incidents are certainly intentional in nature and merit a reprimand or more. This isn't a pleasurable thing for the Administration to do; we would prefer you enjoy your stay freely Smile . However, blatant disregard for the rules can infringe on others' enjoyment, or can even damage the site, which would mean a loss for everyone.

However, even with the rules in place, it might be difficult for some to fully understand what constitutes a breech. In learning new rules - or anything, for that matter - often a visual example would help make clear what the written rules are trying to tell you, and that is where this guide interjects. It breaks down the rules into examples and explicates the whys and how-comes of each example. This is meant to be a secondary companion to the forum rules (and a first taste for those who aren't members yet Wink ). We recommend that you view the rules in detail first, and then refer to here if you have problems comrehending Smile . Well, here is general run-down of the eleven basic rules.

General Rules

1. Off-topic posts - the very popular thread depicted in the link had to be shut down momentarily due to it's enormous growth in short span (more on that below). A large part of that growth was due to several off-topic posts. As that post states, a little drift is fine, but too much can be damaging Frown .

2. Respecting other Members - very clear and cut; disagreements are fine, but personally attacking or insulting other members is strictly forbidden.

3. Three is a composite rule of four facets, including:

a. Useless Posts

b. Blatant Advertising

c. Cross Posting (starting a similar thread in different forums)

d. Double Posting

(The threads, relating to the above four composites are self-explanatory, and any problems can be rectified be going over the actual forum rules Smile .)

4. Swearing - this example was of a member bypassing the rules to intentionally post expletives. This is also a demonstration of why not to override any existing rules Smile .

5. Obscene images/links - this one is rather self-explanatory, but the thread was host of a link to a particular site with nude images. Just as with swearing, we are not prudes Smile , but it would be wise to mind the ages of those who visit and join the site.

6. Downloads/bootlegs - more details of this rule - like the others - is available in rules forum, but this is a general of any fan-based website.

7. Spoilers - yes, this rule is still up even after the airing of the last Big O episode. Many of you new members are still new to the Big O universe, and I'm sure not all of you wished to be spoiled Wink .

8. Multiple Usernames - this rule isn't super-strict, but multiple names do waste a bit of space, and it's just rather confusing Embarrassed Sweatdrop .

9. Thread Awareness - another not-so-strict-rule, it is explained in greater detail in the rules forum. It always pays to be aware of similar threads that could be as near as the same page so that you don't need to go through the trouble of starting a similar one Smile .

10. Signature Pictures - this rule is particularly flexible, but just as the example states: 550x250 pixels and 50KB or less. But again, this rule is very flexible, and some - uh, "violators" - are present on the forums without serious reprimand Smile .

11. File Attachments - attaching multiple files to a post - especially, as was the case in the example, when the attachments are not relevant to the topic - could do damage to the site. Please be sure to check out the Paradigm-Survival Guide in this very forum for instructions on how to post multiple pictures of files Smile .

Other Notes

Before concluding, a few extra things not covered in the rules to remember:

1. Regarding this forum, only new members can post threads; return members can post in the Speakeasy. The Moderators of this forum define a "new member" as someone who has been here for less than three weeks and/or have made fewer than 10 posts. Posters in this thread must meet that parameter.

2. Harassing other members via PM is forbidden. One member has been warned, and another has been banned for that very reason, and if it is reported, a reprimand will be called into action.

3. If a thread has been locked or deleted, please do not start a new one of the same topic. Threads are locked for a reason, and unless permission is granted by the Administrators, similar threads should not be started.

4. If you disagree with any decision made by a member of the Administrative staff, please be sure to handle it with that particular person via PM, IM, or email.

5. It is recommended that you keep the size of a thread under 5 pages/100 posts a day; much more than that could waste bandwidth and cause the site many problems Frown .

Again, it must be pointed out that these rules are not to discourage you; feel free to post to your heart's content Big Grin . We simply ask you to be mindful of any damage that can be done to other members or the site. These rules are meant to protect your best interests, as well. After all: you never know when you might need them on your side Smile . Happy Posting Big Grin . Peace.