Season 2 Preview

Kairi 07-29-2003 09:01 AM
So, who saw the preview last night? It was shown in the middle of the commercial break during Big O, and damn, it looked hard. The preview had scenes from the battle of the three unknown Megadeuses, Big O fighting the rebuilt Big Duo, and some shots of the third Big. Much talk of destroying Paradigm City was also going on, and from the looks of it, Alex Rosewater will be piloting a Megadeus now. I almost wish I hadn't seen it, this just makes it harder to wait until Sunday. What'd everyone else think?
Michael Seebach_Renz 07-29-2003 10:59 AM
After seeing that, I am dying to see that fight between Big O and Big Trio.
Blue Crow 07-29-2003 11:51 AM
It was awesome.This season looks way more action packed than the last one.And hopefully it will clear everything up.
tigerhawk1 07-29-2003 01:24 PM
So far there have been two promos the one that aired during the commerical break for Big O which is like 1 min long. The other one is about 30 seconds and pales in comparsion to the first. Hell when I saw that first promo it felt like my jaw had dropped and hit the floor. Also I don't think that's Big Duo that Alex Rosewater is piloting but a different Big.
Kairi 07-29-2003 01:31 PM
Hmm. I can't remember, was he piloting Big Trio or the rebuilt Big Duo? It shifted pretty often between him in a cockpit, and then a shot of one of the Megadeuses. I'll take another look once Krang puts up the preview in the video clips section of the site. Eh.
Big Doo-Oh 07-29-2003 01:51 PM
actually,if u look at some of the season 2 screenshots they show a child bald named alex who looks like alex rosewater piloting big trio
Roger Smith 07-29-2003 03:01 PM
I'm Going to watch it !! Cool Is Tonight eps a new wright ? at midnight ?
Manji 07-29-2003 03:03 PM
Shredd said they were gonna try and get it for the main site!
Omega Dude 07-29-2003 03:07 PM
Aw man I can't for the rematch... Big O vs Big Duo 2... Big Duo will have probably more dirty tricks man....*takes some anti hyper pills* and that other mega deus oh yea!!
Sharpshooter005 07-29-2003 03:23 PM
I fell alseep on the couch while watching episode, I missed it. Frown
Manji 07-29-2003 03:49 PM
Fell asleep........FELL, whatever...........
Tao 07-29-2003 04:38 PM
This might be old news to you guys, but last night I noticed that the Big O section of the official Adult Swim website has been updated with titles and synopses for Season 2.... spoiler-laden, obviously...
Manji 07-29-2003 04:42 PM
No, that's news to me. Thanks for letting me know. We have a thread about season 2 spoilers around here, if you wanna' post what the wrote feel free. I'd it but, I already posted the ones from the main site.
Kairi 07-29-2003 05:40 PM
Give me a few minutes and I'll post a thread containing all of Adult Swim's summaries on the second season, alright?
Manji 07-29-2003 05:50 PM
I'll wait.....still waiting...........
Kairi 07-29-2003 06:37 PM
Damn Manji, I had to rewrite every single episode summary since they were part of a flash image and not in text. Alot of work.. for just not that much fun. Heh, I probably just could've given a link.. but, oh well.
Manji 07-29-2003 06:50 PM
Ya, I hate writing summaries, they take forever!
noonehere 11-05-2003 11:47 PM
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Sixfortyfive 11-05-2003 11:50 PM
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Krang 11-06-2003 12:06 AM
noonehere, you now have a warning for spamming and attacking other members. Next time, read the rules.