Big O Scheduling Changes

Shredder 10-28-2003 12:44 AM
Assuming everything goes as planned this time, episode 26 WILL air this upcoming Sunday at its usual 10c/11e timeslot on November 2nd. The reairing of the entire 26-episode series has been pushed back, but will air Mondays-Thursdays beginning November 10 (instead of November 3) at 11:30c/12:30e. We'll keep you updated in case any of this information changes, but these are the latest scheduling plans.
Name Of God 10-28-2003 03:10 PM
It has been said before, but "excellent."
This is going to be a pretty hotly anticipated episode.

At least waiting for two weeks for a new episode is better than waiting two years. Big Grin
Megadeus 10-28-2003 04:40 PM
Maybe we'll beat the 260 record number of users, with all of the anticipation that is building since it wasn't aired on the 26th Big Grin
geotroid 10-28-2003 08:30 PM
This afternoon, a guy in my class asked me "How are you today?"

My response was apt and honest:

"Insane with rage."

I explained to him about Sunday night's Big O fiasco without knowing exactly why the scheduling switch happened. Could somebody please enlighten me? Was it an honest programming mistake or was it a deliberate fill-in to expand the Big O Sunday schedule for one more week?

Regardless, I had kittens - the monster kind. (You know which one).

I guess a little forwarning would've been appreciated. If there was and I just missed the notificaiton, then Big O can piledrive my head into a tomato.

. . . I AM the tomato. . .
darkangel 10-28-2003 08:48 PM
it was supposed to be on Mad ! this was not a joke at all!!!!Mad Mad Mad Mad
dreamangel1130 10-29-2003 02:37 PM
ARGH!!!! I was so upset that Big O didn't air episode 26 on Sunday! I taped it and when I watched it, it was Stripes! blah! I complained to my friends. They got mad at me and ignored me. My sister also ignored me.
massoblivion 10-29-2003 03:32 PM
Yeah. You would not believe how angry i was that they didnt show ep. 26 last sunday... i was lookin forward to it since i havent really seen any spoiler pics of it so it would be a whole new experience.... but they had to show freakin Stripes... i mean honestly.. if they were to mess up or change the day, couldnt they have at least messed up or put in a really cool episode??? that one was one of the more pointless ones (not that any are pointless) but still... it angered me so...
well.. sittin around and cant wait till next sunday.. .but does this mean that the family guy episode that they are always talkin up wont be aired at its appropriate time? Oh the horror...

- The world operates only with a great state of Mass Oblivion -
Travis Bickle 10-29-2003 03:34 PM
Yeah, it really pissed me off when they showed stripes, because I was also waiting for 2 whole years. Anyway, I was watching the webcam party too. mc chris sounded pissed off at the message board users. And what was with that guy with the BIG O sign?
pen1300 10-29-2003 06:32 PM
Wow...this thread is FULL of new users. If I could point you guys to the message boards, the information you want is there, we have a Big O forum where you can rant or discuss it. Big Grin


smcw1979 10-29-2003 09:45 PM
I checked the tv guide for next week and i can't find The Big O in the listing. If any one knows any more Information on this please poist. i hope the last eps gets shown on Sunday.

Name Of God 10-29-2003 09:57 PM
Originally posted by smcw1979
I checked the tv guide for next week and i can't find The Big O in the listing. If any one knows any more Information on this please poist. i hope the last eps gets shown on Sunday.


When did you get your T.V. guide? AS just made the changes two days ago, so it probably hasn't been changed in the TV guide yet.
darkangel 10-29-2003 10:06 PM
Well, stuff happens all the time.That's o.k!
Zola 10-29-2003 10:08 PM
Originally posted by smcw1979
I checked the tv guide for next week and i can't find The Big O in the listing. If any one knows any more Information on this please poist. i hope the last eps gets shown on Sunday.


TV Guide is completed a couple of weeks in advance, and was likely printed before the error even happened which is why it isn't in there.

It will be on for Sunday, they promised it to me as a special birthday present.
Travis Bickle 10-30-2003 06:51 AM
It's the start of a great new week. First the final episode of BIG O Season 2, and then THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS! BTW, Nov. 10 is also my birthday.
Advinius 10-30-2003 07:24 AM
It is also the birthday of my beloved United States Marine Corps, so you are in excelent company. SEMPER FI!
MoreDorothyPlease 12-23-2003 06:21 PM
Sorry, some of you may think Big O ended well.... I agree, somewhat. I would really like to see what is going to happen to the characters, especially Angel after the news she heard about herself.

As many of you anime fans know, Cartoon Network co-produced and funded season 2 of the Big O. Without Cartoon Network’s support, there wouldn’t have been a second season of the show. Currently, Cartoon Network has the option to have up to 26 more episodes (2 seasons) of the show made. The future of the show is in jeopardy.

Now is the time for fans of the Big O to act and prove the full measure of their devotion. Cartoon Network must be shown the great viewer support behind the show in order to have the confidence to greenlight a third season. As Roger Smith would say, it’s showtime.

Here is a way to reach Cartoon Network and inform them of your support:

1. Send a postcard or letter to Cartoon Network at this address:

Cartoon Network Programming
1050 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

Be sure to be polite and mention these key points:

a. Thank them for season 2 of the Big O.

b. Ask them for a third season.

Postcards are the best idea since snail mail is the greatest show of dedication available to us. Networks may not open sealed envelopes due to fear of anthrax and other mail threats. Envelopes are also sometimes difficult to open and letters can take a long time to read. Postcards, however, can be read quickly, do not pose any sort of threat, and still have the snail mail level of dedication that we need to be taken seriously. However, letters are still a form of contact, so don’t hesitate if you like letters better than postcards.

Please disseminate this information in other forums and message boards and tell all the Big O fans you know. The more people who are informed, the more will write to Cartoon Network, and a large volume of postcards and letters is what we need to be taken seriously. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and good luck.
Lady Tesser 12-23-2003 09:02 PM
Hi, welcome! We have a mail campaign thread in the Smith Mansion stickied at the top, so you can see we're working hard at garnering support. ^_^