The Official Paradigm-City Survival Guide (Orient. - Sec 2)

The Fallen Phoenix 10-13-2003 02:13 PM
(the following was written by our great Welcoming Committee head Smile - dawnstrider )

The Official Paradigm-City Survival Guide! (Fifth Edition)

Written by The Fallen Phoenix (God's Voice, Dominus of Anagennesi Caelestis, and head of the Paradigm-City Forums Welcoming Committee)

The Official Paradigm-City Survival Guide (Fifth Edition) is every newcommer's key to navigating the forums, including valuable information such as who's important, who's not, who to avoid, where to go, where to avoid, and other little tidbits of useful (and useless) information.

The Team: A list of all Administrators and Moderators, as well as our non-Administrative staff member, Almasy.
  • Krang: One of the two administrators of the site.
  • Shredder: One of the two adminstrators of the site.
    Krang and Shredder are both great...without them, we wouldn't have a Paradigm-City to visit/live in! They are also very helpful, if you ever have a problem they're always happy to help. Of course, we don't want to overwhelm them...which is why we have a team of mods to help out.
  • pen1300: "Librarian of Nightingale Fanworks" pen1300 is the moderator the Nightengale club, and one of the nicest mods around.
  • GK Version 1: "Sensei of Cattitude" GK Version 1 is one of the moderators of the Speakeasy, Game Room, and Ailesberry Farm.
  • dawnstrider: "First Light" dawnstrider is one of the co-moderators of the Hudson River Pier, the Speakeasy, and Game Room, and the champion of new members. Author of this wonderful thread.
  • R.Smith: "Charming Moderator" R.Smith is the other co-moderator of the Hudson River Pier and the JFK Mark Aiport, and our resident "charmer". Wishes to ensnare all girls on the site and turn them into loyal fangirls.
  • The Fallen Phoenix: "Vengeance" The Fallen Phoenix moderates the Megadues Fighting League sub-forum and co mods Ailesberry Farm. Author of this wonderful post.

As dawnstrider mentioned in the initial post of this thread, any of the moderators/administors would be happy to help if a problem arises. Just give them a PM/IM/whatever, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Places to See: The Hottest Threads Around!
  • Paradigm City Tribune, Forum
    -->All announcements are posted there!
  • Paradigm Headquarters
    -->Addresses your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions!
  • Paradigm Police Department
    -->Check here for the Official Site rules and the list of warned members.
  • Roger's Mansion, Forum
    -->Big O discussion! Big O 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...Though be warned, you might run into some spoilers.
    -->Current Episode Disucssion, Thread
    -->Big O Screen Capture Requests, Thread
    -->All Purpose Big O Manga Thread, Thread
    -->Big O Season 3 Discussion, Thread
    -->Which character would you go out with?, Thread
  • The Megadues Fighting Leauge, Sub-Forum
    -->Design, Build, and Destroy your own Megadues! Every Big-O fan's dream!
    -->Post your Megadueces, Thread
    -->The Three Arenas, Three Seperate Threads
    -->New to the MFL?, Thread
  • The Nightingale Club, Forum
    -->For the artistically gifted, there is some really gorgeous artwork to be found here, as well as some great fan-made literary works!
    -->Panoramic Pics!, Thread
    -->3 word story, Thread
    -->The Big-Oh! RPG, Thread
    -->Anime Panoramic Pics!!!, Thread
    --.who's up for a Big O RPG!!!!!!
  • Ailesberry Farm, Forum
    -->Anime, anime, and more anime!
    -->Is Hentai justified? Thread
    -->The official Anime News Thread
    -->The All Important Clamp Thread
  • The Speakeasy, Forum
    -->Sit, drink, relax! This is the forum where you can talk about anything and everything!
    -->The Picture Thread
    -->The Second Forum Awards! Thread
    -->The PC Cookout Thread! July, 10th, 2004
    --->The United Members of POINTLESS(UMP), Thread
  • JFK Mark Airport, Forum
    -->Some great avatars and banners floating aroun, as well as anything else that might have to do with the forums in general.
    -->Rate the Avatar, Thread
    -->Rate the Banner, Thread
    -->R.Smith's Animated Avatars-come on in!, Thread
    -->The Mystic Meaning Threads
  • Hudson River Pier, Forum
    -->New to the forums? Introduce yourself here, and get a taste first-hand of the insane enviroment we call Paradigm!
    -->Orientation, Thread
    -->The Official Paradigm-City Survival Guide, Thread
  • Game Room, Forum
    -->Great place to sink your gaming fangs into!
    -->Official Video Game News Thread
    -->Game Help, Thread
    -->Mario vs. Link: who'd win? Thread

People to Avoid: Some of the more...energetic people you'll find roaming the forums.
  • The Fallen Phoenix, a.k.a. FP(Just another typical insane, sadistic member...)
  • Manji, a.k.a. The Don (No explanation necessary...he's literally a Legend here)
  • re-animate, a.k.a. Roan (The first warned member ever.)
  • Blue Crow (Former regular of the Speakeasy...)
  • R.Smith ("Digital Pimp, hard at work"~Quoth Tetsujin)
  • Schwarzwald (He really fits his user name...)
  • Major Pain (His is a greeting you'll likely not forget...)
  • Neini ("Evil bad moderator.. of DOOM!!"~Quoth Nein)

Some Simple Suggestions: How to be a successful member!
  • Be Yourself! Everyone else is crazy, so don't worry about holding back!
  • Follow the Rules! No, rules are not meant to be broken (sometimes). In all seriousness, the rules aren't that strict...we aren't running a totalitarian state ('cept in the MFL and JFK Mark Airport)...
  • Do whatever dawnstrider said back in the beginning of this thread. There's really not much to add to that...
  • If you want an avatar, or suggestions on an avatar, check out the JFK Mark Airport...they have some talented avatar creators over there...

Some Posting Suggestions: The ins and outs of posting!
  • Just a few helpful posting tips. First off, there should rarely (nay, never) be a situation in which you must double-post (unless the two posts are hours or days apart). If you forgot to add something to your post, simply click the "edit" button on your post and edit it in. That edit button will be your best friend, believe me...
  • Smiles are great, and if you press the "more" button it shows you all the smiles and their coding. They're quite easy to memorize, once you have them all down you'll rarely refer to that box again.
  • Basic HTML coding is used...however, I think using 'enhanced' mode is easier than nomal mode. If you use normal mode, if you hit one of the html boxes it usually forces you to type everything into the box, and after hitting enter it will place it in your post nice and formatted. However, under enhanced mode, you can do more interesting things...clicking the Bold, Italics, or Underlined buttons opens up the code so you can type in whatever you want to say. Perhaps enhanced mode's best feature is that you can highlight pieces of your post that you've already typed and press one of the formatting button, and it will be formatted for you! Definately useful if you forgot to insert a formatting tag while compoing your post. Big Grin
  • Lots of people forget writing in subjects when they post...I usually insert one, though it isn't necessary. If you start a topic, and you wish to change the topic's title, you can just edit your initial post's subject.
  • Some of the commands you'll get used to:
    spoiler (highlight to read):


    [IMG] + website hosting image=a picture in the post without the need of attachments.
    Note that you have to close tags by typing [/(tag name)]

Well...that's about it. Again, welcome to Paradigm City, and enjoy your stay!

Paradigm-City Forums is not to be held responsible for any damage inflicted on your mental well-being. Insanity is the norm here, and it is recommended that you take anything said here lightly...

To date, not a single member has left these forums in perfect mental health Big Grin