Lots of Updates

Krang 05-01-2003 01:36 AM
Today, we made several updates! Here's what's new:
  • I put up a Soundtracks page with information about the Big O soundtracks and downloadable songs! Check it out under Multimedia to the left.
  • We put up a new poll which asks which of the choices would you like to see created for the Big O series in the future. Be sure to vote under the Poll section to the right!
  • The results for the previous poll are in! Norman and Angel tied for first place, and Schwarzwald came in only one vote behind for a very close second. You can check out the results of the previous poll on our new Poll List page.
  • I added a search engine to our site. Check it out under Interactive on the left menu.
  • The image gallery for episode 2 is now up! Check it out under the Multimedia section.
Be sure to check back soon for more updates!