Blahtah bler avatars.

R_Dorothied 07-23-2003 04:20 PM
Compliments of yours truly :
R_Dorothied 07-23-2003 04:22 PM
I'll be posting more, I'm just a stupid girl who doesn't know how to
post more than one picture at a time. *grin*
Manji 07-23-2003 08:41 PM
Do you really not know how to post more than once? If you want to know how you could just ask... Big Grin

use this

Krang taught it to me when I first joined, so I could put a pic. in my sig. Big Grin
R_Dorothied 07-24-2003 08:37 PM
Aiee. Oui, well, I'm happy with this as well.
IntheGrey 07-30-2003 03:17 PM
Im losin my grip here; I once drew pretty okay pics; but now I can only draw animals blasted; someone get ray gun and shrink me out of my misery; but I like drew my own avatar thing although it cant be seen to well sadly maybe I need to enhance it.....
R_Dorothied 07-30-2003 04:33 PM
I could get a trank gun ... I guess.

Heheheheheh hhahahaha. *shoots self*

Nother av.
R_Dorothied 07-30-2003 06:18 PM
another avi-tar
morgorunlucky 07-30-2003 06:25 PM
I likes that avatar can I use it R_Dorothied? Big Grin
R_Dorothied 07-31-2003 08:35 AM

I'd be honored, peaches.


note; next avatar isn't very good. but i love it.
IntheGrey 07-31-2003 09:40 AM
Yes I know its strange but its true; she can have such a unconcerned look on her face and yet earlier she could smile....does that mean she isnt happy....or is it just that roger can be unconcerned; I guess we will never know; I think I will try to make some Big O stuff now...hmm wallpapers or Avatars; I will let someone else pick for me. Hey what should I do Wallpapers or Avatars?
R_Dorothied 07-31-2003 09:45 AM
Make some wallpapers to start off with ...

Because I need a new background, not to mention layout for my Live Journal ..

and I'd give you credit ... of course. ^^;

nother avatar coming your way ...
drkepoch 07-31-2003 09:52 AM
Do a Big O wallpaper! Big Grin
R_Dorothied 07-31-2003 10:05 AM

Another av ::
IntheGrey 07-31-2003 02:13 PM
Wallpaper it shall be then. Ps, I think I burnt this steak....::anime sweatdrop:: Oh well Im not the greatest cook in the world but I draw pretty darn good.^_^

When you see me next post in this topic there shall be a tiny preview of teh big O wallpaper.

"As you will , It shall be done."-The Night Queen-frome a story I wrote
morgorunlucky 07-31-2003 04:53 PM
Originally posted by R_Dorothied
Compliments of yours truly :

so true, black is most definately the new black..... Big Grin
IntheGrey 07-31-2003 05:32 PM
as I said the wallpaper I promised is here.
Kairi 07-31-2003 05:36 PM
Uh, heh, there's a typo in your wallpaper. I'm guessing it should read "Though.." or something.
IntheGrey 07-31-2003 05:50 PM
Thanks; I see what you mean its supposed to say Thought but like the colors clash LOL. I am going to do a new avatar soon I think, kairi thanks again for pointing that out. Wink
R_Dorothied 07-31-2003 09:04 PM
so true, black is most definately the new black.....

Word. And I think it always will be ...
drkepoch 07-31-2003 09:31 PM
I had burgers Big Grin
Inthegrey: If you need help cooking your steak so it doesn't flame up Big Grin , contact me...I'm a expert on the grill, and in general with most all meats Big Grin
Runs in the family Big Grin

[edit] Oh, and black is cool...but blue is definitely my favorite