Cool Signatures and Avatars

R_Dorothied 07-24-2003 08:11 PM
Nothing can beat this one ... heh.
It's of me and my friend Katie at work, as we dressed up to be
Hollywood Scouts to judge campers' skits @ camp (... where. I work)

Note: I'm the one with the green hair, striped shirt, black skirt, aiee
shishkabob, and our nick names are Velma and Roxie (Like Chicago ... only
Schwarzwald 07-25-2003 01:31 AM
Some new icons i not sure if i can attach them both...because i simply dont

ok put them in a zip...1 has norman and a little pharse at the bottom and a plain daustun one...
Sharpshooter005 07-25-2003 02:57 AM
Note: I'm the one with the green hair, striped shirt, black skirt, aiee

HAWT Big Grin

..Um..anyway...yes, is your hair normally green? just curious cause that'd be weird..not really bad weird, but..yeah... Confused
R_Dorothied 07-25-2003 03:57 PM
Was that "Hawt" I saw ...


Nah, it was a wig. But I had teal hair earlier this summer. squeeness, aye?

My band icon is attached.
Kairi 07-25-2003 06:50 PM
Here's one I just whipped up.
R_Dorothied 07-25-2003 08:08 PM
Those are cool, what do you use to make those?
Kairi 07-25-2003 09:14 PM
Thanks. I use Paintshop Pro 7 to make avatars since it's much easier to work with than Photoshop. I've had it for a few years now, and I think I've gotten pretty good at using it to make graphics. I'm just hoping that the byte limit goes up here at Paradigm City, so these things won't look so shabby. But, we'll see.

Oh, I also made this banner for the site.. gave it to Krang a couple days ago.
R_Dorothied 07-26-2003 08:45 AM
Well, I use Paintshop pro 7 and animation shop 3 too, and, I love the
faunt on your avatars, and all of that wonderful jazz, I'm just completely
oblivious on
how to use it ... or, find it, either way ...
Kairi 07-26-2003 08:41 PM
Uhm, thanks again. Heh, I made another avatar for whoever wants it. I also edited the "Megadeus" avatar I submitted earlier. So.. yeah.
Kairi 07-27-2003 04:29 PM
Uh, I probably shouldn't post twice in a row, but I have another avatar to submit. Yep, another gray one, but this time of Dorothy. I had a hard time finding decent pictures, so I just went with the opening credits shot. Eh, enjoy.. somebody.
Manji 07-27-2003 04:34 PM
Here's a few other Avatars and Sigs. I slapped together-

-Big O Sig.

-Big O Comic Avatar

-Duasten Avatar

-Rorouni Kenshin Avatars (I got these off the toonami site)

-Big Vicious Sig. (It has no writing, so you can write what you want, or tell me and I'll write it for you)

-This one.......ahhhhh, this one...........well it's self explanitory....
Kairi 07-29-2003 06:34 PM
Here's an avatar of Roger Smith, this time without any text.. but still grey. Heh.
morgorunlucky 07-30-2003 12:42 PM
wow that chick is too's scary.....roger smith doesn't look at all like him though
Kairi 07-30-2003 01:13 PM
Uh, too Dorothy? Right. Well, how about this avatar of her?
Aculeatus 07-30-2003 08:31 PM

It's disco dancing Hamtaro! I made it about a year ago and I found it lying around on my computer. I know it's not perfect, but it's alright.

An Animated GIF from the Trigun opening.

Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

"Pliskin" from Metal Gear Solid 2.

Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam

drkepoch 07-30-2003 08:45 PM
Okay, those Bebop and Trigun Avatars rock! But the Hamtaro one is disturbing Confused
pen1300 07-30-2003 09:08 PM
Manji, those are nice! (I see you used Season 2 pics)
Kairi, I love that Dorothy Avatar. I might just use that one if I never get around to making my own. (May I use it if I wish?)
Hamtaro looks cute! (But I think Hamtaro is cute Roll Eyes )
Manji 07-30-2003 09:12 PM
I played with season2 pic.s from time to time, just to keep it inetesting, and speaking of ineteresting, this is my photoshop play pic, I put a bunch of crap on it, to make it look just freaky Big Grin

pen1300 07-30-2003 09:30 PM
OH WOW!! THAT PIC IS...AWESOME!!! Its freaky! Big Grin

I had to save it. Big Grin
Kairi 07-31-2003 08:34 AM
Kairi, I love that Dorothy Avatar. I might just use that one if I never get around to making my own. (May I use it if I wish?)

Thanks, it's from the Season 2 preview for Big O. Feel free to use it, that's what it's there for, you know? Also, if you ever want me to make something, just ask. Okay?