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SharpDressedMan 10-07-2003 01:54 PM
Well I finally got my final two mangas of the original series in today and let me say I'm very impressed. The packaging of the mangas is superb. The covers consist of slip covers that are in color while the normal cover is in black and white. On the first page of each manga is a totally awesome looking mini poster. (volume 5 is Roger and Dastun walking down a snow street and volume 6 is Roger standing together with Dorothy in front of the head of the Big O. The main section of the manga is perfect as the pages are done beautifuly while the back seciton is no less than amazing. It is far greater than anything we have ever seen in our US versions because the bonus sections are much bigger and contain certain sketches and layouts for the mechs and characters included in the volume. By any case any of these Japanese versions come very higly recomended by me whether you are just getting into the manga or have been a fan for a good while. I'm certain that anyone who already owns some of these already will agree totally that they are modern masterpieces. I've yet to sit down and give them a deeper look but I'm certain I will be even more pleased with each passing glance.

Now on to my review of volume 4 if you can call it that. I really enjoyed the first story "To the One I Can't Forget" being that we got to finally see another version of Roger how he could have been 40 years ago. The first story was very interesting though I thought in some ways it was very similar to bring back my ghost but just with a man "claiming" that he needed to find a bar that his father used to own before he lost his memories and became little more than a bump on a log. But as it would turn out everything was not as it seemed and the son would turn out to have alterior motives. This was by far not one of the best stories but none the less it kept me wanting to read on till the last sentance. While I enjoyed the questions presented of Roger's past others might find them a little bland or invalid.

The second story "The Chosen Ones" was the story of an area that was located between the domes. So the manga put it, it formed sortof an island but was still considered by the paradigm group to be nothing more than the outside. Thus it being the outside and since most dome dwellers could care very little what goes on outside of their artificial paradise, two "scientists" discover a way in that they can revive memories through the minds of outsiders. This also was a very good story and it contained a great line from Dastun in which he says "They say lost memories are more precious than diamonds... but they're not more precious than human lives, scumbag!" I thought that this line alone just totally summed up Dastun's way of seeing peoples role in the world. Also Roger towords the end gets major credit for being a lot more of a cool hero character towords the end when he manages to foil the plans of the villains. This was also a really nice story and while I didn't think it was as well executed as it could have been it still did a lot for showing Roger's inner feelings for the Paradigm Corporation.

The final story "The Sun Will Shine Again" Was much more than I had thought it would be from what I had heard so far from other members of the forum that had read volume 4. While I went into the story thinking it would be nothing more than Roger's first big tangle with Schwarzwald but somehow it mangaed to grasp something more. Mainly due to the get rich quick scheme Beck has in the middle of the story that ultimately ends up with an outcome that I found very similar to the scene in Independance Day (ID4) when the aliens first made their atack. I also liked that fact that it revolved around a song that made a lot of sense for the image it was trying to get across. It was all about the sun rising and angel which is meant to sybolize so you are lead to belive towords the end of the story Angel and Dorothy. Also toword the beginning of the story thanks to the song there is also a cameo by Oliver from Daimon Seed which I thought was pretty cool. Interesting pictures included the scenes of Big O and Big Duo throughout the fights... I mean just take a look at their faces as they pummel one another! Look familiar? And still just like always the fight scene prooves to be great and quite possibly the best battle from the manga so far. Of course it might not be up to par to the anime battle but music and motion in your pictures can add a lot to your story.

Now on to other matters. If anyone enjoyed my manga scans that I sent to Krang then I'll be more than happy to make some more. I've finally found a place where I can order the new "Lost Memories" manga and should be receiving it very shortly. While I'm not to huge on screwing up my brand new mangas... cause they are so GREAT looking I'd be more than happy to if they can help answer any questions of the manga or just help someone get interested.
R and D 10-07-2003 08:21 PM
well how is it? where did u get volume 4 at? please tell me! i want some opinions before i buy! Big Grin
SharpDressedMan 10-07-2003 09:45 PM
Oh my gawd. Did you read my review. I mean the entire thing bassically told the plot line and gave my opinion for what it's worth. Basicaly I said that it was a great manga... not the best but it could have been worse. If you are looking for volume 4 and having a lot of trouble then I definitely say go to and check them out. Since they are the publisher and all you are going to get some really nice serivice. I ordered mine on Friday and thursday and by monday afternoon I already found it waiting for me in my mail box. Trust me Viz is the place to go whether you just have one volume or are looking to start your collection.

Also others have been asking me where i've gotten all of my mangas so far. Well I found vollumes 2 and 3 at my local Waldens book store but I had a little trouble finding volume 1 so I had to order it from Amazon. While the service there was pretty decent I still don't think that it was half as good as the service I got from VIZ so like I said go with VIZ! Next came volume 4 and like I've said in many posts that it seems that local bookstores around here hate the Big O so I had to go to VIZ where I got perfect fast service. And then when I had decided that I was ready to complete the story I went around the net looking for the best bargains on the Japanese versions of volumes 5 and 6 and found them for a cool 1.99 a piece. Pretty nice considering that they are around 5 dollars anywhere else. If feel that you can't wait to get the rest of the series PM me and I'll be sure to tell you some other great sites where you can get the imports. Finally last night I at long last found a site that carries Lost Memories the brand new Big O Manga.
If you are interested in also moving into this chapter of the Manga series go to and you should be able to get it for a decent price. Also they carry the comic book style versions of the stories which I have also ordered... hmmm think I'll turn this into my general Big O manga thread.
Shady Dark Lady 10-08-2003 06:56 PM
I saved the And forever picture..I love the pictures of the young, scruffy looking Roger..The girl reminded me of Dorothy..I know, just wishful thinking..
SharpDressedMan 10-08-2003 07:48 PM
Lol. Guess I'm honored then. That picture is from Manga 6 durring the fight between
spoiler (highlight to read):
Big O and Big Fau after Dorothy has lost her memory.
I added the "and forever" and didn't really think it would turn out that well but somehow everything worked out. Isn't that such a cool looking picture of Roger though. I mean the entire rain thing is always great for any series to have. Specially in the setting of the Big O. Oh and my new avatar is from the bonus comic from Manga Vol. 5 just in case anyone was wondering.
Rouge 10-08-2003 08:34 PM
Do you also own the english version of the mangas? (I mean vol. 1,2,3 and 4) and if you do, do you own any of them in Japanese (just cruious).

You got me wanting to buy vol. 6 in Japanese now! (I've seen scripts of it but I never seen the manga, and I just can't wait til 2004 to get my hands on it!!!).

And I love your sig picture! As well as your avatar picture!
SharpDressedMan 10-08-2003 09:13 PM
I own all of the Japanese versions and the 4 english versions that have been released so far. The original japanese versions are nice to have if you just like to collect anything Big O like I do not to mention it's nice to be aware of whats to come when they come with the next US release. Volumes 5 and 6 to me look by far to be the two best of the series now that I've had more time to look at them. The Beck story of Volume 5 is sure to impress even the most hard core anime only fan and just the fact of all the things that are to happen in volume 6... well I just have a hard time keeping it in. If you want my opinion... buy volume 6. Even if you aren't buying volume 5 definitely get volume 6. I'll make a few scans. Just enough not to ruin my books since originally I planned to sort of use them as collectors items... even though I don't see their value sky rocketing any time soon. See I'm sure that everyone else has the same thoughts in their head if they are a fan of the manga. You get the next US volume and then thats it. I mean we have to wait an entire month till volume 5 and to tell you the truth by a few days after I've read the new US volume I want the next one. You can find some pretty nice summaries around the net and I currently have two nice ones for lost memories and a nice one for volume 6. If anyone decides to order any of these and are in the dark totally I would be more than happy to send them to you.
JinguJ 10-09-2003 07:18 AM
I was right the beck scenes in Vo. 5 is extremely good!! XD

I'm curious about vol. 6.. I'll get it this month ^^
Rouge 10-09-2003 12:29 PM
Cool and I will get the Japanese mangas then! Big Grin

Were did you buy the Japanese mangas again? Confused

And I know I will definetly get Volume 6!
SharpDressedMan 10-09-2003 01:59 PM
Like I said earlier I got my japanese mangas from Ebay but now that I have checked back there a few times I realized that you have to be pretty lucky to get there at a time when you have them. I've thought about mailing the people that I ordered them from and telling them that I would be willing to order an entire extra set if they would just sell them to me for the same price I got my first set... since it was pretty much a steal. Other than that there are plenty of sites that you can order the mangas from. But it seems that you could run up on a problem if you order them from a dealer in the US. I just checked the site that I ordered lost memories from and it seems that it is back ordered so I will have to wait for the book to arrive from Japan and then for it to be shipped to my house. That's what I find to be the worst thing about ordering from online when you have no option what so ever about the speed that your order will be shipped. I'm going to get some more images scanned this weekend and try to make them really nice looking so that I can send them to Krang. I would really enjoy it if by some strange chance the entire board began reading the manga. I don't suppose that it works like this but maybye if there were more people who purchased the mangas in the US then VIZ would hurry up the speed of releasing them. I don't know about everyone else but 2 months is just way to long for me to sit around fiddling my fingers once I get out of school each day.
Neko 10-09-2003 03:14 PM
Just a quick question - how long has it been since the fourth volume (English version) was released? I didn't know it was available! Crying
Tickle Tickle 10-09-2003 03:44 PM
Hey, SDM do you have vol. 3 in English? If you do, can you tell me what Roger is saying in the 4th panel on pg.171? I was just wondering, since that's the only panel we ever see Eugene in the manga, and I would like to know,what it says. ^.^
SharpDressedMan 10-09-2003 09:08 PM
That speech isn't made by Roger but the old man he meets up with in "Alchohol, Tobacco, and Memories." As angel and Beck plunder around the old mans home Roger calls them "vultures" in which the old man responds. "Leave 'em be. Let's go have another drink. Ya know... I've seen a lot of people your age... mourning their lost memories. Obsessing... letting the past sour the present..." (that was the line that he says on the panel with Eugene. Sorry it wasn't what you thought it would be but I figured I'd help ya out with it. I know you have a scan of it but if you need a better looking coppy with the english text... or japanese for that matter. You know who to ask! By the way I thought it would be interesting just to go ahead and say... in volume 6
spoiler (highlight to read):
it was really nice to see all of the cameos from megadeuces and other robots from the series durring the reconstruction of Big Fau. If you look in the panels you'll easily notice characters like the Sea Titan from "Call From the Past"
There are so many numerous cameos in the manga of characters from the series but I'm still think that Oliver was the best. Maybye this was just because I loved Daimon Seed and I think in the manga he deserved an episode that wasn't so holiday themed... but hey I'm not picky so a cameo will do here and there! Big Grin
Tickle Tickle 10-09-2003 09:18 PM
Originally posted by SharpDressedMan
That speech isn't made by Roger but the old man he meets up with in "Alchohol, Tobacco, and Memories." As angel and Beck plunder around the old mans home Roger calls them "vultures" in which the old man responds. "Leave 'em be. Let's go have another drink. Ya know... I've seen a lot of people your age... mourning their lost memories. Obsessing... letting the past sour the present..." (that was the line that he says on the panel with Eugene. Sorry it wasn't what you thought it would be but I figured I'd help ya out with it. I know you have a scan of it but if you need a better looking coppy with the english text... or japanese for that matter. You know who to ask!

Thanks! ^^ And, if you don't mind could you get a nice scan of it? My scans are kinda blurry ^^;;
Rouge 10-10-2003 03:11 PM
Oh! can I ask you a question about Vol. 6 that's been buging me awhile about Angel, does she...

spoiler (highlight to read):
Pilot the Big Fau? when it fights Big O? I mean that's the impression I got when I read the Manga script. But do they show images of her piloting it? Or did was she just standing there outside while Big Fau fought Big O? Because I know for sure that Alex wasn't piloting Big Fau

I'm curious I mean its hard to read scripts sometimes
Tickle Tickle 10-10-2003 04:22 PM
spoiler (highlight to read):
Angel indeed does pliot Big Fau in the manga
Rouge 10-10-2003 04:38 PM
Thank you! that's all I needed to see Big Grin
SharpDressedMan 10-10-2003 10:26 PM
Yeah. Angel pilots Fau and the fight is just amazing. It carries on for the around half of the entire volume and the action doesn't let up for a minute. The entire last volume of the manga is amazing and I'm certain that these last 2 will simply blow the previous four out of the water. They are going to dive so deeply into points that were never made in the series and some things that were in the series will just be totally turned around. I don't know how much I like the idea of Angel being the pilot of
spoiler (highlight to read):
but I suppose in the manga it does make a lot more sense than it would in the anime. Angel's manga counterpart seems so much more serious and there really doesn't seem to be the same chemistry between her and Roger as you see in the anime.

Oh yeah and I'll get you that scan tomorow when I do some work on the computer. I just got home from being out with my buddies and really haven't had the time to be on all that much today.
SharpDressedMan 10-12-2003 09:54 PM
I've really been wanting to send some new pics to Krang but before I do. If anyone actually likes my images I just wanted to ask what you prefer. Entire pages or just frames. Well I'm on my way to watch the Big Fight right now but I just wanted to get this image from volume 6 out there so I can get some sort of opinion.
Chibi Dorothy 10-13-2003 12:36 AM
I like whole pages more than frames but either is fine. It's really nice of you to donate scans. That's a really nice picture of Dorothy.

I should be getting the manga from Japan soon (all 7 volumes yay), I decided to get the Japanese version since I don't like flipped artwork. I can't wait to get them. Big Grin