dawnstrider 10-06-2003 01:50 PM
Hello Paradigm City newcomers Smile ! More than anything, this is a guide to assist you in accommodating to life here and breaking the ice in conversation in the forums. We hope you find this guide helpful in your interactions and on behalf of everyone here, we welcome you into the fold!

First, though, I'd like to thank BigDuoInferno or his wonderful welcome gif that's sure to draw the attention o the new masses when they come Smile . Now, onto the guide.

A. Hudson River Pier

The first place to start with breaking in, obviously, is within this forum itself. The Pier is designed for your introduction. Here, you can start your very own thread solely about you. Talk about your likes and dislikes, about why you like Big O, even – if you are comfortable – about particular personality traits you want others to know about you. This is your first chance to break the ice, and as long as you’re respectful and courteous, you should have no problems getting to know others – you’ll even receive some cool gifts in the process Wink . Not everyone needs to come here first, of course, but it is recommended as a start – first introductions are always best when done on your terms.

B. Interests and Ice-breaking

Well, now that we know who you are, how do you converse with us? These forums can be an intimidating place if you don’t know where to go and what to say. Luckily, there are several places that accommodate to your particular interests:

I. Smith Mansion

This is where the Big O action’s located. Theories, concerns, likes and dislikes – anything concerning the Big O. So….what do you do? For those tentative members, the current episode discussion thread is a good start. Simply state how you feel, what you liked and disliked about the episode, and respond to other’s comments if you’re interested.

This is a good way to understand the other members and their views. For those a little bolder (and more theoretically inclined), you could start your own thread on any theory that carries importance to you. Guaranteed, someone will respond and a discussion will ensue. Don’t worry about being wrong or right – most members understand that they are theories and are pretty polite; the worst they could do is disagree. Of course, responding to theories is also a good ice-breaker, with the same rules applying.

Additionally, all you strategy-game fans could get in on some serious action in the new Megadeus Fighting League subforum in Smith Mansion, where you get to construct and fight with your very own megadeus. Nothing like the joy of building your own weapon of mass destruction to better bond with your fellow members Smile . And for those more inclined to the manga, be sure to check out the official Big O Manga thread added recently.

II. Central City

A forum dedicated to the anime (and manga) series Fullmetal Alchemist. Similar to the Smith Mansion, there will be a thread posted every week where you can share your thoughts about the latest episode. You're also free to post in any of the other existing threads or to start your own thread about anything involving Fullmetal Alchemist.

III. Ailesberry Farm

The general Anime discussion forum. Don’t have much to say about Big O? Speak about any other anime that catches your interest. The same rules apply as in the Smith Mansion, but you have even greater freedom to express. Wondering about Tech TV’s anime lineup? Wondering what others feel about Akira? Type it here.

IV. Nightingale Club

For those of a more artistic inclination, this forum is the perfect way to get your talent noticed! Any Big O drawings, story or scene ideas are fully welcomed and up for evaluation. The evaluators are very polite, so there is no need to worry about getting flamed or insulted.

If you’re looking for more interaction, try any of the various RPG or “make-a-scene” type threads; this is another good way to break the ice with members and have fun on a variety of topics.

V. The Speakeasy

Free talk doesn’t get any “freer” than this. This is General Discussion – in short, any (legal Wink ) topic you can think of. Get in on a discussion of war and politics – or ice cream and music; What ever tickles your fancy. Show your consideration to your fellow members by starting a birthday thread. Again, judgment is at bare minimum and the odds are pretty good that you’ll find someone who thinks just like you.

In addition, we have five Subforums in the Speakeasy that each serve seperate interests:
  • The Pool Hall - a place where all you gamers out here can get together and share secrets, strategies, or simple likes Smile .

  • Amadeus Pub & Restaurant - anything music related is discussed here, and if you're a big music junkie like me, this will probably be home for you Big Grin .

  • Golden Maiyer Theatre - Lights, camera, and...anything movie related is discussed here Smile . Don't forget the popcorn Big Grin .

  • The Library of Lost Memories - The knowledge of the universe written on paper... well, nothing that substantial Wink , talk about books, comics, and other written works here.

  • Dale's Bar - a fun little forum where you can engage in any number of fun word games, riddles, and the occasional tic-tac-toe match Big Grin .

VI. The Hudson River Pier

The place of your first introduction to the forums can also be a place of interest and fun Smile . If you're particularly friendly, then why not join the same Welcoming Committee who greeted you when you first came? By helping to bring new members into the fold, you can become better acquainted with other members, and you may even make a new online friend. Best of all, this time you are who gets to hand out the weird gifts - just don't scare the newcomers too much Wink .

VII. JFK Mark Airport

The "forum-related topics" forum, the main attractions to this area are the Rate-Avatar/Banner threads. Got a cool avatar you want to show off? Maybe a signature picture? Or maybe you are a wiz at Photoshop and want to render your services to your fellow members? All of those possibilities are available there. After all – what better way to make a friend than to give their really cool avatar a 10 Smile ?

Also, be sure to check out the Hanger subforum so as not to miss any of the latest forum announcements Smile .

C. Important Notes

This might be a little overwhelming to start out with, but don’t worry – there are some basic guidelines to follow:

1. Follow the Rules
The Paradigm City Police Department has all of the rules of the forum laid out; if you’re not certain on something, be sure to skim over the rules if necessary. For the more visually inclined, the Visual Rule Guide includes examples to accompany the formal rules Smile .

2. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know. That’s what the Headquarters forum is for. Questions, suggestions – anything that is on your mind will be answered. The JFK forum is a good place to get assistance, too, especially in regards to forum-related ideas.

3. Reviving threads

If you see an old thread that no one has touched in a while, but interests you, don't be afraid to post something. There is no rule against it, and you might even draw in some posters who had no idea of its existence.

4. Etiquette

Perhaps the most important unwritten rule – Be Courteous. Most of the same rules in real life apply to the forums as well. Treat other’s as you wish to be treated. Don’t be rude, or display other characteristics that intentionally offend others. Minor quibbles can’t be avoided at times, but treat each situation fairly and calmly and you’ll come out on top.

5. Mods and Admins

If you feel you have any questions about a topic that you feel timid about posting on the forums - or if you're just uncertain about posting - you can PM (send a private message) to one of the administrators - Krang or Shredder, or to any of the five forum moderators - Grunger Kittie Version 1, pen1300, The Fallen Phoenix, R.Smith, and dawnstrider. They would be happy to assist you in any way they can.

D. Good Contacts

Even with this guide and the help of our very generous staff, it is still understandable if you shy away from posting at first. Fortunately, the kindness of some of your fellow members shine through, for they have allowed me to post their names individually if you ever need to send a personal message regarding something for your signature, or your avatar, or anything else down that line . Here is the list so far (to be updated later if necessary), naming the member and the service they can provide in their own words:

(Continued on next post)
dawnstrider 10-23-2003 05:13 PM
(Continued from previous post)

1. Zola (Specialty: Avatars)
"I can help with reduction, unblurring, reducing, etc. I can flip images and straighten them out. I can cap any picture of the show thus far as long as they tell me when it is. I can make a gif transparent. I can make an animated gif if they choose the pics."

2. Lady Tesser (Specialty: Fanfiction help)
"Semi-professional writer (and evil editor), I can edit and clean up almost anything that you would like to send to Shredder to be posted at Paradigm City's main site. I have nearly twenty years of fictional writing experience and four years of fanfic writing experience under my belt, so feel free to PM me about any writing questions you have."

3. Surtur (Specialty: Megadeus Fighting League info)
"Join today! I can help you create your own megadeus, learn how to pilot it, and challenge others to battle. Check out my introduction thread for info on joining, then talk to me if you have any questions!"

4. Almasy (Specialty:Fan art help)
"Art and Creative Writing are definitely my strong points—I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and Art has always been a class that I have excelled in at school (I am currently taking Studio Art AP). I enjoy helping out whenever possible, and I am always happy to talk with people, give them tips, and help to further and develop any ideas that they might have about their artwork. (Most recently, a Tutorial that I created for some people on how to create some things can be found in the Nightingale Club). Similar to Art, from an early age I have loved to express myself through writing, and English is, without a doubt, one of my best subjects at school (I am currently taking English III AP). I would be more than willing to help people with their writing by proof-reading, making suggestions, etc. Feel free to either PM, IM, or E-Mail me at any time with any questions that any of you might have regarding your FanArt or FanFiction!"

5. Shaoblane (Speciality: RPGs)
"My name is Elizabeth R. Shaoblane. I started roleplaying in 2000 when I got my first laptop. I was a big fan of fanfiction, but I started with chatroom roleplays. Now, I do it in paragraph format. Thats how the roleplays work at Paradigm. Some people speak in :: others speak in * others use nothing. Just roleplay like you were going to put in a fanfiction.
You can come to me about any problems. On paradigm or off. I do write fanfiction, so I can tell you about grammar and spelling. Spelling is my specialty."

** Wienberg
Wienberg is essentially the forum diplomat; any new members who have general questions about where things are, how to post, etc...that are not covered in the Orientation guide - and don't feel up to asking the Administration - he's as good a person as any to ask. He's a veteran on the site, and knows his way around. I also know that he's a great guy to talk to, so if you want to shoot the breeze, he's good for that as well Smile .

E. Current Attractions

For those who like to get in on the action right away, knowing where some of the hottest current threads are is a must. So, this section - along with it's counter part in the other orientation thread - will direct you to the hottest spots going. Additionally, both are updated regularly to keep you well informed Big Grin . (Note that the Central Dome Forums, as well as the Hudson Pier, are unlisted, since they are mostly instrumental in nature. Also, special threads listed earlier as important weren't reproduced Smile )

1. Smith Mansion
---Any of the Important/Sticky threads
---I made a Big O AMV
---Title Change: The Adult Swim Forums Campaign

2. Central City
---Post Your Funny Full Metal Alchemist Pictures
---The Always Indispensable Favorite Character Thread!
---Fullmetal Alchemist Fanart

3. Ailesberry Farm
---Important Threads
---Wolf's Rain
---The Offical Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Thread!
---The Cutie Honey Thread!
---Anime Funny Pictures
---Hottest anime/manga character

4. Nightingale Club
---All Important/Sticky Threads
---Anime Panoramic Pics! (non-BigO)
---Tifaria's wallpapers-- Latest: Alan and his pretty little doll
---My attempt at 1/8 scale figure

5. The Speakeasy
---If youre REALLY bored/ Everything youve ever wanted to know about someone.
---Post your desktop?
---PowerPuff Girls to be made into anime
---Teen Titans Discussion

6. JFK Mark Airport
---R.Smith's Animated Avatars/Banners-OPEN
---Tutorials and FAQ's On Making Avatars, Signatures and Other Web Related Items
---Mystic Meaning of your Avatar/Signature/Username threads
---Rate the Avatar/Banner/Username threads

7. Megadeus Fighting League
---Any of the Arena threads

8. The Hangar
---Forum-related announcements will be posted here

9. The Pool Hall
---Official Video Game News Thread
---Game Help
---Your most wanted games
---Kingdom Hearts Discussion (1, CoM, and 2)

10. Amadeus Pub & Restaurant
---Song Quotes
---What are you listening to?
---All about Music
---What Musical Instruments Do You Play?

11. Golden Maiyer Theatre
---Rate the Movie
---Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
---Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

12. The Library of Lost Memories
---Worst/Most Boring Book You've Ever Read
---Book Recommendation
---The Bible Topic

13. Dale's Bar
---Ask a Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer
---The PCF Arrow Game
---The Paradigm Confessional Thread
---Most likely to...
---The Eye Game
---Amalgamate Those Words!

Important: Also, don't forget to look at these important Announcement threads :
---The Forum Is Not A Chat Room: Available in the Speakeasy and Hudson Pier Forums - gives a friendly reminder that the forums are not an "anything goes" chat room, and exclusive conversations are to be handled privately.

I hope all who read this find it helpful. We are very happy to have you on board and look forward to hearing from you around the boards. Happy Posting Smile . [Peace]
dawnstrider 10-23-2003 06:47 PM
Okay, that's the last big update for now Smile . There is now more room to accommodate more personal contacts, and The Fallen Phoenix's wonderful guide is more readily accessible for all to see Smile . Again, if you want to be a contact, or have any more suggestions, feel free to contact me via PM and I'll be happy to add you in. Thanks to everyone who contributed Smile . [Peace]
dawnstrider 08-28-2004 03:36 PM
All right. Everything is set up, I think. New forums added, and such. You know the drill by now Tongue . This time, I'll really try to keep it updated more or less regularly, if it helps any Smile .

If anyone would like to be a general PM contact - just being a nice diplomat and showing timid new members around on your own volition - let me or R.Smith know. You know the mantra by now Smile .

I'll be on guard just in case another subforum spontaneously pops out of the head of another member fully grown like Athena Smile .

Peace Smile

(EDIT: Okay, Wienberg's contacted me, so he's our new "diplomat" Big Grin )
R.Smith 02-26-2005 10:36 AM
Updated entire thread. Big Grin

Included Central City, and The Library of Lost Memories. And updated all Current Attractions.

Also updated the Subforum names. Wink

If you feel there is more to add or something needs to be corrected, please PM me. Smile