Update is Another Big!

Shredder 10-02-2003 01:23 AM
We have a huge update tonight with lots of new things to check out!

-Big O News!- It's just been officially confirmed that Big O will be reairing on Cartoon Network beginning November 3rd! It will air four times a week (Mondays-Thursdays) beginning from episode 1. Now's the time for everyone who missed episodes to catch up, for new fans to jump in and see what this great show is all about, and for the rest of us to enjoy the series all over again! Big Grin
[Source: ToonZone]

-2 New Video Clips- Check out Big Duo's (official) entrance from Episode 12 in this very cool clip! (This one's also in Japanese- be sure to listen for Schwarzwald speaking German. Smile )) We've also added the Toonami ending that originally aired when Big O first appeared on Cartoon Network. Thanks to Comdac for contributing it and for Krang's help in putting up the clips!

-New Miscellaneous Fan Works Section- This section is for any Big O fanwork other than art or fiction. Take a look at GoGoArlo's excellent Big O custom kubrick figures here!

-2 New Wallpapers- We've added two new wallpapers to our Wallpaper section. Thanks to SixFortyFive for these great contributions!

-Manga Scans- Take a sneak peek at our new Big O manga section! While we plan to add more to it soon, check out some very cool scans in the meantime. Thanks to SharpDressedMan helping us get this new section started!

Enjoy the updates!
dawnstrider 10-02-2003 10:19 AM
Hey, that's great about the reairing; now everyone will have more reason to stay in the forums and we may even pick up things we didn't notice before and compare them to season 2. Thanks, Shredder Smile ).

Edit:Those bricks are cute. Nice work, GoGoArlo Smile .
Shady Dark Lady 10-02-2003 11:28 AM
I just e-mailed my older sister and my nephew and told them that they should start watching..I've got to e-mail my other nephew now...
Blue Crow 10-02-2003 11:35 AM
Those Kubricks are neat.I thought they'd look crappy because they're "custom".But no,they're actually quite nicely made. Pleased Smile
Shady Dark Lady 10-02-2003 11:43 AM
Yeah! I want those Kubricks..I posted a thread about it..They are really cool!

Thanks! I'm collecting the Mangas as well but I don't have a scanner.. Crying
Now I can print them out and pick a few to hang up at my cubicle at work...Pleased
Name Of God 10-02-2003 02:57 PM
Great update title! Big Grin

Nice to know that the Big O is reairing, and the Kubricks are excellent.

I'm looking forward for more Manga scans, as well.
GoGoArlo 10-02-2003 05:32 PM
WeeHee people like my kubricks!
evanASF27 10-02-2003 05:42 PM
When I saw this I thought you guys were slow and only now just figured out what "the other Big" was Sweatdrop
...but of course you aren't Embarrassed Sweatdrop ... *goes to look at links*

Cool COOL!!! Big Grin
R.Smith 10-02-2003 07:45 PM
hmm, very nice, i like the big duo clip, i took a screen cap, so everyone who might have miss it can see this awsome shot of duo!
Mugiwara Luffy 10-02-2003 09:53 PM
This is some of the best news I've heard in a long time!

I'm gonna tell all my friends to watch it!!!!!!
John 10-05-2003 07:48 AM
Woah, how'd you make those Kubricks GoGoArlo?