The stage is closing, my last performance

Lupin IV 07-22-2007 09:54 PM
This is really just an appreciation note from my behalf. Like many members, I joined a long while back, and loved going through every new Big O discussion and theory posted. I still remember my first post all those years ago, and to think that the forum is just feels weird. Like a friend you take for granted is moving away Confused .

I remember when the second season of Big O premiered in America..and every episode the boards would be alive those nights at 11' Big Grin . I remember when Big Fau was first introduced, never mind the first glances of Big Venus in megadeus's japanese spoiler clips!

Fortunately, unlike Roger Smith, I'll always have the memories of the members and things done at this place. Unfortunately, time goes on, and without new information, you just begin to move on to other things. But while newer things come around, Big O will still have a special place in the anime section of my heart.

Thankyou for all the Big O lovin' these past years.