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Tony Ventresca 07-21-2007 05:58 PM
Before the forum gets archived and we can't post anymore, I thought I would post a short thread discussing Roger Smith's clothing and style. I will first comment on his clothes and second suggest how fans can assemble a plausible costume for conventions, cosplay, etc. without breaking the bank.


Roger wears a double-breasted jacket with 8 large silver buttons known (in some circles) as a "polo jacket" due to associations with royal and military polo in the Britain. Although most people will refer to a jacket with metal buttons as a blazer, there is evidence to suggest the term polo jacket is more appropriate. Roger also wears dark pants, which most of the time appear to match his jacket in colour, but in a few episodes appear to be a slightly lighter shade. His shoes are black, his shirt is always white, and his tie is has a unique stripe running lengthways.

The photos below show Prince Charles wearing a polo jacket with 8 gold buttons and dark grey flannel pants.

The photo below shows a man wearing a polo jacket unbuttoned with 8 silver buttons.

These photos not only illustrate the same sort of jacket worn by Roger, but also how some conservative British officers & royals have a tendency to wear very dark pants with blue or black polo jackets. Although a jacket and pants of matching colour would normally be described as a "suit", the shiny metal buttons take Roger's outfit into a different sartorial area.

So far I have not found any photos of a tie resembling Roger's, but there is no doubt in my mind they exist.


Next post: how to assemble a Roger Smith costume!

Nine Kuze 07-21-2007 06:18 PM
Originally posted by Tony Ventresca
Next post: how to assemble a Roger Smith costume!


Does this complete with the eyebrows and the redhead android accessory?

Also, interesting pictures to detail what Roger's gear looks like. Although, putting him in the same aspect of Prince Charles is kind of insulting to a degree. >_>
Hollow XXVI 07-21-2007 09:17 PM who, Charles or Roger?

Nine Kuze 07-21-2007 09:21 PM
Roger, hon.

Of course, Roger. I mean, its token that even the British people don't like Charles and Camille all that much.

Roger/Dorothy > Charles/Camille... that's all I'm sayin'.
Tony Ventresca 07-22-2007 08:46 AM
Thanks for posting, Nine.