"Cloverfield" Unnamed Movie Trailer when You See Transformers

Larry99 07-05-2007 07:26 PM
When I went to see Transformers, a few cool movies were shown in the previews but one caught my eye. This one did not have a title. The written info said it was a Bad Robot Production and a Paramount Production. On the team is J. J. Abrams?, involved with Lost and Alias. The release date of the movie is 1-18-08. The trailer starts off at a party and the picture is of a hand held POV recorder. Explosions are off in the distance and fireballs rain down from an explosion downtown in some American city (my guess NY). After searching the web, I found that this movie is secret, under a possible code name or maybe a true title and is refered as the "Cloverfield" Project. I was going to put the trailer from YouTube that I saw this morning but all trailers of the movie were removed due to Paramount and copyrights. (Strange, I always see movie trailers on YouTube.) While typing this and looking for the trailer to link to, I came across several videos from www.ethanhaaswasright.com. The videos have a description of Cloverfield. There is a puzzle to figure out to watch or you could go to YouTube to watch them.
Mr. Peabody 07-05-2007 08:13 PM
Well, it definitely was the most intriguing movie trailer I've ever seen. Confused

From what information that's available, the movie is about an alien monster rampaging across New York, while people document its attack through hand held video cameras. Beside "Cloverfield," the other name for this film is called "The Parasite."