Otakon '07

evanASF27 07-05-2007 01:08 AM
Dunno if I'll be going or not, but Otakon is around the corner... and I figured I'd let the PCFers on the East Coast know about it Smile

Apparently they're gonna have a mighty group of big-time guests there... Steve Blum (aka Roger Smith), Vic Mignogna (how the HELL do you say that?! aka Edward Elric), Aaron Dismuke (aka Alphonse Elric), and at least 2 others from Fullmetal Alchemist. Also apparently Kenji Kodama is going to be there, and he (since you probably don't know) was a character designer Lupin the 3rd Series II ("Red Jacket" series), and Detective Conan ("Case Closed").

Any FMA fans out there would probably love this con Tongue