The Dungeon Master's Public Domain Book of the Week

Inigo Montoya 06-12-2007 10:49 AM
Sun Tzu on the Art of War -- The oldest military treatise in the world

Let's pose some discussion questions for this week: What part of Sun Tzu's writing appealed to you the most? Were there parts you heavily agreed or disagreed with? What parts were they and why?

What can you infer about ancient military tactics from this book, and how do they correlate to today's modern military machine? How can (or are) these words be incorporated into modern military doctrine well? Can they at all? Discuss.
Generalissimo D 06-12-2007 05:12 PM
Coming from an Dawn of War (RTS) player, I can find truth in that.

Especially in the last of the six calamities. >_>