I am now immune to "Run Down"!

paul1290 05-31-2007 12:21 PM
A few months ago I had set my alarm clock to play "Run Down" every morning. It's the song that Dorothy plays to wake up Roger.

However, after a few months I've actually become immune to its dream-destroying effects. Now I actually sleep through it half the time.

I also put "Nature" on the alarm clock as a back up. Oddly enough, I can't sleep through "Nature" no matter what. I'm usually awake at the first few chords because they are so sudden. ("Nature" is the song that Dorothy plays at the end of Act 3 and it is also sometimes heard in the Speakeasy.)

In effect, I've found that "Nature" is actually much more effective at waking someone up than "Run Down". Laughing

Just something funny I thought I should share with you all. Happy
Wingnut 05-31-2007 01:18 PM
This so needs to become a fan fic where Roger has the same thing happen to him, and the tune no longer effects him when Dorothy plays it and she has to improvise in order to wake Roger up.
Capt. Quekolis 06-13-2007 06:35 PM
Dangerous 06-15-2007 09:04 AM
Try "The Stoning" . Smile